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  1. That link is incredibly useful, thanks. And thanks for the details about the different books - this really helps me narrow my focus. Appreciate the help, you two.
  2. "Everything" is what I'd like to do, but my wife would probably peak at the cost, shake her head, and remind me who actually trumps who in the marriage. The idea of the campaign is to lead in with the pre-published stuff so the group will have Whisper Outpost as a home base, and then likely use a shuttle of some kind for remote projects. I'd like to give them the Lambda Class shuttle that comes with the base, plus another, more Millennium Falcon-esk freighter (sounds like the Smuggler book might be good to get a few new ships). Ideally I'll be sending them on missions to try to sway worlds to join them in the Rebellion, targeting military installations to sabotage them, and engaging in strikes of opportunity found from Whisper Station and possibly from a captured Imperial Officer (I love the idea of them having a higher-level Imperial under lock-and-key who feeds them information... but might be leading them into a trap...). I'm mostly curious about the Colonist and Explorer books and what they have to offer, I think, because I can guess pretty well what the Merc and Smuggler books bring to the game.
  3. I have picked up a few Age of Rebellion books, and I'm only really interested in running an Age of Rebellion storyline. That said, I know Edge of Empire has a number of sourcebooks out already, and they're compatible. Are there any books from EoE that would be huge benefits to an AoR game? What does each sourcebook offer that specifically helps an AoR game? Thanks!
  4. I have played both Firestorm Armada and Star Wars Armada. Both have their advantages: Firestorm: - More varied tactics (the big ones for me are boarding ships, shunting into the middle of a battle, targeting particular points on ships, etc) - More varied terrain - More options Star Wars: - Better storyline - More interesting critical effects - Shields on different hull zones / defense tokens The big clincher for me, and the reason I went with Star Wars Armada despite having a ton of, and enjoying the heck out of, Firestorm Armada is this: Spartan Games SUCKS at sticking with a property. Since the original Firestorm Armada game was released, they have been teasing Leviathans (huge starships) and still have yet to see them show up anywhere. Because they have so many game lines in place, they can't seem to get out of their own way and produce for each one. I can't remember the last time something new came out for my faction in Firestorm Armada. There have been maybe two new options for them in the last 18 months. The other big problem with FSA is that there are so few people who play it. Since they have FSA (a space fleet combat game), Dystopian Wars (a dystopian WWII or something fleet combat game), and Uncharted Seas (a naval fleet combat game), they're competing with themselves. The games died at our store when a bunch of us got together who liked Spartan Games, but of the 8 of us, the best we had was 3 of us who had already bought into the same game. No one wanted to invest another several hundred dollars in a very similar game with a different packaging, so no one really played FSA. It's too bad - I think I probably enjoy the game more than SW Armada, but I've been burned twice by Spartan Games not supporting their own game to my liking (once with FSA1, and once with FSA2) and I don't really want to deal with it again. FFG has a track record of supporting what they produce. Even if Wave 1 is a black stone right now.
  5. Letting them play one more round could actually impact the overall standings. The person who won may take first, but the person who lost doesn't necessarily take second. By giving him another round, he could gain more Victory Points than he should have in the timed round, meaning he has an advantage over other vying for second place.
  6. "A ship can pay for and resolve each effect multiple times if he has the engineering points to do so." Thanks - I was in the middle of a game and that's what I remembered, but I couldn't put my hands on the line in the book. The rules seemed very clear when I was reading them, but when you're searching for something in the middle of a game, the rule you're seeking is always pretty elusive.
  7. If you use Repair and gain 4 Engineering points, would you be able to spend them to repair sheilds twice, gaining two shields back? Or can you only gain a single shield back each time you use the Repair Command?
  8. There's a small bag in the expansion kit with a few pieces that you can sub in for the General Weiss climbing out the top, and the massive guns on either side. If you choose, you can use the other kit pieces and make a standard AT-ST, which the card will then be useful for.
  9. I think this is very well thought out. Did you increase the number of Deployments at all? To reflect that the Rebels had 25% more effectives? I did not increase the number of deployments - just the starting Threat. If the mission allowed an optional deployment, I had more to use to start with enemies. If it didn't, I just had more to reinforce with after the game started. I went the other route of giving the Imperials more Influence to balance that out, but yeah, that could work too. If I limited the Rebel credits, I would also not give the Imperial any extra Influence since those two resources seem tied to each other. You could increase threat/round to +1 per upgrade tier (and always use the highest upgrade tier). So in the 2nd side mission you would get +2 threat/round and in 4th side mission you would get +3 threat/round. My first instinct is that might be too much (9 threat a turn for the final missions!) but honestly I'm not sure if that swings things too much. That is an elite Stormtrooper unit every turn, but on the other hand, my Rebel characters are at a point where they can handily deal with that in a couple activations anyway. Would probably require some finesse to make work just right.
  10. I have been playing with five Rebel players as the Imperial player and these are the adjustments I have made: I have increased the Threat value by 1 every mission. I have begun each mission with an amount of threat equal to the Threat Level. I started the campaign with 1 XP and 1 Influence. I gave myself an additional Influence every 4th mission (since the heroes got an extra mission's worth of credits by every 4th mission). I only need to Wound 4 Heroes to win the mission, not all of them. It seems to have done decently. The Rebels have gone 6-3 through the nine missions. I think those balancing effects worked better earlier in the game, but with all the extra XP the players are getting, they're quickly outpacing me near the end of the campaign. I think in the future, I'd do the same thing with the XP that I did with the Influence - every fourth mission, I'd gain an extra XP to keep in pace with the player's extra XP from their fifth player. It's not easy to balance, but it's close.
  11. I like trying to get an Imperial Officer in my Open Group for the reasons stated. I also like making sure I have an Imperial Probe Droid as an option. With a total movement of six spaces and then Self Destruct, it has worked wonders at forcing my Rebel opponents to spread out more in order to minimize the blast damage on their group. That leaves them usually wasting an action or two for several of their characters over the course of the game - quite valuable. And when you can land it in the middle of 2-3 heroes and hit 2-3 damage on the Red Die, that's a ton of wounds softening them up to let your other Imperials come in and mop up. Haven't tried the Nexu yet, mostly because they are the favored selection by the Imperial player in a different campaign I'm in, and I wanted to try something different. I'll have to see what they're like sooner or later.
  12. Our group determined that as well - if the Admiral is a Cylon and has not been discovered before Galactica returns to New Caprica, it's an auto-win for the Cylons. I've played twice with the new board. In both games, the Admiral turned out to be a Cylon. In both games, we were able to uncover that fact before the real damage could be done. One of the things I dislike about the expansion is that you have to find out if the Admiral is on your side before the end of the game. We were able to use the President's Quorom deck to figure it out each time, but we could just as easily not have figured it out and lost without a chance. When it comes down to it, you have to trust your Admiral if you ever go to New Caprica. If there's a doubt, you need to get the Admiralcy to someone you do trust.
  13. Any thought to a minor loss of points if a Cylon revealed while not in the Brig/Detention - i.e. got his special ability to go off? If that happens, it means the humans weren't good enough/fast enough in rooting out the Cylons. I wouldn't make it a major loss of points, maybe just -3 or something, because if the Cylon wanted to, he or she could do that at the beginning of the game. But it could represent a Cylon playing well by picking the right moment to stab the humans when they were not playing well enough to prepare for it.
  14. Yeah, we had six players. It wasn't pulled off perfectly - I was trying to signal to the other Cylon that I was on her side, but I wasn't able to do that at any point, so she was convinced I was human the whole time because I outsted her. But it sure was a fun game! For me, at least - I think the rest of the players wanted to string me up by the end of it. I doubt I could pull that off again anytime soon.
  15. My last game as Baltar, I became a Cylon in the Sleeper phase. I took at look at one of the other players' cards and saw she (the Chief) was a Cylon. So instead of keeping in secret (someone else was already campaigning hard that I was a Cylon), I told everyone the truth about the cards I just saw - that the Chief was a Cylon. That started so much chaos that everyone was trying to figure out whether I was lying or telling the truth, and whether I was the Cylon or the Chief was the Cylon. In the end, it didn't matter - lines were drawn in the crew and everyone was backing a Cylon. Because of the arguing going on, not much else was happening, and the more arguing that went by, the more convinced people were that the person they were backing was human. Cylons won that one. The humans could never get their act together to stop this crazy battle between the Chief and me, despite the fact that we were just trying to pull a massive ruse past them so they paid more attention to that than the dwindling resources.
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