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  1. On the size Issue: I would prefer the ships to keep the larger size. A Cobra class destroyer is currently 800m long, if it was 800ft long it would be the same size as the Yamato. I just don't see a ship of that size being big enough. The rear third is engines and thrusters and in the remaining two thirds you have to have missile silos (torpedoes) a weapons battery (imo greater than Yamatos) and enough supplies for many months in space. Already it is quite cramped and to be useful to rogue traders you would need additional space. Crashed/landed captital ships have become basis of cities they would to be fairly large. How large is your CBD? Compare it to a cruiser about 3km long. I would also like to keep the fluff consistent between sources. I think the Cobra was 800m and the Lunar 3600m before the Rogue Trader RPG. On Components: I too would would like components to be more clearly defined. I would see Barracks being support facilities for a company of troops. On Crew: I would like a way to improve crew ratings, even if only on select areas. For example getting a better Navigator or better trained gun crew. Maybe each ship or component should have a minimum crew amount and you can't voluntarily reduce the crew below that. You may have thousands of crew on the ship but most are a little busy keeping the ship running to help out dirtside.
  2. I think in the background (going by my poor memory of course) that it was, but after the sector became more established it became less important. I think it was the capital or a major staging area during the agevin(sp) crusade. And since that height its population shrank as business (sector scale) went elsewhere.
  3. Marines have a longer shelf life. Assuming they are not killed in action, a Stormtrooper will be combat effective for 10-20 years? While a Space Marine, again assuming they are not killed, would be combat effective for 200+ years. Blood Angels have an even longer shelf life, but they tend to have other "issues", which is why they are not the go to design.
  4. Grey Knights have Hammerhand in DH2. But they are very similar rules wise. I agree Iron Arm would make a good prereq for your power.
  5. I would like to see organised play like they have in Pathfinder. A monthly short adventure that ties in to the yearly meta-plot (and subplots for different factions/Ordos/Organisations), and with a few big combined events. As a player you can take your character between different groups. But there will have to be certain conditions on character creation like there is in Pathfinder. +Characteristics will have to be done by points allocation +Hit-points and fate would have to be predetermined rather than roll (average result) +Certain Backgrounds and Roles etc will have to be modified or excluded +Certain equipment would have to be modified or excluded +Experience points given will have to be standardised in the adventures +Players can only get credit for an adventure the first time he doe it So I guess what will be needed is +First a catchy name (The Askellon Conclave?) +A Character guide that state the rules for organised play. +A registry for GM’s (probably online) to send their results to. +A registry for Players characters records (which adventures they have played, experience gained, faction/Ordo bonuses etc)
  6. I never get alerts for the 40k stuff either, even though it I have follow on them. It probably be a DriveThruRPG issue rather than a FFG issue.
  7. The three lasguns each side IMO can be used without breaching the environmental seals. It states on page 213, under Evironmentally Sealed, "Passengers and crew cannot fire their own personal weaponry from a vehicle with the Environmentally Sealed Vehicle Trait without first breaching those seals." The built in lasguns are for passenger use but are not the personal weaponry of the troopers inside. So using those lasguns will not compromise the environmental seal.
  8. I stand corrected. Foolish me I just looked up the Operator Skill and Weapon Training Talents. At least I was right about the Chimera armament and firepoints.
  9. I swear I read somewhere (a FAQ or something) about not needing the weapon training but I can't find it. Maybe it was from the beta? Anyway refreshing myself with the rules, the Operate skill does not help with vehicle shooting and is not needed to shoot vehicle weapons. To fire the weapons you do, however, need the appropriate weapon training or suffer -20 to BS tests. So most weapons on vehicles need the heavy weapon training and the appropriate weapon training specialisation. A wierd thing is that vehicle class weapons only require the appropriate weapon training specialisation and not the weapon training heavy specialisation. So a person with weapon training (Solid Projectile) but without weapon training (heavy) would be able to use a battle cannon without penalty but with an autocannon would suffer -20 to BS tests. Not that Chimeras are equipped with vehicle class weapons.
  10. Check out the Chimera entry on page 217 of the rulebook. Chimeras always have a turret. The most common and iconic is a multilaser. It also has a hull mounted weapon you shouldn't forget also. To fire a vehicle mounted weapon doesn't require any special weapon training, so a basic BS test. The chimera does have firing ports, see the chimeras special rules on page 218. The chimera has 3 lasguns each side that are for passengers use and a top hatch. The top hatch can accommodate a few people firing out of it, but the chimera will not be environmentally sealed if it is open.
  11. I hope the next edition will be card optional. I prefer to use pdfs, and it is a pain that the pdfs don't come with the cards. What do you do; buy the physical box and the pdf. The cards should be optional reference aids.
  12. I saw no announcement either. I saw your post and went to have a look.
  13. I have just downloaded it. It was a bit slow downloading though. Maybe go to your drivethrurpg library and redownload it.
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