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  1. I'd make Genesys races the player's real-world profession, rather than the MMORPG races. Professional Gamer, Salary Person, Student, Programmer, Artist, and the like. Then each Genesys Career would represent their relationship with the game, such as Fighter, Role-Player, Guildmaster, Moderator, Content Creator, Casual, and the like. That would open up some unique gameplay elements to drive immersion of "this is a VRMMORPG." I would also avoid making an AI a playable race, and stick it as a Companion option. Keeps stakes higher when they are relatable to everyone and avoids plot holes like: "Well, if you are part of the system, can't we just always hack it?"
  2. A force of nature that you can talk to and sometimes looks however it wants seem appropriate. The book mentions that while there are tales of fully-realized archons suffering "damage," there is no means to do so in the book either mechanically or in lore. Even in the card game, an archon can only be temporarily inhibited, represented as the chain mechanic. On a personal note, I can't imagine a game with a retro-era god mode would lead to any meaningful storytelling rpg experience. There just aren't any relatable stakes.
  3. The book is written to also function as a toolbox for original science fantasy settings. Is as flexible in tone as you want it to be. From Keyforge lore it does include some elements to explore if a group does want something gritty. The Macis Swamp, Carniferous Forest, Data Whisperers, Kettle Bottom Mining Town, and (of course) the Dis Demons. However, none of these need to be the forcus of any campaign. If whimsy is the goal, then I will reflect that a romp through a wacky world is want this book would accel at. However, this does not mean the adventures will be without stakes and the action without consequences. You can still have peril without brooding edgelords. Additionally, those who join (or are recruited) by Archons into Vaultbattles will have any injury (including death) remedied after the event. Vaultbattles don;t always have to be combat. Sometimes the aember needed must be something stolen from a nearby town while under this cloak of plot armor.
  4. Post what you've added to the Local Group or anywhere else! Here's one of mine. Sector Name: Silvergrain Fields Sector Information Gravity: Standard Sky: Pale Blue Sun: Soft Green Moon: Twin Silver Moons Notable Feature Fields of Silvergrain Wheat: A desired component of æmbread Once per day may perform Survival check to Harvest 1 bundle (2 Encumbrance) Worth 50 bits in trade, or 80 with any Advantage Primary Settlement: Hilltop Small village based around silvergrain farming Culture Anyone visiting the village must present their all their weapons to the gate guards as a show of honesty and respect. Not doing so will add 2 Setback dice to social interactions until the heroes have proven themselves trustworthy. Silvergrain must not be burned or allowed to burn. Lettuce Inn: Local Tavern and Inn Lettuce: Pyll owner. No-nonsense with a soft spot for new adventurers. Tomato: Lettuce’s youthful offspring. Eager to hear heroic stories. Bacon: Silicate security and Lettuce’s partner. Communicates only in grunts. Sα-M “Sammy”: Armorsmith Æmbercrafter Formerly LOGOS Robot Shop has a poorly covered vault-like door that the townsfolk have long-since stopped asking about. Revered Piledriver Elderly Giant and sole clergy in one of the last few temples to an ancient religion. The focus of worship is eerily similar to an NPC the heroes encountered not too long ago. Flat Jasper Mayor of Hilltop Goblin with a massive nose long since flattened by a giant’s fist Strength: Skilled Diplomat, Flaw: Defends his town’s honor with a boxing match Adventure Hooks Reverend Piledriver tasks the heroes with a carrying a sacred æmber relic to some sacred ruins atop a small mountain nearby. The heroes find that the ruins have become the campsite of a Martian scout outpost. Sammy has been acting odd since some shadowy strangers arrived a few days ago. The heroes notice that one of the robot's memory drives is missing. An elderly and somewhat naïve farmer asks the heroes to help with some chores and repairs to her ranch. In addition to warm meals and bag of æmbits, she gifts the heroes a strange puzzlebox she received long ago from what was clearly a Dis demon.
  5. HaphazardNinja


    I think they just released some more lore.
  6. I made a folio of NPCs for each main faction, as well as example favors. This is part of an Elysium bar that exists in our campaign. I hope other find it helpful as well. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xKKLkQYkvEQVWZS_vfv8J-SaLYm6P4rg
  7. There is a fan name set of Ice, Breakers, and Server Assets. At work, but will share the link when I can.
  8. Hey All! The Toledo, OH Prime Championship at Dragon's Roost Coffee & Games is this Saturday! Be sure to call them at (419) 517-8454 or head to this Event Link to get your ticket. Dragon’s Roost will also have special KeyForge-themed drinks available that day only. Dragon's Roost Coffee & Games 6600 W. Sylvania Ave, STE 3C Sylvania, Ohio 43560 (419) 517-8454 Facebook Entry $20. You can pay through Eventbrite (for an additional fee), or call/come in to get registered. This is a non-refundable.Minimum entries: 16Maximum Entries: 64Format: Archon Solo Swiss. Best-of-One during Swiss, then Best-of-Three after Top Cut. Decks must be in opaque sleeves. Player/Deck Registration will begin at 10:30AM and end at 11:30AM. Round 1 starts at 12PM. Depending on turnout, we will play the Swiss rounds, break for lunch, and then cut to Top Elimination. Please plan accordingly for an all day event.Prizes:All players - 10 Aembershards for playing and 5 per Match win.Top 16 - 5 Blue Acrylic Stun Tokens, Special DeckboxTop 8 - Grim Reaper Playmat and 20 bonus AembershardsTop 4 - Multi-Deck Deckbox and 30 bonus AembershardsFinalists - Set of Metal Prime Championship KeysPrime Champion - Nizak Playmat, Dominator Bauble Invite and 75 bonus AembershardsAbout the Venue: We are also a full-service coffee shop and have beverages/food for order. No outside food or drink is permitted inside. However, there is a Hot Head Burrito 2 storefronts over, and a selection of fast food places a 5 minute drive south. Hotels can be found here if traveling from out of town. Any Questions? Contact Marshall or Robin at (419) 517-8454. Edit: Format updated to be all Archon Solo. Swiss will be Best-of-One and Post-Cut games will be Best-of-Three.
  9. That's how I first looked at many of my Ex's.
  10. I believe that they select the most commonly used NPCs only. This reduces the size of the deck and its production, passing the savings on to you! Also, it incentivizes purchasing the book.
  11. Any word on reprint or Second Editions for from those that watched it? In B4 "Watch it Yourself."
  12. I believe that in the RPG, you'll be playing the Knights, witches, thieves, scientists, and the like who make up the forces of an Archon (the god-like beings). The game has a mechanic called Maverick, which allows a card to be printed in a faction other than its own. I think the group will be a collection of Mavericks working for the same Archon, or simply a group of creatures with no Archon's allegiance.
  13. The Animal Companion Talent sidebar in Shadow of the beanstalk (Page 51) states the talent can be used to control a drone. The Talent listing in Genesys Core (Page 77) states that Rank 1 of the talent allows for a Silhouette 0 companion, and each following rank increase the Silhouette cap by 1. However, only 2 of the drones has listed Silhouettes, starting on page 233 of Shadow of the Beanstalk. Camdrone and Combat Drone groups each have a Silhouette of 0. Hunter-Killer, Maintenance, Retail, or Toy Drones do not state their Silhouette. As per the Hunter-Killers description of large enough to “haul around some truly heavy artillery” in additional to heavy infantry support Rival status, Silhouette 2 seems appropriate. Retail Drones are Minions and also described as “small.” Silhouette 0 seems reasonable. Maintenance Drone is “boxy” and “spider-legged.” Silhouette 1 seems reasonable. Toy Drones is designed to be educational and accessible to infants and toddlers. Silhouette 0 seems reasonable. When someone purchases a Minion drone, I believe they only acquire a single unit of that drone. Meaning that if someone wanted a Minion group of 3 Camdrones, they would need 3 instances of searching for a Rarity 2 item. Has anyone found anything in the book to indicate anything different?
  14. Discovery! The official adventure “Night on the Town” has a sidebar called “Travel in New Angeles” on page 7. It mentions that travel on the Metro “can take the PCs anywhere they need to go for only a credit a ride.” Worlds of Android, Page 153. “…the cost of a ticket up the Beanstalk to Starport Kaguya is within reach of the average citizen on Earth.” To maintain the value of vehicle-based favors, I would keep a one-way metro ride around between 5 and 15 depending on how far traveled. I think the Beanstalk ticket cost is somewhere between 100 and 500, depending on far to the moon traveled.
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