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  1. These look amazing! Could you go into any more detail about the making of them? What did you sculpt in and how did you cast them? Thanks, Sondar
  2. Well, how about getting the Serrated Querry to ship them some technology? Even better, when we played 'Rejoyce for you are True' Theodosia had to clean house quickly - how about he left some documents lying around that happened to link him to the Tradept Manus? That along with the missing people should make an excellent reason for the acolytes to be there, especially with a xenophobe, status quo holding Inquistor like Varrak... Sondar.
  3. Salcor said: Perhaps your company that is the basis for your genestealer cult was purchased by a Rogue Trader, and the new management is the people he "installed" into the company. Then when your characters break out the 'you have illegal xeno-technology" The company, through the Rogue Traders Seneschal can respond, "I'm sorry, here is a copy of the Lord Writ of trade. All of this technology has been approved by the Ordos Xenos." This technology would be legitimate, which the Rogue Trader had before his crew was infected by the genestealers. On another note, I love the genestealers and genestealer cults as bad guys. But you could also use the Slaught to fill this role. Perhaps this company was taken over by the Amaranthine Syndicate. The Slaught are intelligent to know that this world is key to the defense of this sector and if it falls they can spread carnage across the entire sector. The people that disappeared were replaced, and perhaps later in the adventure the characters come across the Slaught's freezer full of decaying bodies. Salcor Is that from 'Maggots in the Meat'? I've no idea who the Slaught are, actually. Thanks for the reccomendation though, I have just got the Game Masters Kit so i'd probably want to run MitM first though. Sondar.
  4. No, he left and moved away. We broke for awhile but we enjoyed it so much I wanted to start up again. We've played 3 more sessions so far - seems to be going well
  5. Yeah I probably should have mentioned - my acolytes have run already run Illumination and all but the last of Purge the Unclean so while they're not beginners they're certainly not advanced. I used to be their Psyker but our GM left so now I'm GM'ing. There's an assasain, arbite, scum and tech priest. Good call on calling the arbites - the arbite acolyte is always looking for ways to call his contacts in. Thanks again for the ideas, Sondar
  6. Hi, This is my first time writing an adventure for an RPG so I'm looking for some help to improve it, so I thought posting it here would help. I've included the outline of what my idea is: On the manufactorum planet of *, there exists several trade union type groups. One of the largest is Tradept Manus. Within them are 2 groups - one of them are radicals seeking new technoogy and new methods of doing things to improve efficiency and create new weapons to deliver and bigger and better tithe. The other are conservatives - believing in getting cheaper labour and more labour to do the same old stuff but making it cheaper. There has been conflict before - not something you want between two groups who produce vast quantities of weaponry and thus have lots of power. The planet is vital to the imperium and if it were destoryed would be devastating. Recently the management of the Tradept Manus has changed, and around that time there were increasing numbers of disapperances and manufacturing accidents where no body was ever found. Conflict began to reignite between the two groups when they accused each other of sabotage over the accidents. Sporadic skirmishes of troops began swelling into more open conflict. The Imperium was busy with a large Ork offensive and approached the Black Horizon mercenary group to restore peace, along with the local Arbites. There is now a tense standoff. Strange xenos residue has been found near the accident sites and the Inquistion wants the acolytes to get to the bottom of theconflict between the groups and the disapperances - which they believe to be linked. It turns out the new management are almost all offworlders, who are bery secretive. Some snooping in their offices reveals them to be almost never there. Sneaking into their property uncovers hidden rooms full of xenos technology. In addition the radical sub group of the Tradept Manus has been recieving new technology which they've been using to get one up on the other group. Actually, the 'new management' are genestealer cult - the 'accidents' and disapperances of Trade staff were organized by them to gain more minions, and after extensive facial surgery and induction were introduced as middle managers to implement their masters plans - conflict between the two groups to weaken them so the Tyranid splinter fleet could destroy the planet far more easily. The conflict would provide cover for their lictors and other creatures, they cut off the gun and ammo supply to the local troops making the planet easy pickings. The acoyltes will have to snoop around peoples offices and houses to gain details - were the new xenos shipments are coming from, who is ordering the skirmishes etc. Eventually this will lead them to the boss of the Tradept Manus or the Patriach of the genestealer cult. Thanks for reading, please give me some feedback, Sondar.
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