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  1. Interesting on the points posted earlier. Id recently tried to work out how to create a viable points system that at least makes sense in terms of the game I play with friends - mostly to use historical vehicles - and my point system worked the jagdluther out at ..... 60 points!!!! Whislt I wouldnt say my system is the best, nor official, nor for anyone but me and those who i play with who are happy to use them, I think ive found a formula (for vehicles at least) that works especially if those Ravage numbers are correct. (guess id need to test the others to see how accurate i am). For reference using the system puts me withing 2 points of the Konigsluthers official points system which was why i was happy to use it.
  2. Im in the SE - Maidstone to be precise - around 100miles would be the limit of my travel i think. That said id be tempted to talk to the guys at No Mans land to run a tournament locally one weekend as well for anyone in the SE who plays.
  3. I spoke with Maelstrom last week regarding my Jan order (still in Processing) and the zombies were holding the order up. They split the order for me and dispatched the BBQ squad. If you look around the website a lot of their items seem to be order in. So personally id swith to either IGUK, Book depository (got all my walkers from there, saved a fortune) or Wayland games. However i've yet to get a lower price copy of Cerberus (my local gaming store has had it on the shelf but part of me doesnt want to pay the price if i can get it cheaper online inc postage) Hopefully there will be some suppliers at Cavalier end of the month or Salute in April.
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