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  1. Um not much in the way of trades. Kinda sold almost everything I had. But this is what I have left to trade: Paul's Gi x2 Turn Thruster x1 Bloodline Rebellion x4 Quest of Souls x4
  2. Oh it's Tim. The Guy who had Steve Fox and won Craig's Street Fighter Tournament
  3. Wow thats odd. I managed to pull three out of one box. But out of the four boxes of Quest of Souls I bought, I only found one Together Again. I want three more.
  4. Just had the DC Regional Saturday. Any other regionals along the east coast happening soon?
  5. I'm looking for three copies of it.
  6. Mid attack, mid attack in to Oratorio Halcyon or Waterfall is your friend.
  7. +1 TripsEX +1 JDub Thanks for the cards.
  8. If there is fire in the next set, I really hope that it's the promo characters instead of the cards in the set. If they did that they could give fire a few more characters to play, and stregthen weaker symbols like evil, life, water, and air at the same time.
  9. MarcoPulleaux said: Weapon + Assassin's Secret Combo E + Finding Happiness E + (2nd copy) Assassin's Secret Combo E + Menuett Finding Happiness: running multiple copies for Combo purposes never became so easy. It really disheartens me that Taki has to suck so much. A lot of her cards require momentum, but as it's such a hard commodity, by the time you'd have momentum, you'd be using it for other purposes. Speaking of which, good luck generating momentum when all of your attacks are in your staging area . But otherwise, this card works really well with Loves Her Blade and Assassin's Strike. Made even better if you're a Chaos Male to use Need to Destroy. It's yo friend.
  10. It has got to be my new favorite card. Makes Tira and Meunette Dance so much fun.
  11. People really should chill out about this thing. Yes there are issues that need to be adress in the game, but us bitching about it is not going to solve anything. If Fantasy Flight wants to keep their game alive they will do something. Yes Financial Troubles and Rivalry With A Bear are a pain in the ass and something needs to be done about them. Stand Off can really screw both players over if not used correctly. I can think of plenty of times were using Stand Off has screwed me. It's not that big of a deal. As for Path of The Master, the card is perfectly fine. Yes most players use it to get a significant damage pump to kill people or just soley for card draw, it's not that bad. With the few cards in Mitsurugi's support, and the couple other cards in previous sets, there is enough to get rid of. My only issue with it is when you have a character like Hatta who enhances with a card like Defeated the Rifle, uses his react, then reacts of Path of The Master to draw. A little to broken if you ask me. And speaking of Hatta, that brings me to my next two points: Speed and Throws. The cards in the game produce to much speed, and there is not enough to stop it. We need a couple more cards other than the two that nerf speed. Also the second one is situtational because it requires the attack to shar 2 symbols with the character. But since most people run Path of The Master , the attack will most likely share two symbols. and for throws, We need a few more cards like Strange Fashion to help midigate the damage form them and characters like King will mellow out. I hope people will read this and think about what they're saying before they run their mouths.
  12. Hey I've sent you a couple Emails dude. I'm highly interested in picking some things up off you.
  13. Hey dude I don't really have Magic cards, but I could offer you some cash for a few things. Send me an email at blades0fbl00d@yahoo.com if your interested.
  14. +1 to JDub Thanks for the mat dude.
  15. Um I do have the the Hilde asset and the ultiate team to trade. Your copy of The Necommers interest me.
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