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  1. Already resolved this by email, but for anyone else with the same problem: group size must be set to 1 or more for a Deployment card to show the figure-specific stats.
  2. Linky? [edit] Never mind. Presumably this?
  3. No problem, it's been fun. Still some more stuff I'd like to do, though not sure when that's likely to happen.
  4. Non-weapon items can't be done yet, but they are planned, and will be one of the next things I do (when I get back into doing this). Companions can't be done yet... and I'm not sure when they will be. At some point, maybe. Sorry!
  5. Bitterman

    Game defining command cards

    They're two of the best 0-point cards, and you'll always need some 0-point cards. Nothing to do with melee figures either - the entire skill of the game is putting your figures in the right positions; otherwise you might as well just line up a netlist of the "strongest" cards, roll a bunch of dice and the winner shouts "hurray!". With positioning being so crucial, the one thing more than anything else that determines player skill, 0-point cards that help you with positioning are incredibly useful... I don't think saying they are game defining is a weird claim at all. If you've got a high-cost figure that performs an attack, then a special action, then uses Fleet Footed to put him out of LOS of the enemy, that can deny the enemy 5-10 VPs that they might otherwise have got easily. Or if the other player has kept Jabba or Sabine in their back field churning out buffs or Rebel Graffiti VPs, Urgency can get you in position for a shot you otherwise wouldn't have managed. They're potentially game changing, for no cost! I never start out by intending to build a list with these cards in, but basically always end up with them in there anyway; and I see them in most lists I play against, too.
  6. Bitterman

    Game defining command cards

    Oh, forgot Rebel Graffiti, yeah. Can't wait for the FAQ that tells everyone to set fire to it. What a ridiculous card.
  7. Bitterman

    Game defining command cards

    Take Initiative, Negation (you'll almost never see a list without them). Fleet Footed, Urgency (you won't often see a successful list without them). Son of Skywalker, Blaze of Glory (only usable by three very specific figures, but when one of these cards is played there's a good chance it'll win the game).
  8. Bitterman

    Forced Missions ... no more?

    No convincing needed. 😎 Just the time (and energy) to get it done. 😒
  9. I don't know. Why don't you write one?
  10. Just an FYI, a new version is now available that corrects some errors with translated text, especially on the Hero Sheet.
  11. Bitterman

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    Nice idea. I like that.
  12. The market might well be there for an expansion that brings something genuinely different to Imperial Assault for those who've been playing campaign since release. I thought some of the scenarios in Lothal were nicely creative, but it's otherwise undeniable that any game risks getting stale after a while. Wouldn't it be nice to fight as ISB operatives fighting against Wookies and Rebel Troopers, for once, instead of rebel heroes against Stormtroopers... again? Put it this way, what else is in the next expansion box (if they do another one - which I'd guess is unlikely at this point)? A couple of heroes, probably with some weird tokens in a desperate attempt to make them play differently to the dozens of heroes already available. Some non-hero characters of greater or lesser degrees of obscurity - though I'm not sure who'd really be excited to play as Flgghghglrl Wffftrttltlt, the third Ugnaught from the left at the back of a crowd shot in one of the deleted scenes from the Holiday Special. And maybe a Stormtrooper with a slightly different gun. Ooooooh! Alright, I'm exaggerating. There are still units that could be added to the game that wouldn't necessarily be completely obscure and that a fair number of people might find interesting. But is the market for that really so much larger than an anti-hero campaign, which would provide a genuinely different experience to any campaign that's gone before? I don't see why it should be. Still, whatever. I currently expect to see no more FFG content for IA. It still feels like at least a figure pack wave of Yoda, 4-LOM / Zuckuss, and Speeder Bikes would "finish it off"; but FFG seem disinclined to do even that, AFAICT. More (big or small) expansion boxes seem extraordinarily unlikely at this point, though I live in hope.
  13. Still amazed they've not done this yet.
  14. The app is good for a lot of people, I'm sure; but me, I like playing as the Imperial player (in a regular group of five), it's not a chore that I'm desperate for a computer to do for me (supporting at most four players). I'm not against them doing more stuff for the app, because the world does not revolve around me; but for me it's completely irrelevant.
  15. I'm pretty sure any future content for IA (...other than battlemats) will need to be produced by the community - I'd love to be wrong, but at this point I doubt it. I'm trying to do my bit towards making generating that content possible and/or easier...