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  1. Fun game, but after playing a couple times, I have some questions for someone who has played lots. 1) Playing the Runewars scenario, does the Tact And Diplomacy card seem rather strong? Especially if the first player acquires it? 2) During the Runewars scenario, is the Tact And Diplomacy card used when attacking another players city AND used when your city is being attacked by another player? That is, is the card used for offense and defense? 3) When attacking neutral cities, Vynevale, for example, you must attack with six or more strength to acquire it. Then, when another player attacks your city--Vynevale--is your total defense strength your army plus two auto-defense from Vynevale? Or is the total defense strength your army, plus the six of Vynevale plus the two auto-defense bonus? The latter doesn't seem correct, but wanted to make sure. 4) Destroying. Pick the Latari Elves Darnati Warrior. If you spend an influence, who gets to choose which unit to destroy? I think you, the attacker, get to choose. This allows the attacker to destroy a high value unit currently on the table, right? This then makes the opponent have to play his cards strategically, which adds to the play of the game...right? 5) The above is in contrast to the neutral Dragon where the opponent gets to choose which two units to destroy, correct? Heh, otherwise the Dragon might be too powerful. 6) For the Daqan Lords Bowman, I presume I can discard ANY card from my hand, such as a one gold card? Heh, we found this a a way to remove extra gold from your deck. Is that what others do? Thanks! Kijug
  2. I got DungeonQuest and Castle Ravenloft for Christmas (OK, I bought them but my wife insisted she wrap them and give them to the kids to give to me...) Anyway, I like DungeonQuest because of the variety of the tiles and building the dungeon. The various cards add fun and flavor. I get the battle system, but I don't like shuffling cards much during a game, so having to shuffle the combat cards constantly is annoying to me. If there were 200-300 cards where they would last for quite some time and only shuffle at the beginning of the game, that would please me more. Then, while it is a VERY dangerous dungeonthe most dangerous in Terrinoth!takes a little fun out of it. I don't mind dying and a 50% chance of survival would be fine. But 15%, to me, takes a little fun out of it. Oh, and we require that to win, you MUST survive with at least one dragon hoard loot amongst others. So, for Castle Ravenloft, I agree with Bill above, it is more like Descent (which I have) with out a DM. I've only played it a couple times, but we won without much difficulty. I'm hoping the other scenarios are more challenging. The good of this game is the randomness of creating the dungeonlike DQ. The combat is simple enough to be fun and random (dice rolling). Overall, we liked Castle Ravenloft, but have a few desires. First, the rules are not very detailed. Generally FFG has longer rules to cover more esoteric situations. WotC tried to go cheap, I think, and make a small rulebook but it leaves some questions unanswered (no good rules for line-of-sight). I played DDM (D&D minis) for some time so I have a grasp on the D&D movement and combat system which Castle Ravenloft dummies down to make a better board game in lieu of an RPG. Next, most of the monsters have 1HP and die with one hit. I'd like to see monsters stick around a little longer. And last, on every turn there is an encounter. This is "too much" weirdness in a dungeon. Sure there are gas bombs and falling blades and stuff, but on every turn? Little chance for "exploring". OK, those are my cons but overall I enjoyed Castle Ravenloft if you can get through the light rules. I'd like to see aand maybe the other scenarios I'll play do thismore exploring and POOF! a monster or event happens as opposed to an event and monster on every turn (just about). If you can afford both, get them, they are different enough to enjoy in their own right. If you can afford one...I dunno. They're both different it's hard to compare. DungeonQuest can be played over and over and you try to survive. Castle Ravenloft can be played over and over (due to random dungeon creation) and as a team you help each other beat up the monsters and do the adventure/scenario. Oh, and both can be played solothat's a good thing. Hope this helps! P.S. I like Descent but really requires 3-5 people, preferably 5, and I have a hard time getting a crew together to play.
  3. Thanks! Roger that. Off to beat my son...he won the first game...errr....
  4. Thanks for the info. One more Q before I play my second game...in a few moments! I don't understand the Warlock's Cave. Are dice rolls #1 and 2 actually cause you to "go somewhere" so you can be teleported back? Where as 3-6 really you just do "right away" and are never teleported back 'cause you didn't leave? Thanks!
  5. After our first game of Talisman, I have a few questions for anyone who can clarify. I've reviewed the FAQ but don't see a direct answer. 1) My son turned into a toad and put all this stuff on the space. Over the next three turns he just moved back and forth one space. Those spaces happened to already have one card on them (no monsters) so nothing new was exposed. He turned back to normal and eventually moved onto his "toad space" and collected all his items. Is this correct? It seems the toad otherwise a) other players can collect his stuff if they moved onto that space, and b) the toad may lose lives if he moved and drew monsters. Are those the only two "bad" things for being a toad? (OK, other than delaying they game for that player.) 2) When a card, space, spell, whatever, causes you to teleport to another location, do you do what is in that other space? Examples: a) Draw one card and get teleported to the city--can you do city things on that same turn? b) Player B puts spell on player A and sends player A to another square--can player A pick up gold or items in that square at that time even though it is not currently his turn? If not, at the beginning of player A turn can he pick up items in that square or must he more first and, basically, not have a chance to pick up any items in the square that Player B teleported him to? Thanks! Kijug
  6. Kijug2

    Doom Track

    I've experimented with using 2 experience to select a skill instead of 4 or 5 (two players). This makes the game go quicker as you "level-up" quicker. It almost goes silly-fast, but is an option for Doom Track players.
  7. I'm pleasantly surprised that FFG makes such quality games--primarily in parts and also in content. These days with more folks playing computer games, it's great to see quality board games--especially of fantasy genre--being made. Keep up the quality FFG! That really sells me!
  8. I've played Runebound now for about two months, say five or six times. I have a few market card and challenge expansions plus the Cataclysm adventure variant. I like the Dark Forest and Traps and Terrors--they both offer some good game variants so you're not repeating things too much. Anyway, after playing now, I have a few house rule suggestions. I've play Advanced Squad Leader since the SL days (if you know what ASL is) but anyway, partly what makes that game enjoyable is the once-every-couple-games-something-happens kind of rules. With that, I thought of a few ideas that add a little flavor to Runebound that really won't shake it but add a little excitement. Perhaps other have thought of these, but here goes. 1) 1-1 on the dice is always a miss. Even if you have +10 range skill and are going for a green challenge of 12, heck, you still MIGHT miss. 2) Similarly, a 0-0 on the dice is a critical hit; does double damage. Again this happens so rarely but when it does it add excitement without complicating the rules. 3) If you visit a town, you can pay for quality healing at one gold per heart healed so there is time to make it to the market (i.e., normal rules). However, if you decide to rest in the street slums, you will heal one heart but as you are seen as unreliable to the sellers and aren't allowed in the market to buy or sell (i.e., if you start your turn in a city, you can heal one heart and do nothing else). This basically allows those who have no gold to slowly heal at the expense of wasting game turns. Again, an option, not a requirement for healing. Overall, I like the game. I normally play FtF and have elected to use 4 experience to go up a level. Today we played with four folks and used 3 experience to go up a level--it was tough as there aren't enough adventures...but that's part of the challenge of the game. Perhaps that's where PvP comes in, when the challenges dry up you can beat up the other guy to get stuff. I don't for PvP as it slows the game down in my opinion, but the rules are just fine. Comments? Kijug
  9. All makes sense...thanks! And now that you mention it, yes, I recall the one-use rule. I'll have to review that and read the FAQ. Thanks!
  10. I had similar questions...I just started playing Runebound. However, we decided that either a) if you read the event card closely, the wording states/implies it is only "used" once, or b) we just gave up and said those kinds of things happen once. There is another card, I think it was like a "mosquito" challenge or something (the game is packed away for now) but anyway, it said you could remove two of another players movement dice and then give him/her the card. Bottom line, once this card was in play it would go around and around. With two players, it amounts to each player only ever getting two or three movement dice ever. It would be silly for an opponent to hold onto the card and not play it. Hence, we decided (right or wrong) that those kinds of cards are played once. I read the card closely because I don't want to disturb the balance of the game, but having a card, and its effects, bouncing back and forth between two players just makes the game messy. If there were three+ players, I could see that as you could better target the lead player, for example. Again, with two players, it doesn't make too much sense. Hope that helps in any way! (Again, I've only played once but this is what we discovered so far....) P.S. I like the game. I'll probably get some expansions...the "collector" part of me is rearing its ugly head...I can't have just "part" of a game. =)
  11. Howdy! OK, so my son and I just played Runebound, fun as expected, but I have some questions to verify we are doing things correctly, if players could chime in, I'd appreciate it! 1) You can only heal wounds in a town, and one coin per wound...correct? I ask this because it seems, especially early in the game, you don't have many coins (one per challenge) to heal two or three wounds. And if you spend your coin, you can't buy items. Understandable, since you are "young" but is this correct? 2) If an event level IV is in play (we happened to draw that one first in the red deck!) then a lower event card is drawn later, is the "star" applicable? That is, are the star spots on the board replenished? Or only if an event "takes affect" are the star spots replenished? The point is, since I gambled and tried a red challenge early--which I won =) then if you couldn't replenish any other star spots, it seems you could run out and not get powerful enough. Yes/no? 3) My son had two items, "Soul Burn" and "Soul Bite", both give +3 damage for a total of 6 damage. It seems that once you have several combinations of cards you can do 4-6 damage on the first round of combat and if you survive the attack, you kill the challenge. Is that correct? This almost seems like heros goes from "not much" to suddenly +3 damage by simply getting an item. That +3 damage can kill any green challenge and almost always causes a yellow challenge to get killed immediately. So perhaps the game starts to move quickly now because you really should be attacking blue challenges. Comments? Thanks for any responses! Looking forward to game #2 tomorrow. - Kijug
  12. Thanx for the info! However, where is that in the rules? Granted I haven't read through all the adventures, etc., so if it is in there, I haven't found it.
  13. I just got Runbound, 2nd ed. The instructions say to win the game you either beat Margath or you get three Dragon Runes. Dragon Runes are no where mentioned in the rules. For a game called "Runebound" there are no rules related to runes...other than perhaps the movement dice. I really enjoy FFG games (I have WOW-BG and Descent) but I'm a little confused on this one. Do you just keep playing the game, getting more powerful and hope that a red adventure (challenge) will lead to Margath? If not, keep playing and playing until that time? To recap: What are runes? What is a Dragon Rune? How do I collect three Dragon Runes to win the game? Otherwise, playing until I'm powerful enough to beat up Margath could take a while...is that correct? Thanx for any clarifications!
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