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  1. Greetings Admirals, I've been quite inactive with this game for a while now but want to get back into it now that the SSD has been announced and plan to catch up and collect the ships I do not already own. Anyway despite being inactive I still keep my eye on releases and whatnot. The reason why I haven't jumped back into the game sooner is that every time I feel like I'm interested in collecting/playing again, I see that the basic Fighter I packs are out of print and the secondary marked prices are insane! Has there been any word as to when I could expect these packs (which I feel are essential to the game) might be back in stock? Thanks!
  2. I would also like this but I wonder is a conversion kit really necessary? Since combat hasn't seemed to change, and he Mech units came with a stat card, why not simply use that stat card for Mechs? Mercenaries have their own stats and special rules printed on them already. Those artifact tokens simply give you a point as long as you control the planet its on... The only thing I can think of that may need converting would be those ambassador cards since the politics phase is getting a big overhaul.
  3. I for one like this mechanic. It means that your neighbors are more likely going to be your trade partners than a constant threat. This combined the game having a stronger emphasis on capturing and holding Mechitol Rex (new Imperial card) I can see games boiling down to 2 or 3 trade alliances vs. eachother.
  4. Several stores in the SoCal area have plenty of the reprinted Awakenings boosters. I've already picked up 2 booster boxes since their release.
  5. My favorite deck to play is eJabba / eUnkar. Keeping the opponents locked down by either removing his hand of cards or keeping him a zero resources while making so much money until you draw your Crime Lord is so much fun IMO.
  6. Yes I'm told that a Crime Lorded character counts as being dead due to damage, so a Crime Lorded character with 10 health means 10 damage in my favor.
  7. I'm playing a ePlutt/eJabba deck hoping to win by mill or Crime Lord. I did just find out that in tournaments if the game goes to time, whoever has done the most damage wins. I own 2x Vibroknife, 2x Vibroknuckler, 1x Slave 1. Do you think that may be enough damage to maybe have a fighting chance to win games that end due to time?
  8. Hello everyone! I just got into this game a couple of weeks ago. So far my purchases has been the starters, a booster box of SoR, and maybe another 20 or so booster purchased randomly over time. So far I've build a couple of fun decks and am working towards a Jabba/Unkar deck (so far just missing those jabbas lol). Anyway, I have a couple of decks I'm working on that I'd like your feedback on. The first deck is a Palatine/Tie Pilot deck and the cards listed are cards I currently own and I'm looking for what cards to get to improve the deck. The second deck is an eIG-88/FN-2199 deck that so far I have some of the cards for, but for the most part the deck is just theorycraft and I'd love some feedback on what cards should really make it work. Anyway, here they are: Characters: Palpatine Tie Pilot Battlefield: Moisture Farm Upgrades: Force Push Infantry Grenades Lure of Power Mind Probe DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol F-11D Rifle x2 Immobilize Rocket Launcher Now I Am the Master Force Speed Force Throw Events: Rise Again Salvo x2 We Have Them Now Aim x2 Sustained Fire Use the Force x2 Enrage Undying Loyalty x2 Support: Power of the Dark Side E-Web Emplacement x2 Supply Line x2 First Order Tie Fighter The obvious card to get for this deck are 2x Force Lightnings. This deck is currently limited on the cards I own, so I'm sure there is a lot of room for improvement. I would love to make this deck a mean as possible. Concept is simple. The naked character dice alone can potentially do 8 damage (3 and +3 plus Emperor's ability) Plus I love how the Tie Pilot makes it impossible to mess with my ranged damage dice. All this deck really wants to do is roll high ranged damage and if it flubs, then dice can be fixed with Aim Use the Force, and We Have Them Now. So far playing it I really like to have early Supply Lines or Force Speed so I can have lots of early supply which helps pay for things like E-Web and Rocket Launcher damage. Second deck I only have a few cards so pretty much everything in it is just theory: Characters: eIG-88 FN-2199 Battlefield: Starship Graveyard Upgrade: Holdout Blaster x2 Vibroknife x2 VibroKnucklers x2 Ascention Gun x2 Flame Thrower x2 Gaffi Stick x2 Thermal Detonator x2 Rocket Launcher x1 Z6 Riot Control Baton x2 DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol x2 Support: Slave 1 E-Web Emplacement x1 Infamous x2 Events: Electroshock x2 Arms Deal x2 Cheat x2 Scrap Buy x2 The purpose of this deck is to keep dropping weapons on 9 for the free rolls and replace them with other weapons so that I don't have to pay the supply cost, and IG can recover discarded yellow weapons when he rolls his special. There are lots of other ways to recover discarded weapons but the downside is there is no dice control for me or to use against my opponent (except for electroshock). I can always discard cards for re-rolls, which is fine since I can easily recover what I discarded. Anyway, your thoughts on making this deck more effective will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your thoughts!
  9. Hello all, In the rules sheet, it says a defeated character's dice are removed. Does that include dice rolled by that character in earlier turns that are still in the dice pool? Thank you!
  10. Nevermind, Just found and article saying reprints are expected in June. IGNORE ME!
  11. Hello, I've held back from getting into Destiny since it sold out crazy quick and the secondary market it outrageous. Anyway, yesterday I was lucky enough to come across a store that just got in a new shipment of starters and so I got a Ray and Kylo deck. I was wondering if we're expecting to receive a reprint of Awakenings boosters in the near future?
  12. The other day I was running the game for some new players who had a character that could choose between two skill decks asked what deck he should focus on for what he should be trying to accomplish I believe it was Leadership and Politics was what he could choose between. I honestly wasn't too sure on the difference between the two decks. Piloting and Engineering seemed pretty obvious too me what they're good, Tactics is kinda grey to me, but as far as what you hope to accomplish out of Leadership and Politics I'm just not sure. So I am curious how would you describe the main purpose of each skill deck? I'd say Piloting for doing cool stuff while in a Viper, Engineering for repairing damage, Tactics maybe for improving die rolls, Leadership (?), Politics (?), and Treachery for messing with Humans when you're a Cylon Leader.
  13. Wow this is fantastic! I'm definitely going to pick this up. Thanks for the find!
  14. According to coolstuffinc its 2-4 hours and requires 4-6 players.
  15. Wow... I recently bought BSG with all expansions and after playing it a few times with friends it quickly became one of my favorite games! I didn't even know the guys behind BSG did this nor am I familiar with the Android universe... I just liked the idea of of playing giant futuristic megacorps as depicted in Blade Runner and the Alien franchise... Now I'm definitely going to want to pick this up!
  16. Well Im back and so far I have to say Im really enjoying the game while using the Pegasus board and Cylon Fleet board and special rules. I would try Ionian Nebula but that seems quite involved and plus the other people Ive played with haven't seen the show so I don't think it would be very fun for them. Also I think when playong a 3-4 player game Kobol is just fine but Earth with the Dimitrius board is very interesting at 5-7 players. I'm very glad I decided to dive into this game... it so much fun!
  17. Oh well... I guess I'll just find out when my delivery arrives Monday lol!
  18. I'm pretty much 1 click away from ordering the game and all expansions. Im curious how does the game play with all of its bells and whistles? During my online research I've noticed that a lot of people tend to avoid the New Caprica board. Why do you think that is? Also, is there a mechanic that allows certain boards to come into play later as the game progresses or is everything laid out at the start?
  19. Hello everyone, I could have sworn that way back when the upcoming campaign was announced, that there would be rules for playing massive fleet sizes (up to 2000 points). However, I can no longer find the source. Does anyone remember this or am I hallucinating? Lol.
  20. My original box is overstuffed due to also having both expansions in there plus some mini boxes to keep a number of things organized... I am probably going to ditch that in favor of a tool or tackle box with lots of individual compartments to keep things nice and organized, similar to boxes I already keep for my Xwing and Armada collections.
  21. I am guessing since a player can only make 1 attack per advance order, the felt it was unnessary because multiple combats happening at the same time doesn't happen. Just my guess.
  22. I was thinking of picking up this game and what you say intrigued me. I wonder if I get the base game and all of the expansions, is there a mechanic that makes certain events happen in order of their appearance from the show? For example, can the rebel base star and The Demetrius appear during late game rounds or do they start on the table from the start?
  23. This list looks fun and has lots of theme! I'd love to give it a spin but I only own 1 TRC card. How would you recommend changing up one of the CR90's due to not having a 2nd TRC?
  24. Me and my group don't like mirror matching. When we meet up to play we each bring our own Rebel and Imperial fleet so we always avoid playing against our own faction.
  25. Hello everyone. I just picked up the game over the weekend, thankfully before this game is gone for good. I read through the how to play booklet and the rules reference, and didn't see anything in neither booklet that could explain how exactly ships work in combat. So here are the questions I have: 1. Ship to ship combat, meaning there are no ground units at all involved, combat works exactly the same? Or do ships count on doing "Orbital Strikes" on each other? 2. If I give an Advance order and I send ground units to a contested world and I also have a ship in the adjacent void space, does the ship add its attack dice value to the dice pool for the ground attacks? If yes, does this also mean my enemy can assign damage from his his ground units to my ship? 3. If during combat me and my opponent both have a mix of ships and ground units in combat, do all units on both sides count as a single army or do the ships and ground units fight each other in separate combats? Thanks in advance for clearing things up!
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