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  1. Are there any plans to expand this great game? I do like the idea of various Mission Packs, but this game has a lot of potential. Not to mention, some of the Characters included in Mission Pack 1 (General RAAM and Skorge) deserve their own figure. Not only that, but the game also has more Player Characters, like Col. Hoffman, The Carmines, Lt. Minh, I could go on forever.
  2. If there was an new Expansion coming out, what would you want to see in it?
  3. Definitely the L1Z1X Mindnet. Hopefully, I'll get an opportunity to try out the Ghosts of Creuss.
  4. I had made a Random Race Generator. Every player rolls a d20, and whatever race came up they were that race. On a 18 or 19 or if they rolled a race that someone has already selected, they would Roll Again. Only on a 20 will a player would be allowed to pick their own race. I tried it with the gaming group here, and they liked it a lot.
  5. itschowda said: Shadow said: Sabotage Runs game option. There's that 1/50 (if my statistics are correct. 1/10 to succeed but before that, 1/5 to get the chance to make the run) shot that someone can get lucky and destroy your War Sun outright without even letting it have return fire. My group plays with this option and every time there's a War Sun going against any amount of Fighters, someone will always say something along the lines of "Luke, you've turned off your targeting computer." or "Are you gonna use the force on this one?" It's a great option and it makes the War Sun tech guy going against the Advanced Fighters guy a really interesting almost cinematic fight. We've even allowed a house rule that if you're going to "Trench Run" that you may also bring one Destroyer to attempt a "Lando." Bringing in a Destroyer to attempt a "Lando"? I like it!
  6. Good idea. The main point, however, did come across that this is an interesting and fun game, and would be better once we learned all the rules. So after August, I'll try again but eliminate 3/4 of the options I had in that one.
  7. I learned this lesson two weeks ago. Try not to overload the game with lots of options. Although the options I chose fit the playstyle I like and while the group I played with are gaming vets, this game was completely new to them. As a result, the game really got away from me.
  8. I actually like the Distant Suns option, and looking forward to the Final Frontier option. I also like the Expanded Technologies. I like the Sabotage Runs, although it doesn't seem to be a favorite option here. The Space Mines are almost a must cause without them the Cruisers kinda lose something since all the other units can do something else besides shoot.
  9. This brings new insight. I'm used to playing a defensive style. I'll try all of the advice given to me in this forum and fill you guys in afterwards.
  10. True. I just feel that there should be more. Not too many, though. I was thinking maybe no more than 8. I'll have to play and see how to make 4 work. Personally, I wouldn't build War Suns. Too many resources to commit to just one. Dreadnoughts, however, are a different story.
  11. I love the new Mechanized Units, and the stats and rules for them are great. However, considering the amount of Ground Forces a race could potentially produce, is four really gonna be enough? Especially as you acquire more planets, you"ll want to defend the more important planets like the resource heavy planets. And in some cases, PDSs won't be enough. Does anyone feel the same way?
  12. I picked up my copy this past Saturday, and I'm quite excited to try some of the things out. Mainly the new races, new units, new tech, and the new options.
  13. I just don't like the idea of Mecatol Rex being claimed for free. There should always be some effort in defending it, even if it is minimal.
  14. Meant to add the Final Frontier to that list of always played.
  15. When we do play, I like using the following set: 1. Distant Suns 2. Leaders 3.Sabotage Runs 4. Artifacts 5. Shock Troops 6. Space Mines 7. Facilities 8. Custodians of Mecatol Rex 9. Expanded and Race Specific Tech. 10. Flagships and Mechanized Units The other options we vote on, and the first option that's eliminated most of the time is The Long War.
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