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  1. you still need the gear, some skills wane in power in the second act and those that dont are expensive to get and use lots of fatigue. and of course the lack of coinage is not good for the uber spendy gear in act two making heroes suddenly weak against monsters that doubled in strength.
  2. i see your point on "before" and while it clears things up it makes them more muddy. an openness like this in the rules creates confusion and arguments at the table. just when i thought this had been play-tested better and used better language than first edition they leave things like this in and add the range for stealth. looks like this is another thing to go on the house rule board so it always gets treated the same.
  3. In this the termanology is clear that you use it after the attack is declared, but, before the dice are rolled. if the attack misses due to lack of range or rolling an X then the shill is still used and the extra die is still awarded.
  4. i am not sure about the use of stone skin caught in an effect of an attack on another. for instance blast is used on an attack for a specific space but effects all adjacent spaces, figures caught in the blast have not been attacked the figure in the center is the target for range and line of sight, stealth figures would take damage from an attack on an adjacent figure without the need for the extra 3 range. with the wording of the card stating the figure benefitting must be the target of the initial attack i do not see how it would work for others in blast or breath of fire. i am confused though on the duration of its effect, it says the extra die is added to the die pool, not added for this attack. this leads me to believe that it lasts until the card is refreshed. i may be off on this though.
  5. perhaps you would link to that discussion as my search for it turns up no relevant posts.
  6. the gold weapon FLAME STRIKE grants burn as a given and for 2 surges you may apply another burn token. how can the surge use for CONE OF FIRE be any different?
  7. as per the description in the rule book: If an attack by a monster or weapon with the Burn ability inflicts at least 1 damage on the target (before applying the effects of armor), the target catches fire. After applying any wounds that result from the attack, place a burn token next to the affected figure. A figure can have more than one burn token at a time. tell me then how you would think that you could not add more tokens by spending surges with this weapon? it is not a single use effect like the others you mentioned but an effect that inherently stacks like web and bleed, therefore since there is nothing specificaly stating you cannot apply this effect more than once it is a valid interpretation that one may.
  8. rules and FAQ have been fairly clear that if it is a surge expense to get the effect it can be done as many times as you have surges to pull off.
  9. there is no reason why multiple burn tokens can not be placed upon a monster from a single attack, there is a feat after all that places three on a monster after a sucsesful attack. though as antistone said it is better to deal the damage rather than add the burn in most cases. if it were a named monster i would probably add the burn tokens on an attack that has little to no chance of penetrating armor because the wounds from burn ignore such on future rounds, and they most likely will be around to have to roll for the tokens. yes it is fairly easy to remove burn before dealing damage, however, just is the case with frost as well and as an overlord i use them as often as possible, especially on tanks.
  10. thank you that is very helpful.
  11. My group are interested in playing this after i told them about playing it at the recent Terinoth event. my question is are there more than one print run of this game and if so which one comes with the promo characters? we enjoy playing descent quite a bit and feel it would be best to get the version with the extras for this reason.
  12. our group has all expansions as well and we put them all in together. cards from each expansion have markers on them for easy removal later if you dont want them in the decks, and it is fun to have the full compliment of treats for the heros to test their skill.
  13. just re-read the rules on it, and you are right, i can not find anything that implies only one upgrade per week for the party, just one per hero. i see no reason why the entire party can not purchase an upgrade each as long as they have the XP for all of them.
  14. i am not sure that it is possible to upgrade multiple times even with multiple heros due to the fact that every hero pays the xp cost of each upgrade and that makes it a party action, much like upgrading tamalir in RTL.
  15. i am taking it easy on my group in SOB and am almost 100 XP ahead of them, this with Kirga and his special anti spawn area of effect and boggs the rat in play. i averaged 23 conquest per dungeon while the heros got roughly 15. this was all before adding in TOI monsters and feat cards. normally we do not add new stuff in the middle of a campaign but they needed it badly. i have also sacked 3 cities and have been rolling on a stubborn one for 6 turns now. i am using the dark queen story line. i have been able to get an upgrade almost every turn since the heros entered their first dungeon. i am not going to purchase the upgrade that allows me to sack dallak as we want to try running till they meet my avatar. i continually am winning encounters with TPK and they are unable to reach my LT's to stop them from sacking cities. while i have two heros that i get no conquest for at the moment and the other two are currently only worth one to me i still go after the squishy wizzard and kirga even though he is outfitted with the best armor and a shield because i can slow them down the most. i do not even directly target them for kills but just to bog the rest down. in most of the levels we have played runners are worthless to the party and i can make it so difficult to get through an area the team gets split up and i can pick at least two off per level. they usually have no problem killing off a level leader even with the extra armour and wounds per level, its the bottlenecks i can achieve that is their downfall. the cage in one level helped, the river in another, it is quite a brutal thing. this has all changed however with getting further along in silver, now we are on the verge of gold and i have gotten almost ten conquest, and we are just begining the third level of a roumor, at -3 per hero kill. i froisted the tank, which usually is a worthless thing, destroying two silver melee weapons and his silver armour. when we finish this campaign we are going to sit down and try to fix the mechanics of this expansion to make it more playable. it might turn out though that all we get are the tokens and extra levels to add to RTL.
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