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  1. Now we only need a Runewars RPG using the system from the SW games (or a streamlined WFRP3).
  2. Now imagine that you have to do the same only without the cards, constantly referring to rulebooks, FAQ documents, army lists. Welcome to Warhammer Fantasy :-D I played Bretonnia for example, and had to use tokens also to remember which unit still had the blessing. Same with spells put on my units by the opponent. So no changes here. Runes - remember the power and dispel dice you counted/rolled turn by turn. My point is - mechanically these are not that different, and we did just fine, after a couple of games it gets fast. Another example is Warmachine/Hordes, where tournament rules require you to use individual tokens for every game effect. A bit fidgety, but makes everything crystal clear on the tabletop. But I wholeheartedly agree with the removal of empty trays! :-) Probably the only thing I do not like from the demo videos.
  3. You just summrized my opinion (and hopes) perfectly :-)
  4. That's where the price tag comes in. If the boxes are reasonably priced (and you will be able to mix and match the models with the mantic ones for example) then they would buy into the game I think. I hope they will sell the trays separately though. And of course it would mean less purchases in short term for FFG, but the larger player base would compensate for it in the long term.
  5. I have great expectations, but I think the deciding factor will be the price tag. There is a huge number of Warhammer Fantasy players with existing armies, and they are (or we are, although I sold my armies long ago) missing the feeling of that game, the rank-and-file units, rear charges, the magic, and so on. For some reason Kings of War did not brint the same feeling. And although the 9th Age (an unofficial WFB 9th edition) game is well alive and kicking, without a company promoting it and releasing miniatures, it is hard to get new people into it. And both games are really just the same old stuff again - move your entire army at once using a ruler, roll a handful of dice, remove models, count casualties, roll for morale. Please note that I don't miss the old WFB rule mechanics, only the feeling of the games :-D If Runewars will have a system that is modern and traditional at the same time (and so far the demo videos seem to suggest this is the case), and the game gets good support, multiple armies (6-8 at least in 2 years), a lot of people could get really interested. And some of them will think "why should I buy more miniatures when I have a 3000 points Vampire Counts army"? Others will think "why should I buy these spearmen for X bucks when Mantic sells them for X * 0.8 bucks?" So the pricing for the unit boxes has to be right to get those people to buy the boxes (even if just for the cards and dials, selling the minis themselves) and play the game. If that will be the case, the game will be a huge success I think.
  6. A friend of mine just installed an Android emulator and downloaded the app, everything was working properly.
  7. I have no idea - I discovered that they are being reprinted in August. At 12th of december it was still 'at the printer' - your guess is as good as mine. Maybe a month?
  8. I asked the customer support - they are indeed reprinting some stuff, so the info on the upcoming page is correct - but no new content will be produced for the game.
  9. An interesting fact - the FFG upcoming items page lists the Core Set as "at the printer" and the Enemy Withing box as "awaiting reprint".
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