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  1. I don't. If I wanted to play a videogame, I'd play a videogame. I want to play a board game. If the app is what does it for people, I certainly don't want to stop their fun, so carry on with the app as an option, sure; but me, I enjoy playing as the Imperial player, I enjoy playing board games, I enjoy playing with a group of five (which is the size of our group). An app-driven edition of IA would be worthless to me and us.
  2. Hutt Mercenaries plus anything is broken good. Most of our missions when I used that deck were over before the end of round 3. In the finale, I won in round 2. Some finale that was. I won't be taking it again - it's just stupidly overpowered.
  3. OK, I've fixed it so it will draw the card itself in these situations. Download the latest version from the usual place and you should find it shows something now.
  4. Ah - I've realised what's happening here... So the tools suite doesn't actually contain any card images itself, with the installer. Whenever it needs to show a card, it either: shows the card image from a local folder you point it at - this is configured in Tools -> Tools Suite Settings... -> Options, it might take a bit of figuring out for you to configure it but you can download the images from Imperial Assault Data (the link is on the settings dialog) and point it at that folder, then use the "Check" button to make sure it's all OK; or shows the card image from a web link to somewhere else that stores all the images - this is (almost?) always Tabletop Admiral; or draws the card itself. Now, assuming you haven't set up the first option (most people don't, and don't even realise it's an option because it's normally not needed), it'll look for the image online. But, Tabletop Admiral (being a skirmish tool, not campaign) doesn't have any images for the campaign cards, so there is nothing to show for campaign cards! (Not sure why it doesn't then draw it itself, though). So for now, either grab the Imperial Assault Data images and set up a local image folder, or live with skirmish cards not showing up... and when I get a few minutes I'll investigate why it's not falling back on the third option.
  5. I'm afraid not, sorry. The editor, by design, renders the cards at the same resolution as FFG spoiled (most of) their cards in the news articles. Glad you're having fun with it though, feel free to share what you're coming up with either here in this thread or elsewhere on the forum.
  6. I've just checked this and works for me (this is for Deployment cards, presumably). What version of the software are you using? (You can check by going to Help --> About, latest is Sorry, not going to change this - partly because it's just not what it's for (clue is in the name ) but also because it would actually really complicate a bunch of assumptions and selection logic rules just by having those cards even available to view. I get why you're asking for it, but it's not going to happen I'm afraid.
  7. I'm pretty sure I've fixed this now (though still couldn't reproduce the crash). Try downloading the latest version from the usual place and see if it solves your problem.
  8. Just tried it on one of mine, and it's working for me. Can you please send me the file you're trying to open, and a screen grab of the error, to bittermanandy@gmail.com (or go to Help -> Report a Bug or Suggestion).
  9. Glad you're enjoying it. You're normally more likely to get feedback on cards if you show just the image, though (export the card as an image, upload that to something like imgbb.com, then insert it as a linked image into your post).
  10. I chose not to spend time on that, sorry, because the mercenary figures that are playable as heroes (Onar Koma, Shyla Varad, etc.) all had a Rebellion-branded Hero sheet. That seemed to me to make it clear there that would never be a need for mercenary Hero sheets. (Imperial Anti-heroes are an entirely different thing...)
  11. Glad you're finding it useful. No plans to do anything more with shapeshifters I'm afraid - it's too niche to be worthwhile, sorry.
  12. Yes, I did something quite similar (but a bit more adventurous) recently, and will be doing just this for all future campaigns our gaming group plays going forwards. We've played every campaign once, but that's covered less than half the available missions... It just needs the Imperial player to be a bit creative on the spot, weaving the mission objectives into a fresh storyline. Finished, clearly. Complete... not while there's no Yoda, Scout Troopers, Ewoks, 4-LOM, or Zuckuss, it isn't.
  13. Not campaigns specifically, but someone's made a map editor: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2289093/imperial-assault-map-creator-launching-now I also hope to add a map/mission editor to the Kensei tools suite at some point, which will be not dissimilar to that ("but better!" ). It will very much be aimed at traditional (campaign or skirmish) missions though, not interactive ones like in the app. But don't hold your breath: I have plans but it'll be a lot of work and it very much depends on when or if the mood takes me.
  14. Some minor bug fixes and new features, including a Suggestions tab in the Skirmish List Builder. Available from the usual place.
  15. Our gaming group is still playing through the Tyrants of Lothal campaign, we have two games to go. But in this weekend's semi-regular gaming session, one of us couldn't make it. We still wanted to play IA, but without either finishing that campaign or starting a new one. A one-off, one-day mini-campaign was called for, and (as the Imperial player) I decided to experiment with something a bit different. So the night before (having not had much notice) I bashed together some Hero sheets using the Kensei Imperial Assault Tools Suite. For example: Obviously that's a completely unique anti-hero - except - how unique is it really? Not very! That's actually identical rules to Biv Bodhrik. I also made anti-hero equivalents of Jyn Odan, Diala Passil, and Gideon Argus - a selection of play styles, four available for three anti-hero players to choose from - complete with custom-made and printed Hero sheets and Class cards. I also set aside models for a Death Trooper, Greedo, The Grand Inquisitor, and Agent Blaise to represent the anti-hero characters. Next was to put together a story. To do this I chose three missions we had not yet played, and just made up different words on the fly as we played through those missions, naming the whole campaign The Emperor's Reach: Next, I had to plan the XP and progression structure. I used Twin Shadows as the basis, though that had four games not just three, so I awarded an extra XP to all players after every game, and let the players choose from Item decks I, II, then III in each upgrade phase. I ignored Agenda completely. Finally, I needed to set up some Rebel forces for the Imperial anti-heroes to fight against. Basically I swapped in equivalent units - for example Stormtroopers became Rebel Troopers, Imperial Officers became Alliance Smugglers, Royal Guard became Wookiee Warriors, etc. Some units caused problems but it wasn't insurmountable - I had to swap Probe Droids for a Rebel Saboteur with group size 1, for example. And, I chose suitable unique figures where appropriate: thus Lando Calrissian turned up in the first game (he costs a point more than the Elite Imperial Officer he replaced, but I used a slightly cheaper unit elsewhere to compensate) and Leia Organa in the finale (which had the opposite problem and solution). With that we were set - The Emperor's Reach campaign could begin! ----------------------------- You'll have worked out from the text above that the players lost the first game (very narrowly - if they had passed a few more Tech or Might tests they would have won), won the second game (easily), and lost the third (only just - against overwhelming odds they slew Rebels by the dozen, but I wounded the last of them just before they could achieve their objective and make good their escape). So the overall victory went to me and the Rebels. Really good fun, and no less so for being a short, single-day campaign. I'd already told the players I would be making up the story on the fly, but they seemed to buy into it. They were also unsurprised to learn that the missions were just re-skins of ones we hadn't played before, though I don't think they consciously thought about it until I told them. This mostly worked too, with some oddities - the second mission is much more about rescuing the troopers than killing the traitor (which isn't technically even an objective). Makes perfect sense as Gideon's side mission, but the players were asking "hey, we're the Empire, why are we bothered about rescuing Stormtroopers? Plenty more where they came from!". A fair question, though they played into character by saving only the two troopers they needed to win, and deliberately leaving the third to die! They had no idea the anti-heroes were simply reskinned heroes, though, until I revealed that at the end - which is really nice, because all those heroes have been used in our previous campaigns. Jennet White-Eye, the ruthless Rodian mercenary working for Imperial pay, seemed to them to be totally different to Jyn Odan, even though they are mechanically identical. So all in all, everything seemed like a fresh and all-new experience for our eighth campaign... even though actually, it was only partly new. I was really pleased with this. Lessons to learn for the overall campaign: the XP and credits progression didn't feel right, only three opportunities to buy skills made it really hard and I'm not sure the right amounts were awarded, and they definitely didn't have enough cash. I hadn't had much time to plan it. I probably need to check the progression for all the different campaigns of different sizes, and plan for future custom campaigns of various sizes, as well as determining when to use story missions and when to use side missions (the XP and credits awards differ substantially for story and side missions). Bashing together some random missions and making up a story on the fly worked fine in principle and practice, though. We've played eight campaigns now, and that's been 55 missions - there are still 78 we haven't played yet! So we're less than halfway through, we could keep playing more and more campaigns for as long as people don't get bored, of which there's no sign yet. Just needs a bit of creative storytelling and a bit of thought on my part. Lessons to learn in the game: I knew the choice of Rebel units would be limited compared to Imperials (I deliberately chose not to mix in any Scum, too, though in principle there's no reason why not, Scum could happily fight alongside Rebels). I hadn't realised quite how samey they'd be, though. Rebel Troopers, Echo Base Troopers, Rebel Saboteurs, and Alliance Rangers are only subtly different yet they were the overwhelming bulk of the enemies, so it felt a tiny bit monotonous. Normally, even in the Core Set you have Probe Droids and E-Webs which play totally differently, never mind the Riot Troopers and Jet Troopers and such like that come later. Alliance Smugglers worked fine as Officer replacements, though I only had one figure, so had to sub in replacements when more were needed. And Wookiees are, on paper, perfect replacements for Royal Guard... but it turns out the extra Health (11 not 8 ) makes them really, really hard to shift, which was really problematic in the final mission; the anti-heroes had to put so many attacks into them, that achieving their objective became very difficult. Overall though, the issues raised in the last couple of paragraphs were pretty minor. Making up a campaign on the fly was pretty easy and means we can keep playing for years without ever having to play the same mission twice. Fighting as Imperials, against Rebels, was a nice change of pace for the other players. And although there are some quirks with using Rebel units instead of Imperial ones, it basically works just fine. If you've got a regular gaming group and want to try something different, without necessarily making up a load of custom heroes, units, and missions from scratch (nothing wrong with that, in fact it sounds like fun, it'd just be a lot of work to make something balanced enough for a satisfactory experience!), I heartily recommend taking inspiration from this example. Try an anti-hero campaign and see how it works for you.
  16. In case it helps, the Kensei Imperial Assault Tools Suite can make anti-hero cards:
  17. If that ever happens, yes. Wouldn't hold your breath waiting, though.
  18. Nexu size, or more likely Dewback size - it would depend on the model (anyone seen a Kuill-riding-Blerrg 3D print suitable for IA?). It would of course impact his effectiveness and hence value either way, so that would need to be decided sooner rather than later. Yeah, I think from comments here and my own thoughts, a less powerful attack attack and a lower cost is necessary. I originally intentionally went for the Blerrg being slow for cavalry but on reflection there's no reason for it to be slower than a Dewback. You know, that never occurred to me before - all the grey/regular uniques are playable heroes (and vice versa). I always just thought some were regular and some elite based on how well-trained they were deemed to be. But I've just looked through them in the Card Viewer and you're absolutely right. So yeah, Kuiil should be elite/red. Thanks for pointing that out. It's a very minor issue because in Skirmish it makes no difference and in Campaign it only matters when you take them as an Ally/Villain and they have to take an attribute test, which is very rare. But nevertheless, that's the clear pattern. With the above comments in mind, how about this? Still not much more than a starting point, to be clear - no pretence of balance or playtesting yet. Comparable to a Dewback but with some pros and some cons so I've guessed at the same cost. Oh, and thanks for the Mandalorian helmets comments, it's interesting to hear.
  19. Something like this? By the way - while we're on the subject (sort of) - the series makes it very clear that Mandalorians do not remove their helmets in the presence of others, ever. And I gather that Jango Fett wasn't really a "proper" Mandalorian, he just happened to wear their armour; and Boba Fett was just a clone/son of Jango. But, what about Shyla Varad? Is she someone else who just happens to wear Mandalorian armour? And what about Sabine Wren? Wasn't she insufficiently Mandalorian? I thought from Rebels she was quite a big deal on Mandalore, as was the rest of her family and basically everyone in the last season of the show. Were they all "not Mandalorians"? Or did the helmet policy only become a thing later? Or did the live action show retcon the cartoon? Or... what? Anyone know, or got a link to an article that gives a brief explanation?
  20. Good news, your posts just both showed up. 😄 Bad news, I know nothing about Mac, Wine, or making this or any other app run on Mac. Wouldn't even know where to begin. Sorry.
  21. I just don't see him as being "elite". At the end of the day he's just a guy. If Gideon Argus, Diala Passil (a Jedi!) or Drokkatta can be regular, no reason why Kuill shouldn't be regular too. (In any case, as he's unique, I think in practice the only difference is whether he gets successes when called upon to make an attribute test in the campaign game... which is quite a corner case!) Yeah, I totally get where you're coming from and it was on my mind too. I'd be very open for suggestions on what to do with him instead. I wanted him to not be "just an Ugnaught", so I thought it would be fun to have him on his Blerrg, and that implies a certain amount of speed and resilience, and that implies a certain amount of value, and to have that value he needed to have a decent attack... so perhaps it just all added up and went too far. Interested in alternative ideas, though I admit I've a certain amount of attachment to the Blerrg. I did want to get the armourer in there, yeah, as she is quite a memorable character. In the end, with these (quickly bashed together, probably horribly unbalanced) units it was just clear there was no room to fit her in, in terms of points. Not that that should stop me making the card I suppose, then the card could be playtested and tweaked and, as you say, see if a way can be found to make her fit. (Weakening/cheapening Kuill and Cara seem the obvious starting point). Or not - after all, it's not possible to fit the whole crew of the Millennium Falcon in one Skirmish list, so why should the whole cast of the Mandalorian all fit at once? Maybe our expectations just got spoiled by Spectre Cell. So maybe I'll have a go at her next.
  22. Just for fun. Not playtested. Contains spoilers, but then the thread title already warns about that. Cards made using the Kensei Imperial Assault Tools Suite. Figures could be converted or 3D printed, perhaps including this one or this one. Be warned that when people make custom units (and I'm probably no exception) they naturally gravitate to making them more powerful than they should be, so there's that disclaimer. On the other hand the Skirmish list as presented only includes four activations and such small lists rarely do well (Luke, Han, Chewie, and Leia/Obi-Wan, anyone?). Might be fun to try out anyway.
  23. Can someone please update the link to the Kensei Imperial Assault Tools Suite? The thread in the OP mysteriously disappeared. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/302926-imperial-assault-tools-list-builder-card-editor-more/
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