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  1. I also feel fairly certain that its "up to". The restrictive way would just be way too difficult
  2. We played it as he could move through friendly and enemy troops, allowing him to ignore any terrain. Don't think it felt overpowered either.
  3. He is one tough cookie then, green units can never hope to capture him! Thanks for helping out.
  4. Makes sense, so I think we'll go with not having to start on the road. It also seems a bit too restrictive if you have to start on the road. So unless anything official is noted, well go with that. Thanks!
  5. In order to get the bonus +1 move from roads, do you have to start your movement in a road hex, or do you only count the hexes you move into?
  6. Rickard Karstark has Toughness 1 and a Capture Rating of 2. Since his toughness lets him ignore one hit, does this mean his Capture Rating effectively is 3? Ie. if there are no figures left in his unit, do an enemy need 2 or 3 hits to capture him? Thanks!
  7. P. 22 of the rulebook says: "A ranged attacker cannot disengage except by moving. Although a ranged attack does not cause an engagement, a ranged attacker must still attack an opponent it is engaged with if it is going to attack (unless it disengages by moving away)." Further down is says "When choosing to break an engagement between units, the owner of the disengaging unit removes the engagement token, and then the unit suffers a Parting Blow as described below" I understand this as the archer unit WILL suffer a parting blow if it moves away, and the same goes for the unit it is engaged with. Archers in cannot flank as it is a ranged attack (even if its an attack at an adjacent unit), and flank attacks are melee only. (see p.19 under Place Engagement Token)
  8. Hi there Considering that there are 4 heroes, and the number of turns the Sauron player takes scales with the total amount of players, is there any reason that this game shouldnt work with 5 players? Its a bit of a mystery to me why it is a 2-4 player game, and not 2-5. I realize that some of the hero missions might get a bit easy with 5 players, but those quests where quite easy with just 4 players. Any thoughts on this, or has anyone tried with 5 players? /A
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