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  1. Brilliant, thanks Kyrie. I'll take the box home tomorrow.
  2. At the moment it's sealed, and if I open the seal I can't take the box back to the shop.
  3. I just got the 1957/DEC13 printing of the core set. Is that the latest one with all the errata and easy mode cards?
  4. Yes, all but two games were solo. The two two-player games went terrible too, although that was due to the other player complaining it was too complicated (which is odd as he managed to get to grips with Warhammer: Invasion). I may try with more teams next time as the solo rules are easily adapted (err... pick six teams instead of three?).
  5. Thanks. Target Lock also clarifies this... "After resolving this card's action, place a Support Token on a swarm." Obviously, if I were playing the game as before and only counting the special ability as resolving the card, then this card would never have any effect. Even with all the Support Tokens, I still found my marines were slaughtered before reaching the final stage. And I thought Arkham Horror was merciless...
  6. I'll play it your way and maybe survive long enough to get to stage four.
  7. Nellistos said: Add a campaign mode. Transfer surviving marines to next mission. Use scoring points to purchase support tokens etc.. Surviving marines would mean I'd start the next mission with no marines.
  8. The Space Marines Mission Pack has the team icon on the marines cards, just a shame the other teams still have the generic aquilla.
  9. Hi, A question about gaining support tokens... the rules state: "When a player resolves a Support Action card, he gains one Support Token (from the supply of unused tokens) and places it on any Space Marine card." What counts as resolving a Support Action card? Is it if I make use of the text on the card, or is it whenever its number comes up in the Actions Phase? If it's the former, then support tokens are very rare. For instance, if I play Defensive Stance in my first turn, which reads: "Each time 1 of your defending Space Marines spends a Support Token to reroll a die, the attack misses unless the new roll is a 0." then I won't actually be able to resolve it as I won't get a token. Much obliged for any help.
  10. elfmandude, have you got your cards yet? Are they the same quality as the core set? If so, I may be tempted.
  11. A friend and I had been playing Warhammer: Invasion, which we were enjoying although my friend would often try and play invalid cards due to the complexity rather than a desire to cheat. This week we started playing Dragonheart and already my friend is hooked. "Very addictive," he described it and is going to buy his own copy. Quick to learn, quick to play and despite the game being so simple we find it can get pretty tense. Trying to develop some sort of plan when you have no idea which cards your opponent has in their hand, and no telling what you'll draw at the end of your turn adds to the fun. You may be waiting to play a card to nab a load of points and bam! Your opponent plays the card first and grabs the loot. Today I was desperate for a couple of ships to end the game early*, but my deck was against me - until at the last moment. And it does seem strange it's not a Silver Line game as it seems to fit the criteria - The Lord of the Rings sounds more complex. *If you're in the lead, or think you're in the lead, you can try and bring the game to a close before the cards run out.
  12. So, living in the UK where will I be able to get these from? If I have to order from FFG and get them shipped then I might club together with a friend or two and get them all shipped together. My friends may only want the ones for the base game, but I'm a sucker and want the lot (even if some don't look so hot in the photos). Plus, depending on how they look, there may be an opportunity to paint on more detail/shading and stuff. The bases look big though. What if two investigators are on a location with a gate, an explored marker and some monsters? Will it be a fight for who gets to be in place?
  13. Thanks again for the advice. Another practice game gave me a chance to figure out how to make best use of cards - and Warpstone Excavation came up. I liked it after seeing the drawback was minimal.
  14. Thanks for the advice so far. One last question... (for now) Once you've built your deck, are you to shuffle it? I see talk of combos, but with a shuffled deck you'd have no guarantee that the combo cards will come out in order. I really need to play this with someone who knows what they're doing.
  15. I've heard talk of Warpstone Excavation being great, but units entering that area are corrupted. Isn't that a bad thing? Or should I search the forums and find out why being corrupted is so good? I've only played a couple of practice games by myself so I know what to do when/if a gameplaying friend materialises.
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