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  1. All Requests Added. Keep them coming! This map is getting huge! On another note, I'll be away for 2 months. (thank you government) I won't know if I have internet access at my destination until I get there. So just a heads up, I might be slow on updating the player locator for a while. Redd
  2. @ Hellfury: there is a friend finder here on the forums. so if youd like to play with someone thats posted themselves on the player locator map, just use the friend finder and private message that certain individual. All Requests Added. Redd
  3. It's always good to see new recruits. Welcome to the Fold. All Requests Added. Redd
  4. Locator List Updated. All Requests Added. For the Survivors In Russia, Go For the Head Shot. Redd
  5. I'm sorry I haven't checked this in a long time. I'll probably be checking it once a week, since requests aren't firing in like they used to. All requests added. Enjoy your stay. Redd
  6. All requests added. Looks like Jefferson City, MO has some locals who play. Welcome to the Fold. Redd
  7. request added. looks like you have some people in your area who play AH. redd
  8. request added. welcome to the fold. proceed with caution. redd
  9. Formless Spawn said: Oh why not... It appears the Asia-Pacific region is not well represented - FIVE players? Not good. Looks like we'll just have to have an online Game (like the good ole' PBM games of yesteryear) just to get a decent party of Investigators together... *shrug* Add me to the fold as well please? Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. Matt Permission Granted. Enter at your own will. Redd
  10. trust me... i know where it is. ive never seen rain like i have in washington state. welcome to the fold. redd
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