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  1. Thank you so much for your help! I could actually understand the 'how' of making a character finally. Thanks so much again! I look forward to expanding my knowledge into the more complex character classes very soon.
  2. We play a 'house rule' for the armor - we allow different pieces of armor to be used together - for example, you can have 1 shield, gauntlets, chest armor etc.. in play at the same time. This is just a house rule though
  3. Hi there, I have been reading and re-reading the character creation sections in the Core book, and yet I still can't make heads or tales of how to make a simple character. I have found most RPG's to be this way, splitting up the character creation process among different chapters confusing most everyone. I'm not new at all to RPG's, I have been playing since '89, but I just am baffled by the process in Anima. If anyone can 'hold my hand' through thisI would appreciate it. Thanks!
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