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  1. I hope that their request is a joke... They are only offering $10 per hour for all that responsibility. $10 per hour sounds more like prep cook at a diner. I think the stock guys at my grocery store make $10 per hour.
  2. Welcome to the community. 1. When playing a RPG it totally depends on the GM running the game in regards to how the dice are rolled. I have been playing for 32 years and have always rolled my own dice and as a GM expect the players to roll their own dice... There has also been a crop of new indie style games where the players roll all the dice and the GM is there to tell and adjudicate the story and the events. I would expect that any online game that you join will allow you to roll the dice on your own. If you can find a group that is running a game through roll20.net, there is the possibility that they have integrated an online dice rolling mechanic that you will be able to access. 2. In regards to time constraints. You should expect and set aside a good 2-4 hours of time to play an online live session with other players and also be prompt and on time when playing. I currently play an assortment of various games with friends in other countries and I like to be a bit early to the game to work out any technical issues and also be there to initiate the session. I like when people are on time or at least inform us if they will be late, it allows us to either B.S. or start without them while we wait. RPG is one of the great hobbies where no matter where you go and who you run into, you will typically find a nice and friendly group of people to interact with. Message Boards aside I've been doing this for around 32 years and have been playing with the same crew for about 20-32 years (depending on who's available)... I have lasting friendships that all came about because we played RPG together, ones that span the globe at this point. Welcome and have fun!
  3. Now. You're looking at now, sir. Everything that happens now, is happening now. What happened to then? We passed then. When? Just now. We're at now now. Go back to then. When? Now. Now? Now. I can't. Why? We missed it. When? Just now. When will then be now? Soon. How soon?
  4. Try supergluing the stickers to a die. The superglue should fill into the number groove and provide extra stick to the sticker, then do as others have said, clear coat nail polish or spry clear coat. That should do the trick… p.s. please post if you can, the images of your hands with stickers and dice semi-permanently stuck to your fingers, this forum needs a laugh.
  5. beeblebrox said: As a caveman living in the stone age without any form of smartphone or tablet, I am pleased to say I have found a way to run the app on Windows and Mac. Simply install Blue Stacks, a completely legal Android emulator. bluestacks.com Works great on my laptop and I'm excited to try it out when I test the game in a week or so! You must have GEICO insurance ;-)
  6. A business has a very basic model of operation, that has to answer one question. "Will the investment of our time and money make us at least X times the initial costs?". Now X should probably be no lower than 1.5 but could easily be 2,3,4,5… If the project does not meet the basic criteria of making the company money, then there is no reason a company should logically put effort into the project. My guess is, that FFG doesn't want to get into the Windows/Mac application development arena… That is not their expertise or part of their business. While some people may see full blown computer operating system applications as a great fit for table top RPG, it is really a horribly huge animal to control… Take for example any of the VTT systems (like Fantasy Grounds) or commercial character builder applications (like Hero Builder), those companies are 100% invested in application development, the amount of time and effort these companies spend on making their applications run smoothly is tremendous and they have a very limited market. FFG has basically a zero presence in computer application development, in order for them to develope a computer application, they would have to hire people to program said applications, which takes lots of money. The dice rolling app for smartphones as has been suggested before is easier to update when and if they make changes to the dice system, it is easier to sell to the targeted audience, and has an entry point $ that is attractive enough that people will click to purchase. It is also more than likely a modified version of their WHFRPG dice rolling application and it has the draw of the X Wing miniature game as well as basic dice rolling… Trending also points to the fact that pretty much all phones going forward will be smartphones and tablets will be the future of everyday computing, it would be like Sony investing in a new physical media player like DVDs or CDs when everything is oing digital, it doesn't make good business sense. Investment (I) = Time + Money X = money company makes from sale of product or service Y = set amount of $$$ that company determines would make their product or service profitable enough to produce ROI = Return on Investment = What company makes in $$$ for making and investment, when successful expressed as I + X => Y IF I + X < Y THEN STOP = The point where a company says we can't make this product or service and make money Windows platform application for RPGs = I + X < Y Take all of that with a healthy does of salt or sugar, whichever makes it easier to swallow ;-)
  7. cool! i will let you know how my game goes this weekend. $150 is a ton of money to drop on an unknown, but from what ive read it looks like it will play great! i have one or two of my local friends that are interested also, as long as its remote, one travels a ton the other works late.
  8. I do not have it purchased. I am tentatively playing a Savage Worlds game this Saturday with a couple of fellows across the pond in the UK. This will be my first foray into the online gaming with FG, I have tried maptools with Cortex before, but it required a computer master to run the system for us while I GMed the game... So if this works well and it is easy enough to use the software, I will probably get the ultimate license so it is easier to attract players. That means I'll have to GM, which is okay... Im a bit rusty though. So if you are interest in playing online friend me on the forums and I will see if I can get something together in the "near" future . I am in EST -5 time zone. I f I run a game it would be after 7pm EST during the week nights and anytime on Saturdays.
  9. So after reading tons of posts and reviews I doves and purchased the core set, and the GM toolkit. I've read the rules through a bunch and have a very good understanding of how to play the game... Here's the tricky part, my group fell apart and I've got no one to play the game with, locally... Is anyone running any games in Fantasy Grounds or another remote system that needs another player? Or is there someone out there looking to start a group? I have 30 years of rpg gaming under my belt with extensive game time with DnD all versions 1981 to 4e. I play savage worlds, cortex, and pretty much willing to play anything else. But I really want to play 3e warhanmmer! Thanks for reading hope I can find some people to play! Joel
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