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  1. wow this is making my life so much easier! thx to all the folks that posted and reposted this so i could find it:)
  2. Mgoines

    Ha! First!

    Simply Awesome! im speechless, wish i could draw two straight lines lol.
  3. Mgoines

    Evilscary's art

    really nice picture! love the stylised drawing form! good job!
  4. Mgoines

    Orc ambush

    lol! love this story even if it is in wrong forum. WTG!!!! man. you need to write more of these, please!
  5. Mgoines

    ikkaans stuff

    wow! love the crash site! was wondering if i can use in a game im running? this would be an excellent player handout for it.
  6. By the God-Emperor! I....Must.....Obtain....all.....of.....these! thx for the wonderful post! great to see whats coming out!
  7. i have to agree with the previous post. Good job im anxious to hear what happens next and i love the dialogue full of warhammer lingo!
  8. wonderful story! excellent writing that grips you and makes you want to read more! hope to see more from you soon!
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