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  1. Hi, everybody! I've made a list of Necron ships for use in my RT campaign, and I decided to share it Here's the link - http://www.2shared.com/document/olo_N7W5/Necron_Fleet.html If you have any comments, be it good or bad, feel free to reply to this post
  2. myrm said: Nurgle is the VP god. You cultivate your high score regions for an advancement dial a turn (unless you get real lucky first turn and swing the second). Provender of Ruin is pretty important as an upgrade as you get points wven if you don;t ruin. Get your people everywhere to put the corruption down and don't be afraid of corrupting out your own high value regions (ie the populous regions) for the points. You only need one left for the advancement dial. You aim to score at least the second place points in every region that ruins. Thanks for help. I usually take Provender of Ruin as a first upgrade, because other upgrades imho are not really useful (maybe Power of Pestilence and Great Unclean One could prove useful as well). So instead of concentrating on 1 or 2 populous regions, should I try to corrupt 1 populous and several others belonging to Tzeentch or Slaanesh? And what about playing Khorne a little and let my plaguebearers kill their cultists? Could this work? myrm said: Defend yourself from Khorne by placing your cheap fighters that are as good at killing his people as his are at killing yours and half the cost. A few cards here and there to weaken the opposition warriors or toughen up your defence and its very hard to dislodge Nurgle. You have cards that are very useful for getting domination points as well and you must not neglect those points. In our last game I tried to oppose Khorne with a plenty of plaguebearers and Rain of Pus card. All I got was a total massacre of my cultists in this populous region (he had 3 warriors and a demon lord there), fortunately I was able get one dial advance because of Great Foul Consumption card which destroyed my own plaguebearers but gave me 2 corruption tokens there... But I wasn't able to ruin this region as I planned before.
  3. Hi everybody. Don't you think that Nurgle seems to be the weakest of all the gods? We've played a couple of games (mostly with 3 players only) and it was always Slaanesh, Tzeench or Khorne who wins. Of approximately 8 games Nurgle was very close only once (50+ VPs, while Khorne won by threat dial anyway...). Are there any tactics for Nurgle so that he could have at least a chance to win? I've tried to go for 2 dial advances each round - that was impossible. I've tried to ruin regions as fast as I can - Khorne kicked my ass by denying me a corruption placement. I've tried to be quiet and slowly milk regions for VPs - others were quicker with their dials... So is there any tactic that really works (at least sometimes)? By the way, I've already won several times with other gods, but I just don't see a way for Nurgle to win.
  4. Death world Karrik in Markayn Marches is inhabited. It's a chill place, frozen down to the ground, with warmer temperatures at equator, harsh nature, terrible atmospheric electric storms and a medium level of ork infestation. No IG regiments are recruited from Karrik, and it desperately needs food supplies. Still it has many human settlements. There are also a lot of ogryns on Karrik, approx. 20% of the human population are ogryns.
  5. vogue69 said: oh I live in Switzerland so I had to order from Amazon Uk, which gave me a delivery window from 22. oct to 2. nov. why did you have to order from Amazon UK and not from Amazon US? First one is more expensive and slower imo. I've pre-ordered my copy of Rogue Trader on amazon.com and they will ship it to me (to Russia) on Monday, Oct 12th already. And delivery by UPS takes three days maximum, so I will surely have the rulebook by the end of next week.
  6. Too much? I don't think so, my guess may be pretty far away from the actual rules of RT... But at least this homerule has "close to the truth" mechanics now.
  7. Wow, thanks alot! Now I have the idea
  8. Yeah, thanks, but i've surfed through this topic already and didn't find any example of combat mechanics that I need. There are some guidelines but I have to create rules from scratch at the moment... If somebody could post a description of lidless stare or more I would really appreciate it.
  9. A question for those who have the core rulebook: could you please provide me any info on Navigator's powers? I run a Dark Heresy campaign and soon my acolytes will have an encounter with a navigator from a renegade house... Knowing their monodominant tendencies I assume that this may end with a bloody fight (Navigator deals with Dark Eldar and PCs work for Ordo Xenos) I don't need whole statistics of course, maybe just some important things like Lidless Stare description or something else that may be useful for combat (maybe a mutation that gives any combat advantage, maybe another power or two!). Many thanks in advance for your help!
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