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  1. On the off chance someone sees this, I would still be happy to buy any extra cards that people have. I am specifically looking for Japanese cards, but I will not turn away super rare english cards. Please reply here or message me and we can figure out details.
  2. Hi Fanatic, I am a still active player looking to trade for Japanese and English cards alike. If there is anything specific you are looking for, or if you have japanese cards to trade, let me know. I have a good size collection, including lots of English promos. I'd be happy to help a fellow player obtain cards then need. Hit me up or reply here and maybe we can work some deals. Brayn21
  3. Hi all, Just in case there is anyone on these forums still that lives in the SF bay area, I am working on setting up some KH tcg events in San Mateo. I currently have a card store where I play in a Pokemon league and several league members also want to play KH. If anyone is interested in showing up, please let me know. Also, if any KH veterans have suggestions for how to run fun events with new players, let me know. Thanks all! Brayn
  4. Hi all, In my recent musings about the KH tcg I have been day dreaming about all kinds of dumb deck ideas. As a life long card gamer there are always fun ideas for different games that will never work. In that same spirit, here are my ideas for some fun, albeit idiotic, decks. Disney Princess deck: I don't remember what each one does, but I think it would be awesome to play a princess deck and have it actually work. I know my wife really likes this idea. That means it's good, right??? Fantasia deck: Ok, fine. So Mickey won't have his sweet scorer's hat on, but I could easily get Mickey, Donald and a crap load of brooms into play. Now the only problem is…Monstro, Simba, any heavy hitters (Sephy, Cloud, etc). Once you get past those you can get back to the core of this deck: the music. Geez, even while I'm writing about this idea it sounds idiotic… Wisdom Form deck: Now I actually have one of these. It's freaking cool, what with all the ice spells, but ultimately Phil and Owl screw this up pretty bad. Still, if use my Japanese Tidus Lvl 1 it stands a chance. Now all I need is someone to test it against. The Never Ending Story: So this deck idea is based around using Wishing Lamp to simply cycle my deck infinitely while not really accomplishing very much. I don't actually want to win the game on turn 1. Just make it so I keep drawing until my opponent gives up. Think of it as a Disney-inspired fillibuster. Ok, that's all I can think of on my lunch break at work. Anyone else got some crazy deck ideas that will probably never fly? I'd love to get together with fellow players at some point in the future and play an "idiotic deck" tournament. Now THAT would be sweet. Brayn
  5. Consider it done. They are in your email. Enjoy!
  6. Hi all, I tried to be somewhat intelligent and I used that Lackey program to find a complete translation list for all the Japanese sets. I have some random Japanese cards I bought off of ebay 2 years ago and I wanted to find out what they do. If anyone is interested I have word docuemnts with complete lists of Rejoin, Endless Darkness and Piece of Memory translations. There are no pictures, but card titles and text of what they do. Let me know if anyone is interested in having me email them a copy. Brian
  7. Count me back in. I've dusted off the old collection and am ready to get back to the confusing world of heartless, nobody's and really shiny cards portraying love-able disney characters in fun battle scenarios. Brayn
  8. No worries. When I eventually find sealed packs or boxes from Japan I won't share them with you. So…..ha! I'll post pictures if/when I do find some.
  9. Hi all, So I am hoping to help jump start interest in this game again, and to do so I have some questions to get everyone's creative juices flowing. I know there are deck ideas in this section about "dark army" and such, but here is my quesiton: Is playing a Dark Riku deck competitive? If so, can anyone shed some light on strategy for me? I have always wanted to make this type of deck work, but having high level friends, plus needing Soul Eater to effectively make your opponent lose health, seems like a lot of work in a ~40 card deck. Another question I have: when you build an aggro deck, what role does your home world play? In other words: I know what cards like Monstro do, but if I were running a dark aggro deck with a world that prevents magic use, does my world's effect only take place when i am defending a challenge? It's been a while since i read the rules and i was hoping to spark some conversation and brainstorming. And here's my final question and it's more of a fun one: would it be possible to world race using a Dark Riku deck? I've never tried it and I was wondering if anyone else has, or has thoughts on it.
  10. Hello all, One year later I am still seeking kh cards. I would like Japanese sets and a sora awakening. Please pm me or email me: wenzelbrian21 at gmail. Brian
  11. Hi all, I've been playing KH for a while and I have a lot of the US version cards. I'm now looking to score some Japanese cards. If anyone has Japanese cards from the above sets for sale or trade, let me know. Also, getting my hands on the Sora Awakening promo from US set 4 would be sweet. I bought a case and didn't get one Thanks for any info or offers you can provide. ~Brian
  12. Hi everyone. I found a Kingdom Key deck on these forums and I changed it up a bit. My basic strategy is to get the KK out ASAP and then use fun tricks to win challenges I have no business winning. Using Fairy Harp and Olympia attack cards are good ways to mess with the opposition. Any have any ideas on how to improve this deck, trim a few cards, etc? Oh, and I included a Valor form as a backup plan in case I go against another Lvl 1 Sora, which would render the KK useless. Here's the card list: Player Card: Sora Lv 1 Friends: Lv 0: 3 Tidus The King Winnie The Pooh Lv 1: 8 Phil x2 Moogle Cid Abu x2 Donald x2 Goofy Lv 2: 4 Yuffie BoD Will Turner Fairy Godmother King Triton Lv 3: 4 Jack Sparrow Donald Lvl 3 Goofy Lvl 3 Bambi Lvl 3 Lv 4: 3 Auron Sephiroth Goofy (BoD) Magic Friends: 2 Tink Lvl 1 (P) Tink Lvl 3 Dark Cards: 5 Barrel Spider Cerberus Pete CoWG Behemoth Attack: 7 Fairy Harp x3 Olympia (Atk) x2 Oblivion Ultima Weapon Equipment: 2 Kingdom Key x2 Worlds: 2 Disney Castle Destiny Islands Forms: 1 Valor Form Event: 1 Break of Dawn Event 1Total: Total: 42
  13. Hello all, Below is a deck idea I've been toying with in my spare time. My main goal is to use Valor form & Captain Pete to sap 3HP per turn. When I get Monstro in play I use the limit of 3 friends as a way to discard friends with useful discard abilities (e.g. Abu, Sally, etc) or ones that take up space like Will Turner or Moogle. I'm not sure about my higher level friends, or my dark cards. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks! PLAYER: MerSora Lvl 1 FORMS: 2 Valor x2 FRIENDS: Lvl 0: 6 Owl x2 Captain Pete x3 Winnie the Pooh Lvl 1: 10 Goofy x3 Sally x2 Elizabeth Swann Phil Abu Cid Moogle Lvl 2: 6 Jack Skellington x2 King Triton Goofy Yufie (BoD) Lvl 3: 2 Goofy (BoD) Donald (BoD) Merlin Lvl 4: 2 Sephy Auron EQUIP & ATK: 4 Oblivion (E) Olympia (E) Oblivion Ultima MAGIC: 2 Cura x2 DARKIES: 4 Shock x3 Barbosa EVENTS: 1 BoD Event 1 WORLDS: 3 Monstro Lvl 1 x3 Total: 43
  14. Hi all, This is Brian again. I have hundreds of rares available, all 4 english sets, so let me know if anyone has specifics they're looking for. I'm not really sure what I'd be willing to trade for what. I am happy to package a few rares for promos, and obviously a bit more than a few for an Awakening promo. I also wanted to know if anyone knows how/where to get Japanese cards from. Sets 6 & 7 have some really killer cards I'd love to get my hands on. Again I'm willing to throw in rares and $$ if that's what it takes. Hit me up with any ideas. As a quick estimated break down I have rares available from the following purchases: 10 boxes of Break of Dawn (can you say duplicates? LOTS of duplicates) 6 boxes of Light and Darkness 4 boxes of Darkness Awakended 3.5 boxes of original set As you can imagine each of those boxes has 24 rares and an assortment of foils. Let me know what you desire and I'm happy to see if I have extras to trade for. Once I know what people want from me I can get a better sense of what I'd want in return. And let me know if anyone can help me out with the Japanese cards. Thanks all! Brian
  15. Hello all, I've only been playing KH for about 3 months but I have a ton of cards and I'm looking for a few hard to find ones. WANTS: Sora Lvl 2 promo ("flag" Sora) Halloween Town Sora (not sure if this is the same as Flag Sora, I want this card for collecting purposes) Cid (still can't seem to find a good deal for this guy) x2 Sora Awakening (bought 10 boxes of Set 4 and never got one...) HAVES: I have tons and tons of cards now. I have an extra Sephy and plenty of other hard to find options. I'd be willing to trade several cards for the ones above, and I'm also open to sending some $ via Paypal, etc. Let me know what you want and we'll see about working out a deal. Email me direct if you're interested: wenzel_brian@hotmail.com Thanks!
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