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  1. The question was answered here: http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29017-tournament-tie-breaker-question/?p=224501#entry224501
  2. So last weekend we had our first agot 2.0 tournament, 12 people. It was pure 4 round swiss without the cut. By the end we had a 4 - 0 winner, and three of us were tied with 3 - 1. One of the guys who organized the torney was one of us three. SoS was like this (simplified e. g.), player A : 14 player B : 13 player C : 12 He ruled player A as first place (in the tied group) , but then ruled player C second because he beat player B during swiss. Reading the tournament rules, it says that the head to head tie breaker is : If one player has beaten ALL other tied players then he gets advantage, otherwise it goes to the second tie breaker which is pure SoS, which would make player B above player C. So, if anyone understood the question, was the organizer in the wrong to have the tied players in the final order player A player C player B instead of player A player B player C
  3. Is Bara Kneel the best deck? Bara Kneel overpowered? Don't worry guys , Bara Kneel isn't destroying the game... How to beat Bara Kneel? "tons of discussion"
  4. What a comeback. It's must be physically impossible for you not to respond.
  5. Oh no. Grimwalker I would suggest you find another job not consisting of spamming forums 24/7 in your true basement dweller fashion. Point of the whole post was to show the funny typo in a non boring way. I know it must be hard for you to comprehend.
  6. Seeing you replied both here and on cardgame.db with the same woosh comment I can only commend you for your comical lack of sense of humor.
  8. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/9/16/winter-is-coming-1/ Mid-October release. Oh lawdy..
  9. A bit offtopic but when did you (Tiny) abandon SW Lcg? I used to listen to your podcast a lot back in 2013 , before I stopped plaing. Cool thing you'll be doing the same for AGoT 2.0
  10. Yeah but isn't that because there is always a delay after the Core hits before they start the cycles? Not something you'll have in future
  11. It's obviously a good business opportunity, seeing how popular the franchise is atm (thanks to the horrid tv show - yes I am that guy). It's literally the first thing I thought when the show took off, that this would be great opportunity for FFG to restart the game. On top of that, the game is showing it's age, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Now if only FFG would follow the example of Doomtown LCG and release packs every 45 days instead of a month, to make the tempo more manageable - it would be a perfect game.
  12. Ah right, I thought there was some alternative Littlefinger card or smtn
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