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  1. HaphazardNinja

    Character/ NPC Inspiration

    A Catfolk originally from Al-Kalim, Donpa G'Reem runs a popular and respected store front. Catering to starting and seasoned adventurers alike, The Wand, Bottle, and Tome has been a staple of its town for 20 years. Donpa buys and sells alchemy ingredients, low-end relics, savaged gear, and provides access to an alchemy lab and humble library each for a small fee.
  2. HaphazardNinja

    Cybernetic Hardpoints

    It seem to me that FFG has moved away from crunchy gear crafting and customization. This seems to be a reaction to how game-breaking the Special Modifications EtoE supplement was. Additional customization to Cybernetics means each of those will have to be balanced against cost, availability, amount, and the type of cybernetic in which it can be installed. While this seems likes something that would exist in the Android universe, balancing such a thing is a nightmare even for those that officially produce a variety of cybernetics in other game systems. Interface Zero for Savage Worlds has a dizzying amount of cybernetics. 2/3 of the session time was spent debating gear purchases, mostly cybernetics. Such a thing can open your game to getting broken by overpower/under-costed advantages and requires an investment of time which could be spent developing the campaign. I encourage you to explore this option if you think it will enhance the experience for your group. However, be prepared for the time investment and risk.
  3. HaphazardNinja

    Questions on clones

    sHappy to help. While the lore sections in Shadow of the Beanstalk are great summaries, World of Android is an excellent resource. While daunting, you really just need to read the section that pertains to the current adventure. Additionally, much of the lore was grown during the Android: Netrunner card game. There is a complete database of the cards here to check out. These are better indicators of Jinteki, Weyland, NBN, and Haas-Biorid culture and tactics in particular.
  4. HaphazardNinja

    Questions on clones

    I believe the answers depends on what is being cloned. For example, a clone grown from a labor model does not have any, uh, physical resources needed for reproduction. However, a pair of high-ranking corporate administrators seeking to clone a new body for their recently maimed son would be able to purchase a body that is functionally human in every way (sans clone DNA). One of my players thinks that the Tenma and Omoi lines have genes for things like facial hair removed to help with upkeep. So in short: If it came from a line, it is a thing with no rights and possibly other missing "parts." If it is custom made by wealthy individuals to replicate or replace a person, then it is a person. That is how we run it in our game, as these questions also came up. Hope this helps. Also, be advised that clones physically and mentally mature at an accelerated rate.
  5. HaphazardNinja

    Ghostbusters Setting

    I see 2 PDFs here. One has color, images, and an introduction from in-setting. The other is black text on white background. Which of these is the optimal version?
  6. HaphazardNinja

    Is it illegal to clone an actual person?

    In the world of Android, functionally nothing is illegal so long as you got fat stacks.
  7. HaphazardNinja

    Adventure Idea Commune

    Hey folks! Share you ideas for adventures, plot hooks, and other story goodies for those with a bit of writer's block or looking for something to spice up and an existing arc. One of you PCs sees one of their enemies talking with a mysterious figure before both vanish. The figure has the PC's exact face, tattoos, and piercings. A tech savvy PC has been getting illegibly corrupted messages. One of the messages is clear enough to refer to a niche show/artist/book the PC enjoyed long ago. It also asks for help. A strange package arrives at a PC's doorstep. It is biometrically locked to them, however, it refers to them by an incorrect name. The contents are physical surveillance photos of a person no one recognizes, but at a location that seems familiar. One of the PCs wins a Diesel give-away they didn't enter. That's when one of their contacts calls in their large favor involving the media star that will be presenting them the prize at the ceremony.
  8. HaphazardNinja

    Advice for a First-Time GM

    I immensely appreciate this. However, as a mechanic she is an interactive learner. She cannot "do podcasts" or really anything where she just listens to people. Again, thanks for your input (and shameless plug๐Ÿ˜). If it makes you feel better, I was already a fan.
  9. HaphazardNinja

    Advice for a First-Time GM

    Hey all. My wife is going to run our first Shadow of the Beanstalk campaign in couple of weeks. She has solid year experience with Genesys as a player, and Savage Worlds as the same for a year prior. This will be her first "real" time in the GM seat, four 1-shot adventures notwithstanding. She enjoys the system and was really intrigued by the Android setting. What tips, warnings, and general advice do you have for a first time Genesys GM? I have been running Star Wars RPG and Genesys so long I can no longer remember my early lessons. We already have general party roles delegated and the rest of us are similarly or more experienced with Genesys and role-playing in general. Thanks!
  10. HaphazardNinja

    Making an Encumbrance Threshold Talent

    Sounds solid. Thanks for the input!
  11. HaphazardNinja

    Making an Encumbrance Threshold Talent

    Good to know. I'm thinking a general talent, so Tier 1 seems a bit busted to me. Everyone takes the 10+Brawn talent and now they no longer have to worry about looting limits. I could see the same bonus, but at a Tier 2 Talent.
  12. Hey all. I wanted to make a Talent that increases an individual's carrying capacity. I am being conservative with the bonus as carrying too much > means selling too much > means too much money for the party. Additionally, I think it should increase the encumbrance bonus of items like a backpack or utility belt, versus a flat bonus. This means that there is an item quality element to consider as well. For example, a well-made leather bag could be used with the bonus, but a hastily made roll of recently skinned hide would not. This was created from a flat bonus I gave a named porter NPC in Realms of Terrinoth to make them feel like they were carrying sufficiently amounts to get paid without making Brawn high enough to question why they weren't fighting in the first place. Tier 1: Workhorse Ranked: No Increase the encumbrance bonus of one bag, belt, or similar carrying item when used by 2. The item must be of average or higher quality to benefit from this. Alternatively, if that proves to be too broken in practice... Tier 1: Workhorse Ranked: Yes Increase the encumbrance bonus of one bag, belt, or similar carrying item when used by 1. Each additional rank allows Workhorse to affect one additional carrying item. The item must be of average or higher quality to benefit from this. I would like some feed back on this. Thanks for your time.
  13. HaphazardNinja


    You in the right thread, Xanman?
  14. HaphazardNinja

    SALVAGE: A Junk-Punk Alien Setting.

    Jazzed to try this out with my group.
  15. HaphazardNinja

    Player Locator

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