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  1. I just hope that all the app based games will be useable after support stops. Obsolescence is my biggest fear as a board game collector in the app driven age. I don't mind an app for co-op, and additional modes would be welcome, in my opinion, for short one-off adventures or when you've beat the campaign and revealed the surprises of the main story. +1 for workshop support! My D2e got so many more miles on it thanks to other's creativity. Wondering if the next volumes/chapters will be the same price, or if the hefty investment of chapter 1 will cover most of the basic components and we'll see some savings with later releases. (A completionist can dream, right?) Is it also possible that the app development costs got rolled into the game price? Just a thought. All in all, I'm excited for more Terrinoth, disappointed it's not 3rd edition, happy I can play solo or with others and can't wait to explore and discover while I get my mind off of the crap going on all around us this year. Happy gaming, everyone!
  2. I'm probably blind, but when is the expansion due to come out? My son keeps asking if I've found out yet - it's his new favorite game!
  3. Hi BenOverlord! Kyndrithul arrived late last week and is ready to wreak havoc on the heroes! Thanks again for helping me enjoy Descent even more.
  4. But, but, but... I haven't finished painting all of 2nd edition yet! And I still have 90% of IA too! *Cries in corner a little* Super excited for more Descent, though. Hoping for a reboot of Runebound as well, but that's what dreams are for. The one thing I've noticed with FFG over the years is they use their proprietary properties to test out mechanics before releasing "improved" versions for their licensed games. i.e. Descent 2nd ed then IA. I've wanted to implement many mechanics from IA into Descent to make it more balanced, but meh, time. I totally expect FFG to hold me upside down and take my lunch money with Descent 3, but I'm more concerned with the fun factor and if they will have great mechanics out of the gate and support changes BEFORE/AS they "fix" it for whatever Star Wars game they develop after Decent 3. As for Co-Op/Competitive - why not both? I was so excited when the Descent and IA apps came out so my son and I could play together - and not just have mean dad attacking the heroes all the time. (Personal gripe: Why wasn't there an option to play as the Empire in the app?) It would be cool to have a scenario builder for a Descent 3 app - I've benefited from the Quest Vault for 2nd Edition and had tons of fun with community maps. Alright, back to painting. Have a great one, everybody!
  5. I'll take one! PM on the way. Thanks BenOverlord!
  6. Thank you so much for your help! I could actually understand the 'how' of making a character finally. Thanks so much again! I look forward to expanding my knowledge into the more complex character classes very soon.
  7. We play a 'house rule' for the armor - we allow different pieces of armor to be used together - for example, you can have 1 shield, gauntlets, chest armor etc.. in play at the same time. This is just a house rule though
  8. Hi there, I have been reading and re-reading the character creation sections in the Core book, and yet I still can't make heads or tales of how to make a simple character. I have found most RPG's to be this way, splitting up the character creation process among different chapters confusing most everyone. I'm not new at all to RPG's, I have been playing since '89, but I just am baffled by the process in Anima. If anyone can 'hold my hand' through thisI would appreciate it. Thanks!
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