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  1. FFG is all Star Wars minis and card games now apparently. I have no interest in the products I see on their front page anymore and it's always the same stuff: Something Star Wars, LotFR, Keystone, Arkham Horror card game. Nothing else. And certainly no board games.
  2. ShivaX

    Opinion so far

    He can't heal faster than you damage him Could you possibly post the equipment you were using / the skills you had learned while challenging him? Sure he can if you toss poorly and/or don't have tons of amazing gear and skills, which all take time and luck to acquire. And he doesn't have to out heal all the damage, even a little of it is usually enough with him swinging regularly for 7+. No hero can really withstand that for more than a few turns. I don't remember what gear we had, it didn't matter much in the end because at best it would give you say a token with +3 damage, which he can probably flip to something useless, while still swinging for like 5-6. If there aren't trade goods early and/or you draw strong fights early, you can be taken out of the running pretty easily by just bad luck of the draw. Like I said, we only had a few games, but it was brutally random. If Margath tosses well and gets the dumptruck, odds are you'll just lose, especially if he does it two-three times in a row. Sure he wont heal, but he doesn't need to when he deals 22 damage in three rounds.
  3. The card's flavor seems to indicate the person gets a Dark Pact or the other people get curses, but the actual text says everyone else gets a Curse or a Dark Pact. It could very easily be a typo ('he' instead of 'you'), but until FFG says otherwise I'd play it as written.
  4. ShivaX

    Opinion so far

    With 3 players we could basically never beat Margath, he could deal massive amounts of damage and/or just heal anything anyone could throw at him, barring crazy skill/item combos. He'd just faceroll us with 7-8+ damage every round (we started calling it the damage dumptruck). Any key symbols would get flipped to something less useful, then he'd heal. Really the biggest issue was being tough enough to have a hope of denting him and still getting any Lore. Admittedly we only had a couple games, but it was brutal. Laurel... seems like the most random character as well. If she got easy explorations she'd do alright, but any fight was a death sentence. She basically has a dead token until she finds some gear that uses surges, which requires money... that she probably doesn't have since she can't fight anything reliably. If there aren't goods in the shop of the town she starts near, she seemed really weak.
  5. What they said. It's even worded that way iirc, something along the lines of "after you take damage" or the like (don't have the game and can't find an image of the character). I recall wondering the same thing, then reading my ability and the ability making it pretty clear the damage comes after the enemy deals it, in which case I'm already defeated.
  6. Just add in the Mana Armor or whatever it's called that lets you use one surge as three and you'll be in business.
  7. Buddy got it and had a damaged die (huge dent in it from some sort of mishap) and one probe droid was broken into three pieces. Base - a leg and the rest of it. Hopefully they'll replace these things, it was the only negative we really had with the experience.
  8. You could always go with "exploding dice" if you want there to always be a chance of failure (I'm sure someone else has brought this up, but it's probably the simplest solution). Basically any "6" rolled in combat rolls another die until you stop rolling 6's. Keeps the possibility of failure in the equation, but doesn't screw with the probability by adding extra dice (ie 7 doesn't become the most common number or whatever). Edit: Another advantage of sticking to one die is that it doesn't screw around when multiple dice come into the equation by various means (Basilisks,flails and the like).
  9. Thing finally came today. Holy crap is that a lot of cards. Storage is becoming an issue as well, my little tackle box can barely manage all the monsters and tokens now. I also got 5 Deck Boxes and pretty much all of them are full. When the next expansion hits, I'm not sure where the heck I'd put the cards for a new AO since the current ones pretty much fill two of the Deck Boxes. You get your money's worth, that's for sure.
  10. In our group the Swashbuckler is cursed. He ALWAYS dies horribly and quickly. He's actually died on turn one. Move. Draw Basilisk. Doubles. Pick new character. We finally had a game where he did well, so maybe the curse is finally broken...
  11. The Necromancer is completely different than the Wizard though. The Magus is very similar to the Wizard. They have the same core ability. One gets better stats and the ability to fight in psychic combat. He CAN be a powerhouse as far as going for a win via Dungeon or the like, but that requires Followers. I've never seen him be very effective. He's not the worst thing in the world (I reserve that for the Ghoul and Priest), but he's very bland and usually not much of a threat on the table. The Wizard might gank a high Strength character, or kill off a Warhorse in Psychic Combat. The Magus... is just there. He's not that great in PvE or PvP, unlike say the Gladiator is far more effective with an inverse ability - because most fights are Strength, he starts with a 5 iirc and he can maul other characters once he gets rolling. At the end of the day he's not terrible because always having a spell is a good ability. He just gets penalized for having a mediocre at best second ability for some reason. I really does feel like they stopped half way on him and he was supposed to have Psychic Combat and then in playtesting it was too much so they cut it out, but didn't adjust his other stats accordingly.
  12. Interesting solution and a good way to avoid the whole "Where the hell did this one come from?" issue. If there aren't 6, put one aside, if there are toss it in the cup. Solves all the issues really (and any future issues with 'extra' monsters that are left in the cup during setup).
  13. I got it, the booze makes them stronger. Just give the Farmer +1 Strength when in the Tavern.
  14. I love a lot of the ideas here. One point for the Farmer - we all know Farmers have 3 Strength. The tavern is lousy with the drunken SOBs. But seriously, I do like the idea behind it and making him have 3 Strength would really limit his potential. Maybe if he was a Shepard? They're good at fighting animals and like Fields. Though the picture doesn't really work. Either way I love the concept.
  15. Spider Queen. So many possibilities to control the most random element of the game: movement. My new fav. Tavern Maid is also good times. Dragon Priestess is crazy good if you're playing with Dragon Kings.
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