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  1. Agree completely. As a GM I have no issues with a Force Rating of 2. Honestly just means they invested more in the force and are probably less skilled than in other areas. I have actually been giving all my players 3 bonus +1 to stats and allow the force users to use one of those on the force instead. Never any issues.
  2. I start all my players with three +1 stats that they can put in any stat, but not the same and can not raise their stats above 5 this way. One of these +1 bonuses can be used to raise your force rating to a 2. I have not seen any problems with this.
  3. It's coming out for May the 9th be with you perhaps?
  4. I just lost interest in owning it. Will preview it and wait till a player wants it. Fact is I will continue to run the games since I love the system. Already spent money on all the other books. Can save on future books since no reason to suport the company. If they communicated to us and not on an individual email basis maybe I would think differently. There is no cutting one's nose to spine one's face since I'm sure there will be a way to see and use the material.
  5. I actually cancelled my preorder. And remember I love the system. Will go to a store one day and read it at the store. Wont be buying it
  6. I know I'm gonna get a lot of crap for my statement, but FFG should lose their licensing for this mess or at least not get it renewed. They have failed their fans and customers. And it isn't about the people who got the books early. They got it and lucked out. I love the system, but this company as a whole has failed us. Not the writers and not the artist. It's like if Game Of Thrones season premiere was just postponed because they decided to actually wait till Winter next year to air it to pair it with Winter is coming.
  7. Does anyone know which ship this is? And if there are already stats for it?
  8. I was running Green Ronin, but my players didn't like the system very much, but love the setting. They love the narative system so figured worth the try. I was having each player have 2 or 3 characters and then I was going from two or three storylines where each had a character to give similiar feel of being in the books or tv show theme.
  9. Anyone work on a Game of thrones campaign setting? Just wondering so if anyone has worked on Warg players, white walkers, ect? I am converting from the Green Ronin system since I love the narrative system.
  10. One of my players want to play a character that uses Gun Kata (John Wick or Equilibrium). I was thinking of just reskinning Gunslinger's talent tree for Gun's Blazing and Spitfire allowing them to lower the difficulty for two weapon fighting with gun and knife and then eventually being able to hit multiple targets. Anything else anyone recommends for changes? Figured He would have to pair up the specialization with a melee specialization like Martial Artist, Marauder, or Infiltrator, and possibly a specialization that helps both like Assassin.
  11. Anyone work on a Game of thrones campaign? Wondering so I can have Warg players, white walkers, ect
  12. I would love a player in my game wanting to be a replica droid. Would run them as humans or the species they are potraying. If the species had some unique ability that couldnt be copied by tech then that would be their tell. I also would give them some.droid options that dont give away their nature. As for.scanners I would make it cost but they could have something built in and require a.deception check to get thru. I have metal.in my back. Always get stopped.in airports. Im not lying but if I.was I imagine a good deception could get me.thru. As for the skin I would allow stim packs to heal the skin if it is somewhat intact. The injury would still be their till repaired but at least you arent flashing metal. Just means double cost. One for the skin and anothet to repair yourself.
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