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  1. There is only the gunslinger option to lower difficulty for two weapon fighting with light ranged weapons. There is no option for light melee weapons or brawl. Anyone think theyou will do or house rule it?
  2. Just wanted what specs people recommended. Not asking for builds. So thanks for ideas. The force is something that has caused issues because they had to hide it and got into trouble when in the Empire.
  3. Not sure if I'm missing it, but does cyberware effect strength in the force? Based on some other systems it did and in some past story info it did?
  4. I use enhance force jumps and let players just describe it as moving fast if they desire. Of course if described that way I let them ignore terrain still since they could have just jumped over with the power
  5. Yes just wanted ideas no builds. He knows he has the force, but doesn't have faith in the force. Believes the jedi were flawed and misguided.
  6. Working on an ex-assassin of the imperial order turned Rebel Alliance Fighter based on John Wick, but with the force. Looking for them not to go Jedi route, but use the enhance, misdirect, and sense powers to make them a better fighter, sneaky, and really good with a lot of useful skills. John Wick was a master with hand to hand, knives, and guns. Thinking Jedi Sentinel: Shadow, Assassin/Sharpshooter/ or Gunslinger, and Martial Artist or Marauder. Any thoughts.
  7. Just curious for my players of which books are still not in the generator if any?
  8. Nevermind foundit
  9. Wondering if I add a specialization from no disintegrations using the data editor for a custom specialization will it conflict when Ogg eventually adds it officially to a later updated generator? Just checking or should I name it something different so it doesn't conflict
  10. Is the latest update at the 1st page the current generator with latest books 1.8 or is that still 1.7? If not the latest where can I get the latest since the website link someone put on a page or two ago only has 1.7 and the beta 1.8. Just wondering if I'm missing something
  11. How do I get the 8.0 beta version?
  12. Even if it's fan made was curious
  13. Has anyone made any details for force awakens timeline?
  14. They are remaking kotor?
  15. I would say giving it the restriction one must take an F&D career which gives a force rating one and padawan specialization grants the following skills: Discipline, Lightsaber, Knowledge Lore, and Vigilence