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  1. Yeah, they are good to have, but they are so easy to find, and since I use sudden death on most enemies it's not that big of a problem. I just have it in the book.
  2. UPDATE. Got a person who sent me pics of the backside of the original screen, so I now know what is there. But i still kinda wonder about if there is anything you guys would do different.
  3. Hi! A friend of mine works at a printing/ad-firm and will kindly print a custom GM-screen for me. Since I don't have one for Dark Heresy, that is what I want. The art on the front wont be a problem (so much great 40K-art is around as you know) but what should be on the back? My question can kinda be summarised as this. 1) What rules are on the back of the official GM-screen? 2) Is there anything you think SHOULD be there, that isn't on the original 3) How is the art/background laid out on the back of the screen? Don't want the players to be the only ones having nice looking carbord to look at Thinking about keeping it kinda simple, but not just one colour with rules-tables pasted on. As it is right now, I'm certainly looking for lots of the combatrules, since those are the hardest for me to keep in my head. Regular skillcheks ain't as bad as finding the right rule in the midst of combat. These are prime targets so far. Table 7-5 (combat actions) Table 7-6 (Multiple hits) Table 7-7 (hit locations) Table 7-8 (Combat difficulty summary) Table 7-9 (Size modifiers) Table 7-10 (Cover types) Table 7-28+29 (movement rounds and narrative) The fear corruption and madness tables take a bit to much room, so will probably ignore those. Not THAT many times you will roll them per session, and they are easy to find.
  4. Yeah, I know they don't HAVE to have connections with the church, but I think it would have felt more natural and like the PCs were doing acting rather than reacting. also, lorewise the church doesn't feel all that much like deamonkillers. Some priests might have those abilities/equipment, but that (as far as I know, I could be wrong) feels more like an exception than a rule. Hehe, I am however getting a picture if the PCs take a long time getting ready. From the wartorn city, a firebrand preacher emerges and unites a band of citizen whom have lost everything. A few thousand of them gathers and marches to the tower. The priest enters aaaaaaand..... well. What happens then is kinda open. Maybe the deamon convinces him to destroy the foul city by blowing the spaceship engines up. Or maybe he fixes everything. Or maybe it SEEMS like he fixes everything, but when the PCs come to see the future in part 3, their heroic arbitescontact (forgot the name) is corrupt, and the priest is an insane despot.
  5. Hm... maybe you have got a point. To bad none of the PCs are priests or have priestly connections. I will definitly think about it.
  6. Hm... I think I might have forgotten to tell ya that the storm that rolls in when the endgame comes messes up the communication. The adventure mentions that shortrange comms are down, but I've already established that sending off world messages are off the table. I also think the timetable is a bit short for off-world help, and I don't want to add to many new plothooks/persons. I'd preferably finish this adventure sooner rather than later. I have also played up the hopeless aspect of civil war. The deamon might be found out, but the Undertow and the nobles/Enforcers are at each others throats. My next plan was for the Enforcerers/nobles to persuade the PDF to use militarygrade weapons (artillerystrikes) on large parts of the slums. About then the black sun might make an apperance and something will go horribly wrong. Maybe the Undertow will retaliate by detonating the old starship engines powering the city or some such. I might have the deamon retreat to his tower, receed the storm and just wait while the enforcers keeps a watchfull eye, and the PCs can get offworld and/or call for anti-deamon help from their Inquisitor. OH! Flash of brilliance. There are canon of "blessed ammunition" and "blessed prometheum". Khan might have scrounged up a small handfull of ancient bullets/bolts with prayer-inscriptions from some noble, and/or some blessed prometheum that can damage the deamon. That, and have Specter Cell 17 waiting in the wings might be my best bet. Then they can shoot everything in the tower, and maybe have one final word with the deamon and maybe go with his deal, or not, but atleast be able to go offworld and/or contact HQ.
  7. Intramatesting. Maybe Specter Cell 17 can show up in dramatic fashion (rappeling trough the windows?), maybe stab the weary deamon, steal a piece of the mirror, and blast of in a flying vehicle. High cliffhanger potential on that one. And if the PCs take too much time getting everything in order, the same can happen. Sounds like a plan. Maybe the PCs can get themselves one or two psykers, but those will simply be overpowered by the daemon and turned on their allies. Im starting to get a feeling for the next session. But moar tips are welcome if anyone has them.
  8. Hi again! Im running the Haarlock Legacy, and have started with Damned Cities. My players are a techprist, an assassin, an adept and a realy scummy scum. tl;dr Skarmen is dead, the PCs fled and now have 2 pieces of the mirror, and they are (kinda) friendly with Khan who has the last piece. What to do now to make things interesting? Also: they cant hurt the deamon because they have no foreceweapons and/or psykers. What do? In short they followed the adventure pretty much as is presented, and vaccumed every piece of evidence they could find. The most recent development is that they have realized that Haarlocks Folly is at the center of everything. Unfortunenatley for them, they have confided some in Skarmen. When they started to realy sweep the tower I had Skarmen do a personelswap and sent out every non-influenced adept, and recalled those he held sway over in preparation for a showdown. The PCs found trough a super good roll a bug planted in their chambers, and they followed the lead to a computer/cogiator. Before they could realy start forming a plan, some of Skarmens men returned in their Rhino, and it was bossbattle time.It was a hell of a fight for the not very combatoriented party. They used their equipment and skills well thouhg, and hijacked the turretmounted heavy stubber on the Rhino and the techpriest shorcirctued and stopped the elevator (containing the last Risen). In the end they were beat up, and only a criticaly wounded Skarmen and the deamon still stood. I was pretty sure they would deal with the deamon, but even tough the deamon made some good offers, they were to distrustfull and pure (WHO WOULD HAVE KNOW!?!?!) and skarmen was killed. They had nothing that could harm the deamon tough, and when they realized this they fled in the Rhino just as more of the adepts returned. They luckily went to the Enforcers and immidieatly understood why one of Khans medals was a mirror. Some good rolls and roleplay and they now have the folly under barricade while civil war brews. I also did something rash and kinda hinted that the sun would indeed burn black (aka the Tyrant star will make it's first apperance for the party and if they don't stop the deamons influence the city will tear it self apart). Hope that works out. They have also twice seen/sensed the "predator-invisible" shape of one of the Labyrinthian Inquisitorhenchmen, but since the PCs are so weak have not had any other encounters than "being watched". So there you have it. They refuse to deal with the deamon, and they kinda have things under control. I don't realy know how to make the last session interesting. There is no real pressure on them. They CAN just gather some Encforcers, blast everything living (and/or risen) in the tower.... but then what? The deamon was snubbed (twice!) when he said that all he wanted was to be free, and even promised to never return to this planet so he will just retreat to his mirror and say nothing, since he has nothing to gain if they don't release him. They asked Khan to see if the nobles or some other force had a psyker to join, but I'm realy feeling that psykers able to combat a deamon... is not realy a good fit for the setting. They CAN make contact with the other henchmen, but it has not realy been built up to, and feels a bit deus ex machina. The weird thing following them (aka the henchman) CAN be turned into something else. But I do not realy know what. The deamon CAN also ofcourse do a realy desperate deal. Release me and I will do anything you want basicly... altough I almost offered them that last time. And thats about it. How can I turn the last session to something fun, and not just a slow slog where they carefully gather allies, assault the tower, people get killed by the deamon and then nothing much happens, since they can't hurt the deamon, and they can't hurt the mirrorshards.
  9. bogi: You have several valid points. I do however have some thoughts as to wheter it is a good place to start when the players are all new to DH. One the one hand there are all your valid points. On the otherhand they will not feel the lack of arms and armour to the same extent. I am aware of the slim chance of a Haarlock being in the party randomly. My take is that the inquisitor is one step ahead and knows that one PCs parents is not his biological partens. I also, through one players own choices, have a connection to the Beast House (the backgroundpackage from the Inq handbook), and I will set up a well thought of trap for the party were they can only surrender (or get a room full of knockout gas). Worst comes to worst I will just tell the story in "cut scene" format where they can't interact. Not ideal, but I think my players will enjoy it as long as it sounds cool/scary enough. As for battle... we shall see how the players fare. Since it's the first time we play we don't realy have a grasp for the powerlevels of PCs. mobs and gear. Haha, but I DO hope they invest in better dice. Fails and critical fails is realy common. "No sweat you guys. I'll take the shot. I got... 75% chans to hit" *miss* *miss* *miss* Greg: Sweet. I will check it out tomorrow when I'm less tired. I can say that WILL be borrowing your guy Massive tough.
  10. bogi_khaosa : I just used my groups inquisitor. "You are herby ordererd, in the name of his holy majesty, to go to Siphonia" And that was enough =) Great Gregorious! I will check them out as soon as I can. A bit late in the evening now, but i Got about 40 hours before the next session, so I will probably find some nice inspiration there!
  11. I try not to fudge, but a select few times I have. That is were a massive pile of dice AND a GM-screen comes into play. Just arrange one of the dice to show succes or failure, as needed for that rare superimportant event that still should be rolled, and roll another dice. Then just say "GOSH DANG IT! Why wont you guys die!" and lift your screen and point at the dice. Works like a charm, but dont use it to often. As for players cheating I would advice a straight talk to the cheater... if you are comfortable with it. Otherwise you can say something like "One of you, who shall remain anonymous, said that she/he saw another player cheat with the dice. So from now on we will all roll on the table were all can see. It's no biggie and bygones are bygones, but it IS kinda unfair to the other players. So... no hard feelings you guys? Great! Let's get your characters killed... I mean let's track down that deamonhost." Sidenote: We once played an adventure for the second time (not in DH), at it actualy worked out better / was even more fun, because we made sure to play according to our characters (no metagaming!), but could plan some cool (non cheesy) things to roleplay ahead of time.
  12. Alright. Thanks for the answers on 1 and 2. 3) I'm thinking that Damned Cities with a potential visit from the Star, followed by HoDA ofc without the Star, and then Tattered Fates with the star again.. and ofc ending with Dead Stars , will prove to be a nice variation of climaxes. I will just have to think a bit about if I can do the meeting with Haarlock a bit more interesting then the book. It IS a bit of an anticlimax. I think I saw a thread about it a few weeks ago but couldn't find it now. 4) I guess 1 appropriate armour, 1 main weapon for everyone, and the combat people will get maybe a sidearm and a melee weapon wheras the adept probably wont get one ... nor want one. And then do a similar version on a few pieces of gear. All suitable for the character, and the noble adept will get more / better stuff. I just don't want to give away TOO much sweet gear. I don't want them overpowered, and DO want them to still have things on their wishlist =)
  13. Sounds good. I'm a bit unsure wheter to start with Damned Cities or House of Dust and Ash. HoDA looses a bit of mystery if they know about Haarlock going in, but I think it's not that big of a deal. I thiiiink it feels better to go from Damned Cities to HoDA, since the connection, and the reasons to go there will be stronger. Also, I will probably let the players know that reason, and not use the subterfuge that Marr has planned. Marr brings me to a couple of questions 1) Is there a place to read more about Marr? 2) Is there a place to read more about the dying inquisitor Karkalla? Two more questions (thats not on the exact topic, but still) 3) Damned Cities. Why is there no threat of the Tyrant Star? It feels just ripe for it, what with the citiy going closer and closer to murderous rioting and sort of civil war. 4) The players are recommended to be about level 4 so that's what I'll do. Give them 2000 exp to start with (altough it's not ideal since they are new players and might get a little swamped with choices and powers). But... what sort of startinggear should they have? I don't know if I should just give them weapons and armour I deem fit, and let them choose a few pieces of gear, or if I should let them have .... 1500 thrones? Is that too much? I'm also thinking that Scarce items will be the limit, unless the item fits well into their character.
  14. Hi guys, I think I'm new here Just as 2nd edition is comming out I will start my very first DH campaign... in the 1st ed! Basicly I'm gonna take 4 players (1 who knows his 40K, and 3 who do not) trough House of Dust and Ash into the Haarlocks Legacy triologi. But since they are new I think that the survivalhorror, and the whole loss-of-control-factor, of the 1st book will be a more memorable moment if they don't play it as early plus that the world in book two feels more like a classic 40K place, so I can better get the 40K newbies to get a feeling for the entire 40K-setting. It will also give me time to make them somewhat acquainted to the dying inquisitor AND I always felt that the 2nd book is less of climax, so the coming of the black star will make more of an impact if it comes at the end of adventure number 2 instead of number 1 so to speak . This all being said... are there any pitfalls, plotvise or otherwise, I should look out for? It FEELS pretty straightforward, but I have only read the books like 1½ times each.
  15. To buy another box could probably be a good idea. Epsecialy now in the beggining. Sure, it does not tickle the old "new shiny stuff!" factor the same, but its cheaper then buying a box per house.
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