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  1. There's also 13th Age by Pelgrane Press. It takes the best elements from all editions of D&D, plus a ton of indie concepts, and mixes them in a glorious package. It's also quite cheap, as you only need one book (compare with 3e, 4e and 5e where you need at least 3 books.) Converting stuff from 4e is quite easy, so if you have the 4e Dark Sun books, you can run a good campaign with 13th Age. One of the best games I have ever played, and my go-to fantasy d20 game.
  2. Cool! Now, to wait for it to arrive in UK
  3. I suppose a better question should have been "how reliable are the time estimates about products going to the warehouse?" The web page lists 4-6 weeks, I suppose by the end of January it should be in store...then I'll have to wait for the product to reach UK.
  4. Hi all, I have seen the core set is listed as "on the boat". Does it mean it has been reprinted and is actually shipping to the warehouse? The last update is 17 December, how long before it actually gets to stores? I'd like to buy it at an "appropriate" price, not the extortionist prices I have seen around for used copies. Thanks, Antonio
  5. I have found most of the prices in the rulebook to be adequate. But one thing which really irks me is the lack of stats and prices for horses. I mean, many of the careers have horses for trappings! That's a HUGE hole in the rules. By using as a baseline the price of hand weapons, I came with a conversion factor of 2.5 from v2 gold to v3 silvers. Simply take the price in gold in v2, multiply by 2.5 and you get the price in silver in v3.
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