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  1. Hmmm they currently defo missing on biz from me, been tempted and tempted to order expansions for my basic box but until I have heard any news I do not think I will
  2. Statement from FFG so far has been: * old boxes will be fully compatible with the new rules, all your counters etc will still be useable. FYI - I am considering buying Novgorod Expansion (based on old rules) even still as the new rules should be fine and there should be no loss of value. In addition to downloadable new rulebook there is also talk of a new rulebook (book only) available for purchasing. Really getting impatient for them new rules...
  3. darknight said: hi john, ok you can go through open doors any way, they just block line of sight till youre through them, on the ground floor map, if youre playing story mode, you will have to secondary and one primary goal, so not 2 primary as in the book, you just do 1, then 2 secondarys, crate stuff, if stackable is ok if not you can swap for the one you want with your one you dont thanks for your quick answer but it only partially helps me: from what you say i can only go through OPEN doors so that means the RED arrow is not useable. you say I can go through open doors anyway so that makes the GREEN arrow ok, as I would say its adajacent to the circle behind the door would you say then that the YELLOW arrow is the way to go through that door and not the blue we used? and in the case with ORANGE and blue both or only ORANGE? as always happy to hear advice thanks!
  4. Hello all, just played my first Tannhäuser game last night (and did a lot of things wrong, because I had not read the rules correctly ....). So here are my questions following on from the game: a) movement through doors (we probably did this wrong ) On the ground floor map there are several doors that are slightly adjar we played using only the blue arrows I have drawn on the map, could you confirm if the other arrows are also legal (best by colour!) b) I am a bit unclear on how the objectives are sorted out for setup - I am not even sure how to ask the question, could someone give a pointer how best to do this? c) 2)(a) How do i put equipment in a crate? If you switch items with what you have and a item in the crate just switch them with the tokens. Remember you can stack equipment of the same type on your character sheet (Heavy weapons, grenades, automatic etc.) where does it say this? and how does this work: can I really stack all types of grenades on one slot - ie stihl, egg, smoke? does tnt also count as a grenade in this? thanks for your answers
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