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  1. Oh nice. This week I've painted, Vampires, Werewolves, Darkstone Scorpions and now working on the Undead Gunslinger Gang.
  2. I've been catching up on my backlog of minis to paint from the Shadows of Brimstone game.
  3. Luke had a force stroke. Nothing breath taking about it. I love the comments about how original TLJ is when in fact its nothing more than a re-telling of ESB. How did so many people miss that piece about the movie?
  4. I don't like this sequel trilogy primary because we seen it already. There was a severe lack of creativity in all three movies. If you can't see this then its way over your heads. TFA was ANH TLJ was 4 parts ESB and 1 part RotJ TRoS was RotJ If the Emperor can survive being killed twice in RotJ by Vader tossing him and the Death Star blowing up, he can survive this too. JJ made it the Palpatine Saga. Rey Palpatine is the chosen one. Sheev's bloodline survived and Anikan's didnt. Palpatine actually won after 9 movies. Rey clearly was made the most powerful Jedi/Sith ever because reasons and Force is Female.
  5. Thank you all for these comments and biting the bullet for the rest of us. I will avoid this movie and consider Return of the Jedi as the final movie in this trilogy. Anakin will remain the Chosen One and Luke won't turn out to be an attempted child murderer.
  6. I'm more interested in knowing what Disney's cut of the $4.8 Billion is. They don't get to keep full ticket sales. Over half of it goes to the cinemas when you factor in overseas too.
  7. Zeroh pumps out 5 Star Wars videos per day, he was bound to get a couple guesses right. His channel is based strictly on making Star War guesses based on every rumor on every fan forum site. I wouldn't buy into that Zeroh has any insider knowledge...Rian Johnson even made fun of him.
  8. I'm finding RDR2 to be a joy to play but as you stated, it doesn't hold your hand which creates a big learning curve. I really like the open worldness of the game and all the possibilities to explore, hunting, gambling, trapping, fishing, exploring etc. The Witcher 3 is an excellent game. The 2 expansions are great additions also. This is actually my favorite all-time game, with Baldur's Gate and Persona 5 right behind it. Some other excellent games for this generation are, Spiderman, Dragon Quest 11, Assassins Creed Origins, Horizon Zero Dawn. Most of these games are PS4 exclusives though.
  9. You must of been watching different movies then me.
  10. Having Phasma die three times doesn't sound like a smart plan outside of South Park.
  11. She's much worse. Boba actually collects the bounty on the Falcon and on Han Solo. Maul kills Qui-Gon Jinn. Phasma does nothing at all but monologue before she dies.
  12. "Worst Ship In Game" award goes to The Jumpmaster and it's not even close.
  13. Yes, I do realize there is a difference between George's Star Wars and Disney's. The characters are treated differently, the sandbox rules have changed, and the creativity or lack of it has changed too. Now if this is a good change, Episode 9 will most likely determine this on its sales. I suspect Phasma will return just in time for her triple death scene...
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