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  1. Ubul

    Will Hyperspace jumps be useful?

    Nope, you will lose the game if all of your ships are "removed from the game". Ships in reserve are not removed from the game.
  2. Ubul

    A Question of 2.0 Arcs

    That is the key rule here. If the turret arc is facing forward, than it is also a standard front arc. So the answer to the OP question is yes.
  3. Ubul


    You can go over any terrain (including impassable) as long as its height does not exceed your speeder X value.
  4. Ubul

    2.0 Afterburners

    Yes, that's how it works for normal maneuvers. Note, that you can also trigger this card when you execute maneuvers outside of the execute maneuver step (using some pilot/ship ability or upgrade card or SLAM action).
  5. Ubul

    2e Torani Kulda

    It wasn't part of the attack. It said "after you perform an attack" in 1.0, that part did not change. Nope. In 2.0 it specifies "1 green token" as opposed to "all focus and evade tokens" in 1.0.
  6. Ubul


    May I ask what you use for thinning, and what is your thinning ratio (for airbrush)?
  7. Ubul

    Vader Crew 2e

    A ship with no green token obviously cannot choose to remove 1 green token, so it suffers 1 damage automatically.
  8. Page 17, simultaneous fire: That indicates that the "currently engaged" term means the ship who is currently resolving his engagement phase. Also, page 5, aftermath:
  9. I think you misunderstood the question. OP does not want to choose a "replacement action", he asked if he can try the same action again later in the round if the first attempt fails. I would say yes, he can try again, but I did not find anything in the rulebook that confirms that. FAQ needed.
  10. Nope. The Slicer triggers before rolling the attack dice. When you get to the modify dice step, the reinforce token is already gone.
  11. According to this definition, the attack in this case is not obstructed, since you ignore the locked obstacle when you measure range (since measuring range is part of the attack). Therefore no extra green dice for the defender, and Han Solo's ability does not trigger.
  12. Ubul

    Grand inquisitor ability and missiles

    The problem is, that you quoted the rules incorrectly, so you came to an incorrect conclusion. First, the icon does not say "missiles don't get a bonus" or "missiles don't have range bonus". The rule says that "range bonuses are not applied with attacks using those weapons". Grand Inquisitor says "you may spend 1 force token to apply the Range 1 bonus". There is no such rule as "no" overrules the "yes". You probably confused it with the "cannot" rule, which is not applied here, since the missile card does not use the word "cannot".
  13. Ubul

    Grand inquisitor ability and missiles

    I think he could. Ordnance icon does not say that "cannot be applied", it says that "not applied", therefore the ability of Grand Inquisitor overrules it.
  14. Ubul

    2.0 is kind of a mess

    Lando's pilot ability triggers when he performs a green move (or blue in 2.0), so he gets more value of the extra green/blue moves than other pilots.
  15. Ubul

    2.0 Vizier's Ability Question

    Yes, we are aware of that. We were talking about that case hypothetically, see Opsmason's post: '... if it wasn't for the "If you do, skip Perform Action step" clause ...'