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  1. Basestar: I bought the 4" Titan model. It's about the same size as the cardboard cutouts, except 3D and obviously quite a bit heavier since it's made from pewter. And since it's pewter, you really should paint it. It comes in two halves. I primed both with silver spray paint. Then we painted it gray. And then we ink washed the model with watered down black to darken all the crevasses and textured areas. And then we epoxied the two pieces together. Vipers, raptors, raiders and heavy raiders: We painted the plastic models that came with the game. Prime them with a special paint for priming plastic. Gave each a base coat and then detail paint, and then ink wash for bringing out more detail. We also dry brushed dirt/battle damage onto the pretty gleaming white vipers. I followed these instructions: http://www.how-to-paint-miniatures.com/
  2. Atreides77 said: "Before resolving a skill check on a Crisis Card, choose the result (Pass or Fail), instead of resolving it normally. So is the ability used after cards are added, but before they are revealed (and counted)? Can it be used after cards are revealed? Must it be used before cards (including the Destiny deck) are added? I was under the impression it was #1, but others in gaming group would prefer #3 so here I am posting. Thanks! Page 16 of the manual lists the six steps involved in resolving skills checks. Boomer's power is to choose the result before resolving. So that is before playing the cards. We play by #3.
  3. I did mine after our first game. I guess I'm geeky like that too! Miniatures: www.geocities.com/Area51/Meteor/4155/thumbs/orderform.html
  4. Locutus Zero said: Last time I played, someone refused to tell me how many skill cards they had, saying they didn't have to. I always assumed this was public knowledge. It needs to be known to enforce the 10 card limit, plus it just seems like I should be able to find the number of cards in any pile at any time, including a hand. Thoughts? I'm not sure that you should be able to find the number of cards in any pile at any time. The rules don't seem to mention this one way or the other. But I would discourage card counting in my games. For instance, if someone wanted to count how many cards were left in the destiny deck or the piloting deck, I'd flat out say no way. If they wanted to know how many cards were in my hand, I'd say fewer than 10 (or 8 for the chief). The secrecy rules don't directly address it, but the spirit of the secrecy rules is for information regarding other players' hands to be vague.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Just to seal the deal, this is from Corey Konieczka: Yes, the token still advances, and the ship can still Autojump. I hope this answers your question! -Corey Konieczka Fantasy Flight Games Design and Development
  6. Hey there, just wanted to confirm this. The issue recently came up in our 5th or 6th game, and there was quite a bit of discussion. I didn't see the issue mentioned in the rules or the FAQ. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?
  7. First of all, this is a really great game! I just got it and have been having a blast. I saw that a couple people have suggested adding the Scar Raider to the game as a hero Cylon. I think that is a really good idea, maybe have it appear 25% of the time raiders are launched. Give it +1 to attack and -2 penalty to "unmanned" Vipers attacking/-1 penalty to piloted vipers. To balance that, I would add two Viper Mark VIIs. They would start out damaged (so someone would have to repair/rip out all the networking to get them flying) and would only be available to hero pilots (i.e. they can't be "unmanned"). They would also have a +1 to attack and -1 penalty for anything attacking.
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