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  1. Awesome. I had been thinking some type of colonist or something, for a less combat-focused character.
  2. I have a player who's interested in playing a Quixotic Jedi in our new campaign, similar to the Quixotic Jedi of Star Wars D6. How would you advise making one? I'm allowing all of the books from all three of the games, so anything is possible. He wants to have very, very minor force powers, and be an old crazy guy who carries a rusty sword claiming it's a lightsaber.
  3. I've got an idea for a game to run at the shop. You'd start off the morning with a 3v3 battle of ground battle of Endor with Imperial Assault. You'd build a map with a forest exterior and a bunker interior. The players, with Han and Chewie on the team, would lead an assault into the bunker, trying to take down its shields. Their success or failure would determine the success or failure of the next mission. Next, we'd play through an Armada mission, where rebels are trying to attack the Death Star, again as a 3v3 battle. If the players managed to win the Imperial Assault battle, they are sending in fighters toward the DS, with each fighter squadron getting through adding points to the X-Wing game. If they failed, they need to get two squadrons to the DS for each 1 they'd have to get if they succeeded. In the X-Wing game, it would take place inside the DS's core, with the reactor set up in the center. The rebels would be attempting to blow it up, with the Imperial player trying to protect it. For each point the rebels got with ships getting inside the DS from the previous game, they'd get 75 points to send into the core. Thoughts?
  4. Can we, the players, just decide not to quest? Will that raise our threat? I had another player tell us that we don't have to quest at all, and that our threat will just rise by one at the end of the turn. Not sure which is true.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm brand-new to the Star Wars LCG. I've only gotten a couple of games under my belt, but I've gone and picked up the three expansions out so far. I'm interested in feedback. I only have one Core Set, so I'm making do. What do you think of these light and darkside decks? Light Side Affiliation: Rebel Alliance Objectives: 2 x Sensors are Placed 1 x The Rebel Fleet 1 x Fleeing the Empire 1 x The Defense of Yavin IV 1 x Mobilize the Squadrons 2 x Hoth Operations 1 x Echo Base Defense 1 x Preparation for Battle Dark Side Affiliation: Imperial Navy Objectives: 2 x A Dark Time for the Rebellion 2 x Lord Vader's Command 1 x Deploy the Fleet 1 x Death and Despayre 1 x Defense Protocol 1 x The Ultimate Power 1 x Kuat Reinforcements 1 x Imperial Command What do you think? For now, I'll be playing casually against my wife, but I'd like to begin playing competitively if I can find players in my area.
  6. I second a need for this one. Perhaps one of our talented character sheet designers can make one?
  7. Last night, our group ran into something: One of the guys was sitting on a traveling hoversled, and was firing. He didn't need to perform any maneuvers, so he wanted to fire two shots. There wasn't anything in the book for firing a couple of snap shots, so I just decided that he would add one black die for the first shot, and two for the second. Thoughts?
  8. Today over on my blog, I show how I created the first character I ever played in an RPG: A Force-Sensitive Smuggler (Scoundrel, Pilot). It's amazing how easily you can create exactly what you want within the game. dicemonkey.net/2012/08/30/from-concept-to-character-sheet-kibur-blastblade/
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