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  1. Hutt Mercenaries plus anything is broken good. Most of our missions when I used that deck were over before the end of round 3. In the finale, I won in round 2. Some finale that was. I won't be taking it again - it's just stupidly overpowered.
  2. OK, I've fixed it so it will draw the card itself in these situations. Download the latest version from the usual place and you should find it shows something now.
  3. Ah - I've realised what's happening here... So the tools suite doesn't actually contain any card images itself, with the installer. Whenever it needs to show a card, it either: shows the card image from a local folder you point it at - this is configured in Tools -> Tools Suite Settings... -> Options, it might take a bit of figuring out for you to configure it but you can download the images from Imperial Assault Data (the link is on the settings dialog) and point it at that folder, then use the "Check" button to make sure it's all OK; or shows the card image from a web link to somewhere else that stores all the images - this is (almost?) always Tabletop Admiral; or draws the card itself. Now, assuming you haven't set up the first option (most people don't, and don't even realise it's an option because it's normally not needed), it'll look for the image online. But, Tabletop Admiral (being a skirmish tool, not campaign) doesn't have any images for the campaign cards, so there is nothing to show for campaign cards! (Not sure why it doesn't then draw it itself, though). So for now, either grab the Imperial Assault Data images and set up a local image folder, or live with skirmish cards not showing up... and when I get a few minutes I'll investigate why it's not falling back on the third option.
  4. I'm afraid not, sorry. The editor, by design, renders the cards at the same resolution as FFG spoiled (most of) their cards in the news articles. Glad you're having fun with it though, feel free to share what you're coming up with either here in this thread or elsewhere on the forum.
  5. I've just checked this and works for me (this is for Deployment cards, presumably). What version of the software are you using? (You can check by going to Help --> About, latest is Sorry, not going to change this - partly because it's just not what it's for (clue is in the name ) but also because it would actually really complicate a bunch of assumptions and selection logic rules just by having those cards even available to view. I get why you're asking for it, but it's not going to happen I'm afraid.
  6. I'm pretty sure I've fixed this now (though still couldn't reproduce the crash). Try downloading the latest version from the usual place and see if it solves your problem.
  7. Just tried it on one of mine, and it's working for me. Can you please send me the file you're trying to open, and a screen grab of the error, to bittermanandy@gmail.com (or go to Help -> Report a Bug or Suggestion).
  8. Glad you're enjoying it. You're normally more likely to get feedback on cards if you show just the image, though (export the card as an image, upload that to something like imgbb.com, then insert it as a linked image into your post).
  9. I chose not to spend time on that, sorry, because the mercenary figures that are playable as heroes (Onar Koma, Shyla Varad, etc.) all had a Rebellion-branded Hero sheet. That seemed to me to make it clear there that would never be a need for mercenary Hero sheets. (Imperial Anti-heroes are an entirely different thing...)
  10. Glad you're finding it useful. No plans to do anything more with shapeshifters I'm afraid - it's too niche to be worthwhile, sorry.
  11. Yes, I did something quite similar (but a bit more adventurous) recently, and will be doing just this for all future campaigns our gaming group plays going forwards. We've played every campaign once, but that's covered less than half the available missions... It just needs the Imperial player to be a bit creative on the spot, weaving the mission objectives into a fresh storyline. Finished, clearly. Complete... not while there's no Yoda, Scout Troopers, Ewoks, 4-LOM, or Zuckuss, it isn't.
  12. Not campaigns specifically, but someone's made a map editor: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2289093/imperial-assault-map-creator-launching-now I also hope to add a map/mission editor to the Kensei tools suite at some point, which will be not dissimilar to that ("but better!" ). It will very much be aimed at traditional (campaign or skirmish) missions though, not interactive ones like in the app. But don't hold your breath: I have plans but it'll be a lot of work and it very much depends on when or if the mood takes me.
  13. Some minor bug fixes and new features, including a Suggestions tab in the Skirmish List Builder. Available from the usual place.
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