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  1. Glad to see Drakon coming back into print in 2015! Will we see any changes, or is this a reprint of 3rd edition?
  2. I received a reply from FFG, and the official answer is that Vigilant trumps Unstoppable. There can be no counters against Riverwatch Riders.
  3. Hello! I hope someone can help with this one, because it keeps coming up. The Unstoppable card lets an eliminated unit counter before it is eliminated. Does this permit a counter vs. Riverwatch Riders, which have the Vigilant ability that says units cannot counter against them. Which ability wins, the unit Vigilant ability or the Lore card? I might guess that a golden rule here would be that Lore cards override unit abilities in general, but I do wonder if this is the intent in this case. Also, concerning Unstoppable, I assume that Blood Harvesters will roll at the strength they had before the attack? So a BH unit with 2 figures would roll +1 dice on their counter, and a unit with 1 figure would roll +2?
  4. I probably did not describe the issue very well in words. I am referring to the case where the range is 2, and the line of sight is traced directly down the intervening hex border. If one extends the example for tracing LOS sight that the attacked can nudge that line left or right, then that would suggest that the attacker can choose whether the defender would need to retreat back left or back right?
  5. Every turn you must play one command card, but after playing a command card, you can choose to follow the instructions on the card, or ignore it and choose any 1 unit and order it instead. Read pg. 6 under the heading "command step." Good catch. I totally missed that. They should bold that sentence!
  6. OK, I will ask the inevitable FAQ question. Which way should a unit retreat when hit by an archer that is directly above the hit unit, meaning the line of sight is straight along the border of the interveneing hex. Who choses whether the unit retreats left or right?
  7. I hear you. The point of confusion is that the rules make it seem as though the special victories happen after the 8th round. The rules say that if no one has won by "the end of the 8th round," the special victories may take effect, implying that the check for noramal win marks the end of the round. Plus, from what I understand, the homolog of the Xxcha ability from Dune does NOT take effect on the other special victory conditions. Probably reading too much into it, but a clarification in the FAQ would be a simple matter.
  8. The rules are unclear as to whether the Sol and Hacan special victory occur during round 8, or after round 8. If Xxcha predicts Hacan win in round 8, and Hacan achieves their special victory, does Xxcha steal the win? I am surprised not to see this addressed in the FAQ!
  9. It would certainly be nice to hear FFG chime with their stance on the "Horned rat" version of Nurgle. Is everyone missing something here, or is there a real balance issue?
  10. I like how it says this on the game description: "(not to be confused with FFG's previous release of the same name)" Exact same name by the exact same company. No, why would we ever get that confused? :/ Snarks aside, I'm looking forward to the game. Smells like a mashup of Lord of the Rings and Beowulf:The Legend plus some dice,
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