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  1. It's old, but under the Civilization section under board games under support is a faq.
  2. It says in the rules all activated ablities from tech cards can be used only once per turn.
  3. 1- yes 2- last sentence before the picture on page 26 under scout gathering. The city benefits from all trade, production and other icons for the rest of your turn.
  4. 1- yes 2- last sentence before the picture on page 26 under scout gathering. The city benefits from all trade, production and other icons for the rest of your turn.
  5. Personally I'd hope the first expansion comes out pretty fast. But that depends on how many scenarios are in the base set. After that one a year would be nice. There have been years for them to figure out how to do good scenarios. I imagine they will have quite a few in there.
  6. When using the Chinese ability to save a unit does that count towards the requirement to lose an army or not? Like you lose 2 units, but save 1, do you still lose an army marker or not? It is killed, but doesn't die. At the moment we are playing it has to be 2 units actually being destroyed and going to the bottom of the pile at the end of battle.
  7. I think I"m doing this right, but thought I'd ask to double check. If you research a tech that provides a coin you don't benefit from it right away do you? As in I am at 4 coins, I research a tech to give me a 5th. I drop to 4 trade not 5, right?
  8. You take the cylon cards and make a stack. You put all of the other cards in the other stack. The personal agendas, the final five and the you are not a cylon ones. When the rules say to normally put in a you are not a cylon (when creating a loyalty deck) you put in that many cards from the you are not a cylon stack that includes the new agendas and final fives. Then deal out the loyalty as normal during the start and the sleeper phase. The other change. If someone needs to draw a new loyalty card. Then you add one more not a cylon card to the stack, shuffle and give them one. Which means that before the sleeper phase you might become a cylon. After the sleeper phase the is dealt out. You take a not a cylon card and make a new loytaly deck stack of one card and give it to the person, so you can't become a cylon, but you could get a new agenda.
  9. I think they wanted to make sure that people reading the rules weren't skipping the part where cylons only get to put in one card. I think you can understand what it would be like if people didn't see that and cylons could add as many cards as they wanted to.
  10. I can say that Pegasus is a nice expansion. I can also say that if you have to choose just one I'd do Exodus. The reason is simply that we will probably use at least two of the varients each game we play from now on from the Exodus expansion. The New Caprica stuff is in the exodus box and not even brought out any more. We have tried going to New Caprica and found that it feels like the cylons don't have an easier time winning that it just makes the game longer. I'd still say to get both as there are a lot of fun elements to the Pegasus one, but if you do one do the Exodus one. You will use the options there more often I think. I know we will/are.
  11. I'd do the one that introduces curses if you were just going to do one.
  12. I don't remember how many I bought. Keep in mind that most of the politics cards are replacements for the base game so the raw numbers are slightly off of what is actually needed.
  13. It says no longer usable at 6 or greater distance. Meaning you can only use it if you have traveled 0 to 5 distance.
  14. That makes me think of an idea. Cylons piloting heavy raiders. They can choose to take piloting, except for cylon leaders. Add a treachery card for a piloted heavy raider to take over a civilian ship in the same area on a 4+ or something.
  15. Ah. Yep. Guess I read over that section too fast. Double checked and it says 500.
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