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  1. That is actually not correct, if you cannot fulfill an option on a crisis card, you have to choose the other one.
  2. Thanks for the clear answer, that makes a lot of sense!
  3. Hi, I searched long and hard for the answer, but cannot seem to find it. That seems strange to me, as I have made the observation that any question I have regarding a game has already been asked somewhere else, but maybe this is an exception :-) Anyways, here is my nitpicky question: On the cards Astapor and Mereen from the Queen of Dragons Expansion, it says: Challenges: Kneel Mereen to choose 1 participating Dragon character you control. Until the end of the phase, that character gains "Immune to opponents' trigggered effects." If you win the challenge draw 1 card for each participating Dragon character you control. and Challenges: Kneel Astapor to choose 1 participating Dragon character you control. Until the end of the phase, that character gets +2 STR. If you win the challenge, stand that character. What I am confused about is the exact wording on the cards. In both cases, it says "if you win the challenge", not "if you win a challenge", which would either imply that: a) This effect triggers only once, or b) This effect only lasts for one particular challenge. But on the card it says that the effect lasts until the end of the phase, so I am confused. So, my question again in short: Do the effects of Mereen and Astapor trigger for every challenge won, or only once? Thanks for reading :-)
  4. So, finally I am finished reding through the first two expansions for the thousand thrones campaign. Very interesting read, and often it says something along the lines of "for more information, see expansion 5". Are these other expansions published yet? on the Liber Fanatica page I only found two of these...
  5. thank you very much man, i appreciate this. very nice forum here :-)
  6. GullyFoyle said: I'll be putting together a nice scan of the map, but probably not until next week (I'm traveling right now) ... if you can wait, I'll be sure to post it. that would be great, thank you! i wont run it until next month anyways, as i am traveling too at the moment :-)
  7. Hi, I am currently GMing Death on the Reik, but my copy of the adventure is missing the map of the Castle itself! i think it should be available, as there is a reference to a "map 22", but i dont have it. Could anyone help me with a map of the castle? i would very much appreciate this, as the fight should be much cooler if i have a map :-)
  8. hi gitzman, very nice work on the map, ill be sure to use it in my campaigns! one thing though, i noticed you misspelled grissenwald (northwest of nuln) and wrote "grisenwald" instead. but otherwise great job!
  9. This looks very nice, thank you very much! I will start my TTT campaign next month, so this saves me a lot of work :-)
  10. hi, i just got signs of faith, and there are two myrmidia blessings, namely bless weapon and bless armor, that puzzle me. they say that the piece of equipment is considered blessed and enchanted... what does that mean, technically? are there any other cards or abilities that refer to that? or am I missing something else? thx for your help
  11. nice exhibit :-) yes, if that attack were to use agility since it is a ranged attack, it would not make much sense at all... i think we really need an official ruling on this, as there are good points for both cases.
  12. yes, i am very certain now that all melee attacks use str to calculate damage, and all ranged attacks agility. nimble strike is the only exception, as is stated on the card. blade in the dark, as it is both a melee attack and a spell, also uses str to calculate the damage. thanks for the answers!
  13. good to know, but I just saw another card that kind of contradicts this: nimble strike says under "special" that the card uses agility for the to hit roll and to calculate damage. so, if it were the normal case that you do that, why does it explicitly say so on the card? greets
  14. Spivo said: PC's and humanoid NPC's wield weapons, that has a critical rating describing how many boons are needed to trigger a critical wound (hand weapon 3 boons, Two-hander 2 boons, etc...). What about monsters? Are this in the skill cards they have? Or am I missing some information? Also as a sidenote, if an action has 2 boon effects, one with 1 boon, and 1 with 2 boons, and the player is using a hand weapon (3 boons), who decide how the boons are distributed, if you roll 3 boons for example. Is it up to the player? And then the GM rules over how Banes are distributed? Hi! First, boons and banes cancel each other out, so if a roll generates 2 boons and 1 bane, the net result is 1 boon. The player decides how boons are distributed, and the GM how banes are. A monster has a critical rating too, if it wields a weapon use that rating, otherwise something else... 3 is a good number :-) greets
  15. Hi guys, just a quick question, as I am unsure now... When a success line says "you hit for normal damage", how is damage calculated (for a melee attack) if you did not use strength for the skill check? my guess is that it is still ST+DR. But then I saw the grey order spell "blade in the dark", and I dont think it is appropriate there that you do ST+DR damage, as that doesnt make sense thematically, and a wizard wont have so much st do begin with, so he will do next to no damage... but then maybe this is intentional? anyways, i would like to know what the correct ruling is. greets
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