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  1. Yes about 6 months before Revan falls and loses his memory. 2 of the players are Jedi padawans that lost their masters in the beginning of the cival war. They recently became knights now and just met Bastilla who has chosen them to help with the plans to take down Revan. Another player is a Mandolorian who became a politician and has turned to the Republic. They are all in the process of taking back Corellia and the system around it.
  2. Kilcannon

    Another Character Generator

    So is the release out or just a summary of what is coming?
  3. Yes. I think they are just speculating now. I have a player with experience points to spend who keeps holding out for the book. I said you will probably be a dead character waiting since everyone else is spending. Tole him you can choose something else and we cab adjust later if the specializations are something you want instead
  4. Yeah very sad waiting for this book Rise of the separatists has a review on amazon even though its not out yet?@^$^@^!^!^!??????
  5. Now the Atlas has helped me a lot. Wondering if anyone knows where I can find how much each side has of military forces? That or do I just make it all up? I have a player who is slowly becoming a political/military leader and wants to have the info
  6. Kilcannon

    Pressure Point + Shock Gloves Question

    Yes. Know that. Like the weakness.
  7. Kilcannon

    Pressure Point + Shock Gloves Question

    Thanks. Was just making sure pressure point was considered an unarmed attack and not some unique attack that couldn't be combined. So a brawl weapon and pressure point attack would work well together for 2 weapon fighting since same skill and same characteristic. Just would be an increased difficulty for the 2 weapon fighting, but wouldn't benefit from paired.
  8. Kilcannon

    Pressure Point + Shock Gloves Question

    I have a question can a player do two weapon fighting with pressure point being the 2nd weapon? Obviously the 2nd weapon is an u armed attack which goes to a 2nd question. Can a character do two weapon fighting with a melee weapon and an unarmed attack?
  9. Agree 100% in their 1st and 2nd editions they had taken roleplaying to a different level. Mechanics always got morw crunchy as the editions came. The original masquerade background was great.
  10. I wasn't implying if White Wolf (or whatever they are called now) would be a good thing
  11. As a seasoned GM I also like the book, but this kind of book being released usually is the sign of a system being done or almost done with its lifespan or right before a 2nd edition of that system to get as much money out of the 1st edition as possible. Then add the release issues with other books including the Rise of the Seperatist makes seeing this book annoucement a slap in the face for me
  12. Not happy seeing a great system going in this direction. Before you know it we willhave a new system a different company makes...maybe white wolf this time
  13. Ehy kind of things did you or your players bring in? I'm allowing for events to change, but kept all of the big events upto 3957. So the Civil War is going on. Revan and Malak returned from the Mandolorian Wars as sith lords that broke free of the Sith Emperor's control and began their own conquest over the galaxy. The players all in someway were padawans or late teenagers in the Mandolorian War. Now they are fighting Revan's loyalist as 2 Jedi Knights and a Mandolorian turned Republic advisor.
  14. Kilcannon

    Suggestions for dps?

    Oops I meant wound threshold lol. Yes a soak of 13 would be great. But the tank sniper had like a 12 soak and 20+ wounds