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  1. In the Frostmarch expansion rules, it states " only one quest can be accepted at a time, quests must be completed as soon as possible" What does "as soon as possible" mean? Does that mean that if i have one spell to start with and I receive a quest that says "Deliver one spell" . I have to immediately deliver the one spell I had OR Is it possible for me to hold on to my spell and get another spell and turn that one in for my quest. another example: Deliver two oblects or Deliver two followers is the quest. I only have two objects or followers, I don't want to turn them in I would lose power. Can I wait until I have more objects or followers and then choose which two I want to deliver?
  2. Can armor/helmet/shield be used in a craft battle to prevent loss of life?
  3. The spell "Weakness" can be cast as required and reduces character/creature strength by 3 for one turn. Can this be used after the dice have been rolled for a battle. A friend fought the Lord of Darkness, the result was a tie. He wanted to use "Weakness" right after the dice had been rolled to make it so he would win. My point was the battle is already over once the die have been cast. He stated it can be cast as required. Who is right?
  4. The_Warlock said: Character is overpowered, because the chance to level up is too great, but won't look that way if players are harsh against each other. Dark Cultist can be an easy target for Strength based Characters, but if everyone is going on drawing cards she will be fine. It's not easy to change the way of playing of an entire group; it's better to redefine some of the Dark Cultist's powers. This is true. It would be better if she couldn't take a trophy, if using her dark gift. We don't do a lot of PvP either, but like to play the character's abilities fully. Like when one of us is the Ghoul, we are going to want to attack other characters to gain there life or have the Sorceress beguile / take followers as much as possible. Assassin kill. Thief steal. Etc. So there are games when a lot of PvP happens but as a whole not really.
  5. What about having an Orc or Goblin be a character. They've got a troll and a ghoul. Also, what about an Ent type character or Ranger. Yes it is totally LOTR based idea, but then again if it wasnt for Tolkein, would games like D&D, WoW, Talisman exist? As for some more female characters. Turn some of the Strangers into characters like the Witch, Dryad, Siren, or Succubus. To appease the sexes. They could create male / female character cards for each characer. Same special abilities just different pictures. This is a potential Ent: You many not cast spells except command spell or have objects of any kind, including gold. Resistant to all spells except fire based and command spell and if he draws an object / gold or wins a battle against on another character may destroy one object / gold. When in the Cursed Glade , instead of movement, you can root yourself and heal 1 life. Once fully healed you MUST move. Always safe in woods/forest/Cursed Glade. Axes give +2 attack against you. Strength 6, Craft 2, Fate 1, Gold 0, Lives 4 Start: Forest. Alignment: Always Neutral. To explain how and why the Ent destroys an object. It's big tree that likes what he sees, but he cannot weild it properly because he has really big hands and gets frustrated. So, he eats / breaks it. OR Despises the **** of the natural world and is on a personal quest on his way to the CoC to rid the land of all mankind and his materialism. As for the gold, what use is gold to a tree. He can't have objects. He can pretty much heal at anytime, and can gain Str rapidly, so things like the Mercenary and Academy aren't that interesting. Yes, Craft and Fate are at a serious disadvantage, but that keeps him balanced with his other abilities.
  6. I agree that the dark cultist is a bit over powered, but in our group for some reason she has a really big problem staying alive in the beginning. Out of the 12 times we have used her she has been killed 8 times within the first 15-20 moves. Yes, it is the luck of the cards, but she only has a three strentgh and if playing with a group of fighter types, she can be easily taken over. Though she can make it psychic it is only a three again and not a great advantage in the beginning, while most that can make it psychic have a craft of 4 to start with. She also has to roll properly to get an attribute, roughly getting an attribute point a third of the time. Again, luck of the dice. Some games she will get powerful quick and others she will get a bunch of gold and spells. She only has one fate as well, so she doesnt get a lot of chance to change her rolls for her Dark Gift. In a sense she is properly balanced and being always evil makes it rather difficult to get her lives back. Though there are people out there that just roll good dice. If you want, whenever some is the Dark Cultist make them your target. Though I'm sure who ever is playing her wont be to happy with you. LOL. If you think about it the Thief is more a worry then she is. Taking any object they see fit if they land on you or in village, market, or market day can steal anything from purchase deck. Which if lucky, can get all the mules and water bottles making it really difficult for any character to get strong or crafty object wise or to stay alive in middle region. Because it just seems if your in the Oasis your going to roll a 1, if you don't have a water bottle or grail.
  7. Very cool idea! I'd buy that for a dollar. While reading through these posts I had a thought of a new card that could help store more Torc's and defaults closer to hand. How about a "Cloak or Robe of Many Things" . Basically, it is a cloak / robe that has large deep pockets on the inside that enable you to carry 6 torc's / defaults. Go a little overboard and make it like the concealed pouch. Though that might be a little too much.
  8. Dam said: Gonad the Ballbarian said: Where are people getting this idea that "lose a life" = turn ends? It just seems logical that losing a life would end a turn. Doesn't it? Regardless of wether it is an enemy or Leper or pestilance that takes it. I mean if losing a turn will stop you from getting following cards if more than one is drawn. Losing a life is more determental than a turn loss. I know this post is off topic here, but the rules do not say anything about ending a turn or not ending a turn when a loss of life is due to a non-enemy.
  9. Yes, I did mean to "Lose 1 Life". Sorry for the confusion. Thank You Talismanamsilat and Dam in your help clarifing. We didn't realize that if you had a stalemate that you didn't get the following cards. We thought it was only after losing 1 life, turn, or teleport. Well, two of us anyways. The other is going to give an "I told you so" dance.
  10. talismanamsilat said: A3: You must encounter the Angel first (lose 1 life), then the Devil (gain 1 life), and finally the Siren (miss your next turn, as there are no more cards to encounter). Ell. If I am suppose to end my turn immeditely when I die. As you and the movement chart states. Then why would I continue on with the Devil and Siren? All this small bit of confusion happened when we started palying with a new person and he got the first example cards of Imp,Storm, Runesword. None of the rest of us had ever dealt with an event card after being teleported or turn loss or death. That can be remebered that is. Can't recall much from first and second edition and that game is gone. Never played third, and at that time Talisman was a great game that we couldnt find anymore and was left for dead. Hooray for the come back Adding to this confusion is the Desert Space which has been updated to geting a card after you die. Which goes against immediately ending the turn. Wouldn't it be better to have the Board say "Draw 1 Card, Lose 1 Life or maybe it does. We are playing on BI Board and have penned in the small changes Is there a difference in dying to an Enemy and dying to an Event, Stranger, Place, and Space?
  11. Sorry, hit publish and wasnt finished! If I die to a dragon let's say would I still get whatever object he was protecting?
  12. So if you are teleported the cards remain and you dont get them, but if you die or miss the turn you still get the other cards? is this correct?
  13. When you have to draw two or more cards and the first card kills or teleports your character. What happens with the event card that follows? Usually the rest of the cards are not dealt with and sit on their space until the next person lands on it. So does that mean the event is put on the space and wont happen until landed on or does it happen regardless of what happens to your character. For that matter, If you lose a turn,die or get teleported on the first card do you get the other cards? Example1 : I land on Hidden Valley and draw the Imp, Storm, Runesword. The imp will send me away first. Does the Storm still happen and I get the Runesword? or does the Storm and Runesword stay on the board for the next person to get? Example 2 : I land on the Runes space and get the Marsh and Bag of Gold. I lose my turn first. Do I get the bag of gold or not? And if I dont does that constitute as losing the rest of my turn and I go again my next turn or do I still miss next turn. Example 3 : I pull the Angel, Devil, and Siren. I am an Evil character. So do I die and nothing else happens or do I continue and get healed by the Devil and then lose my next turn form the siren. Or does the Devil and SIren stay on space for next person?
  14. JCHendee said: Overall, I'd say you're playing rather fast and loose with interpreting those cards by "fragements" outside the rull sentence or paragraph rather than in full textual context. Your right it wasn't an attack it was a judgment call. But, it seems rather insulting. It could have been worded better. Most of the misunderstandings we have had on certain cards are ones that we didn't realize had an update to it or are generally vague in an of themselves. I do not have any problem with being critiqued and was fully expecting it. As for the Earthquake to make a little more sense. It is useful in opening up the board when it is cluttered and you do not have many opportunities to draw a card/s and curfew and closed shop have been pulled early on and were in a sense wasted because there wasn't any strangers or places to get rid of. I am not sure but potentially the orignal earthquake did effect the whole land. But that was a long time ago and that game is gone.
  15. Over gunned. What does that mean? If you dont like these ideas thats fine. But you dont have to attack the way I play thank you very much!
  16. We play by the main game rules. But we have made a couple of changes to certain cards. 1. The sleep spell now has a roll factor: 1/2 sleep for one turn 3/4 two turns 5/6 three turns or roll one die and sleep for that many turns. We flip-flop on which, both are interesting and can put someone powerful and ruthless or in the CoC out for a few rounds of breathing space or time to catch up to in CoC. 2. Earthquake effects the LAND not just the region you're in. Most effective at getting rid of all the crap that has trashed draw card spaces. If you can roll properly. Decided to do this when early in the game the Witch, Shrine, and Magic Portal were drawn as the first cards on the Hidden Valley space with closed shop and curfew already in the discard pile. 3.Horse Thief takes everybodies mules, horse and cart, warhorse and we include the UNICORN. If you're a Horse Thief, we think that a unicorn would be the ultimate horse to steal. The Black Unicorn is an enemy/follower and is given an attribute of Craft 7. The Horse Thief is an event without any attribute. So, we deem it as Craft 0. The Black Unicorn will win. The Horse Thief knows this and will not try and steal it. Being that the first sentence of Horse Thief is "A Horse Thief is roaming the LAND." At first it was misunderstood and we were having it take everybodies stuff. But then someone realized the next line "If YOU have a mule etc.." Hey! What can you say? These things can be intrepruted many different ways. This rule was first created to replace toned down Raiders, but then figured we could just change that card to. Hence: 4. Radiers card is converted back to stealing OBJECTS and gold. Combined with Horse Thief these two rules are very detremental and can change the balance of power and distribution of objects radically. Depending on when they are pulled. 5.Being turned into a Toad teleports you back to your starting location. At the bottom of the toad card its START is same as characters This again was a misunderstanding of the meaning and only until yesterday was it clarified that that is not what happens. But we like the ruling anyways. It is very effective of getting someone out of the CoC and down for the count for quite sometime, especially if there aren't any talisman's left. And, of course they have to roll a 1. Twice if they have fate. Using the random spell for this to take place. But it does happen. As stated these are simple changes. But they have made for very interesting games of power shifting that even the unlikeliest of characters has won. Including ones that have died and pulled new characters. Give them try and see what you think.
  17. Very cool game Cider. I am not sure of 3rd edition rules. You said your dwarf was in the CoC when he died to demon lord. But once someone enters the CoC and they die, isn't that person out of the game? Or are you playing it your own way and still drawing another character.
  18. Thank you again. Yes I did realize that it would be 9 minimum rounds after I had posted it. HAHAHA! My fault. But, dont you think it would be an interesting twist to toad to be teleported back to your starting point. Mainly, for the purpose of hurting someone so much in the CoC.
  19. I just noticed that when you become a toad. It's starting place is the same as characters. So you are teleported out of the crown of command minus your possesions and brought back to your starting space. Which means it will succesfully work at stopping someone from casting command spells and winning the game for at least 6 rounds; three of which could be very detremental or even not have an opportunity to get another talisman easily or at all. Instead of just standing in the crown relatively safe for three rounds. Is this correct?
  20. It says that animals and dragons will not attack you. If you choose to attack them do they get an attack roll against you?
  21. Thank You! Thank You! Talismanasilat and to all else who helped. I truly did not want to be a priest for three games. No offense to any of those who enjoy the priest. If it works for you great! Just not for me. Again, thank you
  22. Okay! It seems that we have come to an impass here with no difinitive answer. Since two of you seem to agree that I would receive my strength and craft though I still miss my turns and lose my gold . I will try and put it past my gaming buds. But one of you thinks I should lose all of it. Which means that there isnt an answer without debate. GOD cant any of these questions just be answered easily...HAHAHA. So I will just ask this. Q: When exactly does a Character receive the Strength/Craft for which he pays and misses Turns at the Academy? Maybe talismanamsilat can shed some light
  23. There are four of us that play. Usually it is a 3 to 1 vote in making a ruling, but this has us at a 2 to 2 standing. Here is the play as it happened: The Ghoul landed on The Acedemy and paid 15 gold and took 3 strength and 2 craft immediatly. Then after missing two of his five lost turns, the Minstrel drew the Earthquake and The Acedemy was reduced to rubble (and has it so happened it was the only card to be destroyed HAHA) Now my one friend stated that because it was destroyed that I should put back 3 of the Ghoul's attributes (my choice he said, mighty white of him) and that I wouldnt get my money back because it is tuition and is non refundable. This was not what the Ghoul wanted to here. Thankfully my other friend felt sorry for the Ghoul and took his side on the matter ( a rarity) The other friend took my other friends side and it was a evil debate that lasted a good twenty-thirity minutes ending with a very ticked off Ghoul giving up 2 craft and 1 strength just to end the debate and commense play. Which afterwards the Ghoul tried to land on as many people as he could and drain them of there lives and ended up winning HA! Who was right in this? Hopefully I am right, becuase then I get to start off with whatever character I want and get to use those 2 craft and 1 strength to start with. If I am wrong then I will have to play the Priest three games in a row. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, your my only hope
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