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  1. Bitterman

    Line of Sight Calculator thread

    Awesome improvement. Took me a minute to work out you can have the attacker and defender in the same square (useful for "what can I see and what can see me" analysis) but with that understood it works really nicely.
  2. Bitterman

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    Perhaps I wasn't clear with the main focus of my point. Whether it's beatable or not, and whether the SC problem can be solved or not, is less of a concern (still a concern, but less so) than whether it's at all interesting or healthy for seven Deployment cards to be used nearly as frequently as the other couple of hundred available cards put together. @Jilguens just played four tournament games out of six against Spectre Cell. I can't speak on his behalf, but by the fourth of those I'd be just about ready to flip the table and walk away, giving my opponent the walkover (regardless of victories or defeats up to that point). That just sounds phenomenally boring. You can play twenty or thirty games of rock/paper/scissors in a minute if you really go for it. Even so, almost nobody plays it as a hobby because it's just not that interesting, and absolutely no-one at all spends hundreds of currency-units on it. Imperial Assault games take a solid hour and cost a lot of money to get into. Maybe time spent painting the figures, too. It's not much fun to spend all that money and time then sit down to a game and say "rock!", only to spend the next hour working out that your opponent chose paper. Or indeed scissors; whichever. Rock/paper/scissors really isn't a good ideal for Imperial Assault (or any other tabletop wargame) to aim for.
  3. Bitterman

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    This is the problem. Not whether Spectre is "OP" or "too good" or "unbeatable" or whatever, just that you'll never see anything else. The faction/unit diversity in this game has always been a bit iffy but has gradually improved. Now most games seem to be against the same six figures. YAWN. When 4x4 was this dominant, FFG didn't just nerf the units themselves but also changed the game as a whole to solve the problem. Somehow I can't see them changing anything this time. Would love to be wrong...
  4. Bitterman

    Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

    Reporting a great trade with @Fightwookies. Despite the combined best efforts of USPS and Royal Mail, who tried their hardest to screw things up, he went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure they delivered my new toys. Much appreciated, would happily trade again, recommended A+++++++++ trader.
  5. Seems a slightly strange approach, but whatever works for your group... Subversive Tactics is a fun-killer and Hutt Mercenaries is a hero-killer, I'd be happy if everyone in the world literally set fire to their copies of those decks. Otherwise, there's so many variables, go nuts. Interesting. Do you put limits on how many supply cards a model can carry? I have visions of the heroes spending 9 missions just picking up crates and using ALL THE TOYS in the finale.
  6. Bitterman

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    Top tip: use the <skill> tag instead of <b> for the ability names. So, "<skill>Take Aim:</skill>" and "<action> <skill>Prowl:</skill>", for example.
  7. Thanks for the kind words all, honestly appreciate the feedback. To be clear though, not angling for attention or anything - just that spending weeks and weeks writing software that might be used by 100 or 1000 people seems like a worthwhile use of time, but not so much if it might only be used by 5 or 10, with the forum as quiet as this. Also, this is literally a spare time project and what I choose to do in my spare time ebbs and flows anyway (the hobby butterfly flutters where it will). I might spend more time on this... or might leave it for a bit. Not yet decided. If I do work more on this, Mission Designer is probably next, I think. With it looking more and more like FFG might be done with the game, that's what would truly put it into the hands of the players, though it'll take a lot of work to do. OTOH I'm more likely to use a Campaign Tracker myself (I've never got on with spreadsheets for that purpose) and most of this stuff, to be blunt, I do for myself first and foremost (partly why it's free - another reason being that FFG's lawyers might start paying attention if it weren't!)... but on the other other hand, our gaming group only has one more campaign to play (Lothal) and I'm not sure if it's worth writing software for one more campaign, when plastic bags and a print-out have done the job for the previous six. Finally, the dice/stats app is probably the least exciting idea, but would be pretty quick and easy, which has its own appeal. So... don't know. There is one feature I'd like to add, but it needs someone with a little bit of graphic design / pixel art skill. I have almost none. Anyone want to volunteer to (audition to ) help out? Feel free to share them, by the way - even if it's in another thread. Always nice to see what people are creating.
  8. Although, actually - you know when would be an even better time to download the new version (from the usual place)? Now. Right now. Why...? Imperial Assault Card Editor now supports Side Mission cards (including Agenda Side Missions). Gonna be honest - unless I catch a second wind, that's probably all the card types that will be supported by the Card Editor. I might one day go back and do some of the others already mentioned, but I'm pretty exhausted by it to be honest, so I've no idea when (or even really if) that will be. So what will I be working on next, if not more cards? Well... there's still a bit more I want to do in the Skirmish List Builder (better export options, limit by collection, per-card 5-star ratings); and I've sketched out a few ideas for a Dice/Stats app, Mission Designer, and Campaign Tracker. But at this point, I really don't know whether I'll actually work on those now, or go and do something else in my spare time for a while. (Not only have I been working really hard on this for some time now, long enough that I might need a break; but it also feels very much like diminishing returns given how dead the forum is). Let's see what happens...
  9. Oh - so sorry, my mistake! I hadn't actually uploaded the new version. Try again now!
  10. For anyone still following - a new version has now been released. The Card Editor now supports: Reward Cards - use for Imperial and Hero, Reward and Class cards. Item Cards - currently weapons only. Use for Equipment cards, and Hero Reward and Class cards (especially their starting weapon). Other item types to follow later, at which point they'll also be useful for Supply cards, as well as more Class and Equipment options. Between Hero Sheets and these cards, it's now possible to create a complete custom Hero!
  11. Bitterman

    Non-Spreadsheet Campaign Trackers

    I think this got asked by someone else recently? Consensus seemed to be that it's either that (out of date) app, the various spreadsheets (you're not alone... I'm not a fan of spreadsheets for this either), or nothing. For now, at least.
  12. True; and the thought did occur to me that you get four Clawdite models and only three (unique) Form cards, which seems like it's just begging for at least one more Form to be made. But, Form cards are very specialised, and the existing Forms do cover the most obvious archetypes of what a Clawdite could be made to do... and above all else I just can't get that excited by the idea, enough to spend the time writing code for it. But never say never, I suppose... perhaps one day. I just wouldn't hold your breath while waiting, is all I'm saying.
  13. Yep, Reward cards too, they're all very similar. Mission cards will definitely get done at some point too. I'm not sure about Companion cards - might do them, might not. I very much doubt I'll ever get round to Form, Epilogue, Threat Mission, or Condition cards.
  14. Yep, agreed - Item Cards (and Class Cards, actually) are next on the list. Not sure when they'll be done though, needed to give myself a break from counting pixels.
  15. People don't spend hundreds of pounds on Scrabble core sets and expansions, hundreds of hours painstakingly hand-painting their Scrabble tiles, and hundreds more hours reading books (or indeed watching videos) about the fictional Scrabble universe. That doesn't mean organized play is or is not something the majority of players care about, but comparisons to Scrabble (or chess, or most other traditional board games) are very weak. Wargaming is a hobby far beyond the game itself.