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  1. Great... difficult to store the cards once they're sleeved. ugh UltraPro storage to the rescue (again).
  2. Would find it more fun to have myself either solo against the Darkside with 3 Heroes of my choosing to go up against the Evil Galactic Empire. Or, have myself and 3 friends, each of us using either 1 Hero type or up to 3 Hero types and go for it ! To make a solid game... Have the Core Rules set, Deluxe Expansions can be either Planets (there are many, so divide them into parts of the galaxy. Star Wars The Old Republic does this best!). Then, come out with Adventure Packs (6 per deluxe expansion). Oh, I know... I am dreaming aren't I !? FFG.. you can still do this! After all, you've the Force on your side!
  3. As an owner/player of two LoTR LCG core sets, I was wondering, where there are both an FAQ and errata supporting this game. Now, would it be beneficial to have a newly updated core set made? Sure, it's an added expenditure. As a player of this awesome game, I would prefer to not have to "2nd guess" the game and feel I have to continually look up information to ensure I'm playing the game correctly. Plus this would offer a much smoother game play and feel. Without losing the overall satisfaction and enjoyment.
  4. Such talent!!! Amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing this...
  5. To be honest... I seen this happen while watching a game on a webcast. LoL I knew it tho.. deep in my gut that the dude ripped his opponent ! Bummer.... Hate dishonesty !!! Thank you for your replies!
  6. I have witnessed a friendly game. At start, both players draw their hand. I noticed that one player decided to use the mulligan ruling. Whoa! Wait a minute here... This player only discarded 3 cards and drew 3 new cards. No way! Did he just pull a fast one.. with the other player not catching it...? Ok, I didn't say anything for I didn't know the clarity of the mulligan rule. (*) My gaming instincts tell me... if I do a mulligan on my first draw of the cards for my hand... I am to discard the full hand. Not a selected few! (*) Well... hmm... now, what if both players agreed amongst themselves already that it can be for certain amount of cards and not just the whole hand? Then again... if it's a "regulation / tournament" game... I must go with my original gaming instinct (*) .
  7. I agree with richsabre! Keep in mind.. it's about survival. The ability to win is 1 thing.. the ability to stay healed and reach the goal of winning, is another. For that I have to add to keep your threat as low and stable. That in mind, the next focus is health for your heroes to stay in the battle!
  8. I know I'm reaching out here.. yet, I can not help but wonder.. Is there a possibility for a solo player to have a solid deck for all quests/adventures? If made up with the 'right cards', surely there has to be a way. I have yet to find the right mix. Perhaps, there is a great solo deck that may not win 'every' situation. And yet, does have the highest grade of probabilities to do so... Thoughts ?
  9. I have found that playing solitaire, 2 decks with which complement 1 another is Instrumental in taking down the evil.
  10. A good resource for this game that I found is @ www.boardgamegeek.com - worth a look!
  11. You are as new to this as I am. Nice to meet you here. I too, am in the process of getting to know how to use OCTGN and what files go where, and such. I should be on and running by this late afternoon/early evening.
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