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  1. jmccarthy said: Lars said: ~well if we are condemning the LCG for wasting cardboard then we should start with the cardbaord inserts in every chapter pack that dobbler's kid sticks in his bike tires Hey, I like those cardboard inserts, leave them alone! Me too, they're the perfect size to use as dividers in my boxes. I'm trying to collect enough to sort all my Cthulhu cards by faction and then by type. I want to do the same to my AGoT collection eventually.
  2. LOL. The 99% of players with common sense are going to attach this to characters and not bat an eyelid about the missing reminder text, regardless of whether FFG says they can or not.
  3. Ok, I took a look at this card. What's the problem again? Is it that it doesn't specifically say it attaches to a character? FFG probably figured people would be smart enough to see that a card that affects characters should be attached to one, but I guess they were wrong. Personally I'm glad they didn't put the unnecessary text on, it would just clutter up the card. And yes, the art is great.
  4. I'd be sad if they didn't bring in Lizardmen. Even if they can't support a new faction, they could print some neutral cards. At least I have orcs for back up. Beware my greenskins, waaargh!
  5. I don't think they'll do that. They already annoyed people when they changed it from 4 to 3, and a lot of people will have sold off their 4th copies. Imagine the uproar if they find out they could have used them again.
  6. I wish they'd give us some idea. The mystery doesn't build hype for me, it builds frustration. I want to know whether I can spend my money, or if I need to save it.
  7. Its awesome to see you guys respond to feedback. I've never read the books, so the only flavour I have to go on is what I get from the game itself. From the flavour I've seen so far, house Greyjoy may be one of my favourites. I've been looking forward to the expansion, and I'm planning on buying two copies. I would have been happier if I didn't have to pay for the plastic thing, but you can't have everything I guess. I think alot of people would have been happier just getting the cards if it made the set cheaper. While the expansion looks good to me, there are plenty of casual gamers fickle enough to abandon ship (ba-dum-dum-tsh!) if another product looks like a better deal. For instance, I want to save money for your new Warhammer LCG, so I won't be buying the new Planechase set for Magic. Planechase looks really good, but Warhammer has more cards that I want, and I think I would get more out of buying it. Too bad for Wizards, but good news for you. The affordability of the LCG was a big reason that I chose to get involved in AGoT in the first place.
  8. I agree that its annoying when the "build around" cards are a 1 of. I had this problem with the Cthulhu LCG - each Mountains of Madness pack had 4 polar cards, which isn't enough to make a polar deck with. On the whole I love the LCG model though, and it saves me money compared to a CCG. Maybe its because I'm a casual player. I'll be buying 2 Greyjoy expansions, as I did with the core set. I've bought 1 of each chapter pack, so my collection has cards in 1, 2, and 3 copies. Somehow I can't bear having only 1 or 3 copies - I need some 2's for a smoother spread. Does anyone else get that? As for the spare marker, I have plans to keep a set of these for use, and use the spares to practice my painting skills. I've got 6 spare Cthulhu domain markers to paint first though.
  9. Hybrid said: I really hope this is not AGOT terminology. You mean "the only game that matters"?
  10. First Impressions? The game looks gorgeous and I'm very excited about it. My budget is already divided between Magic and Call of Cthulhu, but I'll give some thought to whether I can get into a third game. I own 2 Call of Cthulhu core sets, and I buy 1 of each asylum pack per month (most of the time). I'd probably do the same for Warhammer, so once I've got the Warhammer core sets my expenses per month for both games will only be £15. Magic is the problem, but I've been playing long enough to know what suits my play style. I think I could cut back on Magic and buy just the singles I like. It would feel nice to get into a game from the beginning - it sucks if you join late and miss out on some good packs. If only you could have packs printed to order in the same way websites offer books printed to order. Hey, I can dream. I've never played Warhammer, but I'm familiar with the flavour, and I like the sound of the Orc and Dwarf factions. Hopefully they'll expand the number of races in future, because my favourite were the Lizardmen. I know my sister would play if there was a Skaven faction - she loves them.
  11. These videos are first class. I've rewatched them a few times because they're just that enjoyable. Great job FFG!
  12. An online store here in the UK has a date of 15th August. Maybe you'll get it sooner, but who knows?
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