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  1. I don't own this one yet so I don't know if the Singularity is in there, but it would certainly be an interesting scenario to run!
  2. Correct, you can only collect influence that has been placed on the board by card draw. Your units don't generate influence just for sitting on the board. The game can be rather tight on influence, particularly for some factions. This ultimately helps to motivate inter-faction politics, which is what make the game great
  3. I'm not sure that TI3 is really the best choice of game for a tournament, to be honest. It's a long game to begin with, and adding a competitive tournament angle would slow things down as people try to optimize their game. You'll probably have high player counts (6-8 players per table) as well. This could EASILY make a single game fill out an entire 8-12 hour working day for the store, and having only one round of play limits the effectiveness of a tournament. If you want this to work, I think the first thing you need to do is come up with house rules and/or prebuilt maps that will help limit play time to something reasonable (3-4 hours per tournament round, ideally.) Maybe you can limit each table to 3-4 players, which would also help with round robin play styles and player elimination schedules, although even so I expect it will be a LONG day. As for prizes, perhaps giving away one or more of the copies of the game used to play the tournament?
  4. Up in the top left of the reply panel is a little button that looks like a light switch. If you click that button, it will toggle between the "visual" editing mode that's used by default and a "raw text" mode that lets you see all the control codes. I use the raw text mode to break up a quote and make sure everything it formatted correctly, because I find the visual mode to be a pain in the neck.
  5. Probably not. The first expansion (Shattered Empire) has a good set of new SCs and additional figs for 7-8 players, if those are things you're looking for. Otherwise, the content in the base game alone is pretty massive. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ha ha ha ha ha, ha. 4-5 hours might be what it says on the box, but that's what we in the real world like to call "blind optimism." Maybe if everyone involved knew the rules backwards and forwards and played with peak efficiency, you'd get done in that time frame. The last time I played TI3, it took 13 hours, including time for a quick pizza break. Granted that was an 8 player game, but still, we knew what we were doing. MOST games, we play for as long as we can manage and then call it on points when we're worn out. That being said, you'd be hard pressed to find a more epic 4X experience in board game form. The game is incredibly deep, and has enough different stuff going on that there's always room for new strategies to be developed. The base game's SC set can be somewhat predictable, and for that reason many people prefer the expansion set I mentioned above, but you should be able to get a few games in with the original set before you get tired of them.
  6. This is a very theme-heavy, rules-loose system, so my guess would be "in the interest of keeping things simple." That said, it's a pretty easy house rule to change it if you would prefer to have combat vs intelligent enemies be opposed.
  7. $20 is a VERY good price for RB2E, considering how long it's been out of print. And it's a great game to boot. I suppose maybe the prices on 2E are coming down since the release of 3E. Just as well. If you're looking for any other figs, I think I have duplicates of almost all the D1E/RB2E figs, as I own all the boxes for each game. The only ones I wouldn't have dupes of would be the Drakon figs, which were never released in an RB box (my copy of Drakon predates actual figs) and the promos, of course. The older figs are slightly smaller, but they still fit well on the same size squares. The older figs are also have less detail than the newer ones and some of them are prone to "bendy sword syndrome" - moreso than newer sculpts. FFG's production values have certainly increased of the years.
  8. You're right, it's not impossible, but I think it's unlikely. In the case of Runewars, I think the revised edition was mostly motivated by wanting to get rid of the plastic mountains. They were gimmicky. Also the huge box was 90% air, which was probably unnecessary expense for them and generating complaints from fans about how empty the box was. So, downsizing the box and getting rid of the mountains was a quick fix that likely had a big impact on their bottom line for that game. Arkham Horror has been pretty stable for a long time now. I expect it will stay in its current form for as long as sales continue to justify it. When that drops off, maybe we'll see some movement around this title again... In the meantime, I have no problem experimenting with homebrew rules and enjoying an overall highly successful franchise as it is.
  9. There's something magical about Descent's ability to generate rules quandaries. And, of course, the OL vs Hero competition has a tendency to polarize those debates to an extreme. As far as this question goes, I'd be inclined to say your Speed is 3. You're suffering from two separate effects that slow you down, so the one that limits you the most is the one that decides your final speed. Of course, that's not by any means clear, I agree with Zaltyre that the strictest reading of the rules would make it the active player's choice.
  10. Looks like a number of the expansions for the current edition have just been reprinted, according to the upcoming page. (Namely, Miskatonic and Dunwich.) If a new edition were in the works, I would expect the current edition to first go OOP and then give it a few months for merchants to move their existing stock. Also, FFG has never been one to publish a new edition without having some serious improvements in mind. The game engine originally used by DooM 1e has seen a number of iterations now in other IPs, so I'm sure there are lots of new ideas to incorporate into the new DOOM 2e. MoM I haven't really been following as a franchise, but I assume there are significant changes there as well. By contrast, the only real complaint I hear about Arkham Horror concerns play time (and real estate) but neither of those are really serious gripes anyway, and not exactly unknown to FFG games in general
  11. I would let them do as they will. If I wanted to make it short, I'd have Team Evil graciously accept their offer of support and then just kill them where they stand. "You have been a great help by not running away, thank you for your service." If I wanted to draw it out, I'd let them join up with the Antichrist and run amok, killing and maiming and otherwise facilitating the apocalypse for as long as the group was still entertained by that process. (Potentially running for multiple sessions, if everyone was still keen on it.) Then, when I could begin to sense the players' interest in the game fading, I would wrap it up, bring the apocalypse to an end with the ultimate destruction of the entire globe, and then have a little epilogue about the players being tortured forever in Hell. What? You thought you'd get a free pass just because you volunteered your soul instead of selling it? That's not how it works, son.
  12. That is true, but you can still use them if you want to. In fact, I would be inclined to say keep using them until someone figures out WHY they're broken, as that will be most illustrative on certain core strategies in the game. After someone mops the floor with the whole galaxy using Yssaril, you can decide whether or not to continue using them. In general, I think it's better to use "broken" game components yourself and understand why people think they're broken, rather than to leave said components in the box from the day you buy it because you read online that it was broken. The term "broken" is used in a very subjective manner, and you may find that the thing everyone else complains about isn't a big deal for your group. Of course, this doesn't apply to Yssaril. Yssaril is objectively and proveably overpowered. But maybe your group will think up a nifty house rule to reign them in.
  13. Yes, Hacan may terminate any trade agreement he himself is involved in during the status phase, if he so chooses. The rule is that no player may break a trade agreement with Hacan.* However, Hacan himself does not have trade agreements "with Hacan." Hacan has trade agreements with other races. These may be broken in the status phase normally. * Subject to terms and conditions as outlined above.
  14. I would agree that monsters can double-move, either as one big move or in two smaller moves, as they like. It's certainly valid in normal play, so I'd think it's a bit cheap to say it's not valid in RtL. Besides, the monster could also declare Move Action #1, move one space, interrupt to declare Move Action #2 and then continue with the rest of its movement before expanding. Something has thus changed on the board for Move #1, as the monster has moved one space, and something will also change for Move #2, as the monster completes its movement with all available points.
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