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  1. Okay, so I bought Forbidden Stars after falling in love with it since the first announcement. Last night I had my second playthrough, and we came across an interesting question. The World Eaters player wanted to resolve a Strategize order, and looked into purchasing the upgrade that allows his ships to move through warp storms. He wondered if this restricted his units from tagging along with the ships. I assumed yes, but wanted to be sure so I took to the rulebook. Although the order upgrade specifically mentions "ships" (compared to another card that uses the word "units"), the rulebook also states that ground units thematically use non-military ships to hop from world to world. Am I overthinking this?
  2. Oh, and one more detail that might be relevant: I decided to keep the original Dark Pharaoh cards in the mix. (Both Mythos/Gates/Encounters and Items/Spells/etc.).
  3. I see you've mentioned The Dunwich Horror. A remake was made in 2009 or '10, also starring Dean Stockwell. Avoid it like the plague; it's quite the steaming pile of dung. The Call of Cthulhu silent movie turned out very, very nice. In the Mouth of Madness gets a +1 from me too. Brilliant piece of work, that. You could almost make a drinking game out of spotting the references.
  4. Did something get changed or fixed in the stats report? I just noticed that the combination of the Kingsport and Innsmouth board expansions has become the least deadly, instead of the most deadly.
  5. Hello again, dear AH gurus. Having recently acquired my 5th big box, the storage and transportation issue has become almost ridiculous. I'm at a point where running around with AH equals restricting my vision to that what's above my nose. Since I've ordered the last two missing small boxes to complete my collection, I've been tinkering with the idea of having a custom flightcase made, complete with an ordered card rack and token tray. The idea is to have all the decks accessible in the suitcase during play. That way the setup time can be handled, as well as the storage and transportation problem. The thing is: I've been measuring the sizes of the boards, cards and decks, made a list of the different counters, etc. so that I can plan out a practical design. The only problem I face is that I'm considering sleeving all the cards, but I have no idea how to factor that into my measurements. I've thought of sleeving before designing the case, but I fear that might make storage impossible without an intermediate solution. So my question to the community: does anyone have an idea of how much higher a sleeved deck becomes? Does anybody have measurements at hand? A few measured decks would suffice. I would be using FFG's sleeves if it makes any difference. Thanks in advance for any and all comments.
  6. Well, my copy of MH is waiting for me at the FLGS and I'm picking it up before the weekend hits. One big question for me though: is the box capable of decently storing all the cards it delivers? Does it use the same plastic tray as the other big expansions, or another one? This is rather important for me as I'm fairly mobile when it comes AH, and I'd rather not have stacks of cards floating around the box.
  7. Thread description: It might be a fun idea to have a thread about recent playing experiences. Reading about how others play the game might be interesting to learn new "formulas" for your own games. ------------------------------ I'll bite the bullet. My last game was with a friend who's new to AH, so I decided to choose Azathoth so it wouldn't be too intimidating for a starter. I added in Tulzscha for some interesting flavour. We played with 2 investigators each. The elusive cultists turned out to be a really fun mechanic. Before obtaining a Silver Key, it could take several turns to pin one down and eliminate him. We came close to losing a seal once or twice. It was both tense and exciting. Early in the game The Stars Are Right (rumor) appeared. We didn't have any allies at that point, and the lower half of the board was blocked with some nasty monsters preventing us from cashing in trophies at Ma's Boarding House. Two doomers were added that way. But it was a good thing because we had 3 of the nastier rumors pop up while it was in play. At moments like that I'm really thankful for the 1-rumor-limit. One little annoyance was that the game dragged a little in the end. The sixth seal took a long while to come because of that Environment that prevents gates from sealing. Thankfully The Story Continues... popped up and handed us a new environment after a dreadful 4 turns of hoping that a monster surge wouldn't occur.
  8. Small question for Tibs: I just submitted some info from my last game and I was wondering about something. When do you judge an expansion as being used or not used? For my last game I used the vanilla AH Mythos deck, but added in all Arkham Encounters Cards, Gate Cards and all Common Items, Unique Items, etc. from a number of expansions (CotDP, KH, BGotW & IH). Personal stories were used along with the Tulzscha guardian. Would I have to have had marked those expansions as being used even if I didn't use the boards and/or Mythos cards?
  9. Hmmm, that reminds me I still have Ramsey Campbell to read. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Another question: do Yog-Sothoth and the Lurker have a common literary source? I haven't yet read The Lurker At The Threshold, but they seem to fit each other's bill somewhat, and I seem to remember reading about a connection between the two.
  10. Hmmmm, maybe. I enjoyed some of Graham McNeill's work for Warhammer 40K, but I got a little fed up with the 40k line as a whole. The prospect of a AH novel by his hand doesn't seem too bad, though I doubt it'll be anything more than light pulp. This Ally shenanigan might pull me over. The big question is if this promotion applies to a European like me? I've seen all too many promotions that exclude us folks from Ye Olde Worlde.
  11. House rules and variants are more or less what Mulletcheese's thread is for. This one's more about which components go together based on the stories themselves (the "fluff" as it were). The reason I'm curious about it is because there are a lot of components I'm not intimately familiar with since my own knowledge of Mythos fiction is mostly limited to HPL's body of work, a little bit of August Derleth and two Chaosium short story compendiums. For instance, Tulzscha is unknown to me fluff-wise, and it would be fun to know if he's thematically connected to, say, an AO or somesuch.
  12. Hello again, Mulletcheese's thread about houseruling the game to strengthen the theme made me think of something slightly related. (I tend to spend more time dreaming about this game than actually playing it. Oh, the horror.) Between all the extra content there's to find in the expansions, there are those elements (AO's, Heralds, Guardians, expansion Mythos decks, etc.) that tend to fit together based on the original mythos fiction. Has anybody ever listed these "original combinations"? This is what I can think of straight off the bat: Nyarlathotep + The Dark Pharaoh Herald + Curse Of The Dark Pharaoh Mythos deck; Hastur + The King In Yellow Herald + The King In Yellow Mythos deck; Shub-Niggurath + The Black Goat Of The Woods Herald + Black Goat Of The Woods mythos deck; Yog-Sothoth + The Dunwich Horror Herald + the Dunwich board & mythos deck; Cthulhu + Father Dagon & Mother Hydra Heralds + the Innsmouth board & mythos deck; And maybe slightly less obvious: Bast along with Dark Pharaoh, because of the shared Egyptian origin; Nodens along with Nyarlathotep, because if I'm not mistaken The Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath describes them as a sort of adversaries; Kingsport has connections to quite a few elements, but these tend to be barely superficial or limited to things like Ally cards. More ideas are welcome!
  13. Finally some answers, yet more questions arise, haha. 38 Agent tokens seems like a whole lot. That's almost as much as there are Brood Tokens. I wonder what the underlying mechanic and effect will be. The whole institution thing seems like tons of fun, especially the Miskatonic University one, what with the student cards and all. I wonder how the game would play if you had all three institutions available to use and how or if they would interact with each other. You could have some really cool themes for a scenario. (Organized Crime vs. the FBI? Both duking it out over the missing artifacts of the Exhibition? ) I just hope the box's plastic container will be tweaked to hold all the Ancient One cards (the larger ones: encounters, mythos etc.) this expansion provides. From the numbers in the book, it seems like it has almost twice the number of them than the basic game did.
  14. Hello again, another (potentially stupid) question for your cyclopean wisdom. Looking the statistics report, I noticed that the mix of KH and IH boards in one game tends to produce the biggest number of defeats. It's even twice that when mixing KH and DH. Is there some strange dynamic between the expansions or is Innsmouth solely to blame for this? Or is the sample of recorded games too small to be representative? The reason I'm asking is because Kingsport and Innsmouth are the only boards I have (for the moment at least). There's undoubtedly going to be a game where I'll play using both of them and I would love to be at least a little prepared, haha.
  15. Seeing those double expansion encounter cards makes me wonder if they'll include double expansion mythos cards and what they would look like. Also, could Brian Burnham be one of the new Blights?
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