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  1. No it's not worth it. It's not even sane, unless they're going to provide the final product for free after it's release. I would assume that a company would appreciate the value of having a larger set of eyes look for rules inconsistencies, without having to pay them. But charging them money, for the honour of helping to polish their final, for-profit, retail product? $20 may not actually be much money, but it's a huge slap in the face. Just my immediate gut reaction. I won't be paying $20 to test an unfinished product, and after this, I probably won't be paying for the final book.
  2. So don't make them fight in the dark. It's a warzone in a technologically advanced city. There are areas that will still have power, meaning street lights. If not, it's reasonable to assume that any large military force might wheel around generators and flood lights, or road flares at minimum. There are almost certainly fires burning all over the place. Maybe the moon is out and the clouds part way for that encounter. There's no reason to give them pitch dark -30 penalties just because it's night time. Also add in the fact that power armour makes you a hulking (I believe) sized character, giving +10 to any attack against you. I know that's not in the demo rules, but it's part of the full rules. Instead of shooting one round, make the horde aim. 65% right there (25+10+20[aim]+10[medium range). Even if they aim and shoot for the turn, it's a **** respectable 45% every turn, before range modifiers. If the challenge or situation isn't working for you or your players, change the challenge or situation to suit your needs. No reason to say they're pointless when you can give them any bonuses you want. Maybe they all broke into a storehouse and grabbed some scopes for an extra +10. Or maybe they upgraded their guns to autorifles. Same damage, just give them a full auto RoF.
  3. Argus Van Het said: House rules for a Grey Knight: Make a Tactical marine. Add Librarian characteristics and skills. Add a 40% shield to any psychic power used against them (the same shields as in Ascension, but since it's the armor, it doesn't stops working. Essentially, any psy used against them has a 40% chance of not working). The storm bolters mounted in the forearms can be made using existing rules. The armor should be a little better than the Mar7 Aquila of the demo adventure of Deathwatch (maybe 9-10 AP in the whole body), and the psy-weapons are just energy weapons which add the Psy rating of the wielder the same way the psy-cannon does. Done ^^. I don't think that your shield idea is not the way to go at all. Hexagramatic wards from Inquisitor's Handbook are much better. I don't think it's a good idea to start adding in extra stuff from one specialization to another, either. What's wrong with just taking a Librarian? They will be just as deadly. The armour should not be any better than the MkVII automatically. They should go from power armour to artificer or terminator just like everybody else. It's the hexagramatic wards that make their armour special. You just need to figure out a good requisition cost in comparison to the rest of the rules once you get them. The Nemesis Force Weapon can just be a great weapon force-weapon, and in conjunction with the forearm mounting there are no problems. All these things should have an appropriate requisition cost and shouldn't just be given. That way you have a character who functions mechanically as a Grey Knight (psy powers permitting), but is still balanced enough to fit in the balance of Deathwatch.
  4. oxrs2

    Shooting rules

    PlasmaBomb said: It's still 98% for the purposes of working out degrees of success, it's only a roll of 94+ that causes a jam (so that would be a 93% chance of hitting). Do you have a page reference in either Rogue Trader or Dark Heresy for that? We've been playing that the best you can ever have is 93% on full auto, and if you want the full 10 degrees of success you have to get 1-3 and spend a fate point for an extra degree. It would be good to know if I missed that and we've been playing wrong. Also, if you had a modified target greater than 100% would that still apply? It's been alarmingly common for our tactical marine to have 105% on a regular basis against hordes, so it would be good to know if he should be getting the full four hits 12% higher.
  5. oxrs2

    Shooting rules

    Half action aiming provides +10, full turn aiming provides +20, fate points can provide +10, the size of the target can provide variable bonuses (another marine is +10), a horde is variable based on size (+20 for the demo games), close range provides +10, point blank provides +30. The 40k RPGs are all about modifiers.
  6. Why on earth are people so surprised that your choice of chapter is going to be so important? Check out any interview, that D6G one for example, and it's obvious how important that choice is. Some items are chapter based, like the Frost Blade or the Dark Angel's robes, there are some psyker powers that you can only take if you're from the appropriate chapter, there are talents that are chapter specific. We've already seen some chapter specific solo-mode abilities in the pre-gen characters (Wolf Senses, Blood Frenzy, Stoic Defense, et al), Given all that, it's probably not such a stretch to assume that there is the distinct possibility that skills will be in that list, but I think it's more likely that every Battle Brother might have access to the same skill list, with an extra skill here or there based on chapter, and your specialization gives you access to talents that are unique to the other characters.
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