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  1. New version released - just a mini one, allows creating Skirmish Mission cards for missions C and D. (@cnemmick)
  2. I did consider this, but decided against it. Perhaps use the Notes section for the list if you want to track this kind of thing.
  3. I'm a bit like that with the Game of Thrones board game. I own it, and the expansions including Mother of Dragons, and I'm pretty excited by the concept of it; but the idea of putting it in front of my usual gaming group and spending the next four to six hours trying to (learn and) teach it, all that time on just one game with just one winner, fills me with a strange kind of horror. I'd love to give it a go with three or four clones of myself; but that's not really what board games are about, and certainly not what my regular gaming group consists of.
  4. That's an interesting idea. At the moment, the Skirmish List Builder makes no account at all of which cards you actually own; filtering by owned products is something I do intend to support at some point, I just haven't got around to it yet. (In the meantime, if anyone desperately needs that feature, note that it is supported by @werdnaegni's Tabletop Admiral website, and the Skirmish List Builder app can import from or export to TA; so you can write your list in either app, then use TA to check you've got all the cards you need, and this app to print the list, for example). When I add support for filtering by owned products, I will see if I can find a good way to make it work for two lists at the same time. Until then I'm afraid you'll just need to be careful!
  5. Should be straightforward. I'll give it a go. As you note it might not be easy to make them look perfect, but I'll see what I can do. As mentioned previously, this would need two things: (a) FFG to release print-res spoilered (or blank!) images for every card type. This seems highly unlikely to happen. If anyone's able to convince them to do so, by all means give it a try, but at a guess they're more likely to send me a C&D for using their artwork without permission, than provide us all with a bunch of free artwork. (b) Me to have the time and inclination to take whatever FFG card images put out and make them suitable for use in the software, then go back over the code that's already been written and re-write it to match the new images... not quite as much work as doing it all again, but not far off. (For Deployment cards, which don't rely on spoiled artwork, this bit still applies - in fact even more so because they're by far the most complex card type). This is even more unlikely - when I'm in the mood for coding I'd rather develop something new, like perhaps a mission editor, rather than spend a lot of time and effort just to repeat myself. Bluntly, it's not going to happen. Sorry. If it helps, I've printed out dozens of custom cards, maybe even hundreds. They look OK, they're perfectly usable, they don't look as good as the professional cards of course, but lacking a professional-quality card printer, they never will, so there's that.
  6. Yes - this thread (and the links in it) are no longer correct - check the new thread for the latest version.
  7. Bitterman

    Yoda, Yay or Nay

    But no good ones.
  8. I feel slightly embarrassed to mention this, but... while of course I built these tools for fun, not profit, and hearing people say "thanks!" is reward enough... if anyone who is getting value from these tools really wanted to make a donation as a concrete gesture of appreciation for the work involved, it's now possible to send me money by PayPal. If you want to. Don't feel obliged or pressured. Feel free not to. It's up to you.
  9. Bitterman

    Yoda, Yay or Nay

    Why not both? An anti-hero large box expansion, and Yoda as an ally/villain pack, would quite happily live alongside one another. Throw Ally/Villain packs for 4-LOM/Zuckuss and Scout Troopers into the same wave, and it's done. Imperial Assault: finished. ...but again, my cynicism tells me we won't see any of it.
  10. Bitterman

    Yoda, Yay or Nay

    I don't expect we'll get anything more at all, but if we do, we'll surely get Yoda eventually - one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars. I just hope we get ESB Yoda (with the Non-combatant ability... "wars not make one great") rather than ridiculous stupid acrobatic lightsaber-saint prequel Yoda.
  11. New release available, with fixes (as best I am able) for the issues @Trevize84 just reported.
  12. That's Advance Warning, I think. Not sure why it's failing to get the image (it's pointing at this link, which works fine), but it is indeed failing (maybe because it's https? Not sure). I didn't notice this before because for me, I have the image in a local folder which I've directed the software to point at (see Tools --> Tools Suite Settings... for more on how to do this - I recommend it if you use these tools a lot; you'll probably want to grab the images from Imperial Assault Data, unless you happen to have already downloaded all the cards FFG have spoiled, using the same naming convention that I have for the Kensei folder!). Still, it's supposed to fall back on the generated image if the online image it's looking for fails, and it's not doing that, so I'll fix that in the next release. Thanks for reporting this. When showing card images, it prioritises searching in this order: Local Kensei folder, if configured and the card exists in that folder. Local Imperial Assault Data folder, if configured and the card exists in that folder. Web location that Skirmish Interchange Format says to look for that card (in most cases, the Tabletop Admiral website - Advance Warning is one exception). If all else fails, a generated image based on data in the Tools Suite. For Marked Territory and Pack Alpha, and a few others, FFG haven't officially spoiled the cards, so there are no truly "good" images available. But in those cases, Tabletop Admiral uses a blurry cameraphone picture because, after all, it's better than nothing! So where I'm going with this is: it's actually not something that's under my control. Your best bet is probably to send a scan or better photo to the guy who runs TA and politely ask him to replace the images for those cards (Spectre Cell is another one that's not great quality on the TA site, but FFG spoiled that one in a recent article so that could be worth updating too). Cheers for the feedback! [edit] Ah... didn't think of that. I'll fix that too, though a workaround would be "don't do it"!
  13. Yet another release (at the usual place) - this one lets you give Command cards a five-star rating in the Skirmish List Builder. This should make building Skirmish Lists even quicker, as you can see at a glance which cards you're likely to want to include. Hope you enjoy - I think this is a pretty cool feature, though it was much more annoying to implement than it really should have been...
  14. Bitterman

    State of the Meta 1-29-19

    I don't think that's enough, personally. For most people it'll basically mean dropping Extra Armor or Motivation, whichever they'd taken. OK, NBD. You'd still always, always take SC. The SC card gives an extra short-move-plus-attack per turn, and (assuming each figure in the list is attacked twice per game, which seems low) effectively an extra 12 Health spread among the list. A 12-Health figure with a decent attack would be worth at least five or six points, and that's ignoring the fact SC improves every attack made by other models as well. Seriously, imagine Spectre Cell looked like this instead: I reckon that card would get pretty serious consideration, wouldn't it? Speed is the only real drawback, it's hard to translate that from the SC ability to a figure. Now, alright, SC isn't a figure; but that comes with advantages (the SC card can't be defeated, the attack can be used by any figure in any position) and disadvantages (the SC card can't be used to take objectives or interact), and you could argue over whether blocks being affected by Pierce where Health isn't is more or less influential than the likelihood of needing more than two attacks to defeat Kanan or Zeb, and... OK, it's not a completely simple comparison, but it's not wildly wrong either. I reckon the real-world SC is worth a solid 6 points (definitely more than 2), so if I'm even close to right about that, Spectre Cell lists are worth 44 where every other list is worth 40. No wonder they do so well. (And, yet again, SC being OP is only one reason among many it needs to be nerfed).
  15. Bitterman

    Saska and e-Jawa

    Well, if it worked the way Jarema hoped (as a1bert pointed out: it doesn't), they wouldn't really be taking Saska for a single Scum figure, they'd be taking Saska to take an eJawa to take Scum or Imperial Droids in a Rebel list. Which might be worthwhile... if it were possible, which it isn't.