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  1. Not wanting to be picky, because you have done an awesome job, but you might want to re-check your Market Terrain card.
  2. Funny that I have come across this thread. In my playing group, which plays mostly 2nd edition (even though we do play 4th edition occasionally) the Rogue character has just had a victory for the first time in 29 years. Bit of a cause for celebration.
  3. Hi folks! I've inadvertently deleted page 1 of the Adventure deck - first card is "A Gift". Could anyone post it to me please?
  4. The second one is really eye catching. Also it highlights the isolation of the adventurer.
  5. We have a winner! Well, listening to them is torture for me, anyway.
  6. Can someone clarify this Morak's Hammer rules I do not have 3rd and did not ever play with that rule.Morak's Hammer was a one-use weapon that gave you an extra 6 to your battle roll when you were in combat. It could only be found at the Karak Doom space. You had to roll a die and on a 5-6 you discovered the hammer. After one use it miraculously found its way back to Karak Doom. If you need any more info, just ask.
  7. These are house rules for the Thief that I created years ago for 2nd edition. You're welcome to use them, ignore them or update them. You can Steal at these locations in the City. Roll a die for the outcomes: Armoury: 1. Sword 2. Helmet 3. Shield 4-5. No opportunity 6. Warrant 6 Fates Inn: 1-2. Water Bottle, 3. Meal, 4-5. Nothing, 6. Lose a life. Stable: 1-2. Warrant 3-4. Nothing 5. Mule 6. Horse Bank: +1 to your roll unless you roll a 1 Magic Emporium: 1. Turned into a toad for 3 turns 2. Curse 3. Warrant 4-6. Steal a Magic Object Apothecary: 1. Warrant 2. Curse 3. Nothing 4-6. Steal a potion & roll a dice accordingly
  8. Ok, It's done. If you shoot me your email address (can you PM on this forum as I've never had to do it before?) I'll send you the pdf scan. The scan quality is quite poor unfortunately, but the print is clear. I've also included a couple of other cards that may or may not be of help to you.
  9. I'll scan the card & see if it looks ok (all my old stuff was lost in a tragic usb accident)
  10. With the old 2nd edition, I created an event where the Anarchist's Guild had been blown up in the ultimate act of anarchy. It closed down the street for x amount of turns & the Guild for x + y amount of turns. Is this the sort of idea you're looking for?
  11. Since the death of Lemmy from Motorhead, a lot of Hawkwind has been played. I was never particularly into them, but I've got to admit, there is some good epic adventure music there. The Mission's God's Own Medicine isn't too bad either.
  12. So do I. And I love it. Let the characters drive the narrative as opposed to the players. The only issue is spellcasting & there are ways around that.
  13. Pale Communion by Opeth is pretty good as is Watershed.
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