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  1. I 2nd that. Best buy in app. 1 year. I recently bought Winter tales and Star Wars X-Wing, but both games neither floored my as much as MoV did. A really great game, but i also think that the dashboards are unnecessarily thin, there are two few 10-credit-tokens and the solo rulez are...apart. but besides that, a fantastic addition. greetz!
  2. i 2nd that: if you have a hero with max. 18 hit points (14 from hero sheet plus 4 from brute skill), then you can have a maximum of "extra-death-rage-damage" of +8, if there are currently 16 (or even 17) health tokens on the hero sheet (16:2=+8 extra damage). this skill is killer with high-hitpoint-heroes. greetz. cipheron.
  3. hi folks, a questioned occured during our last play session of the quest "reclamation" from labyrinth of ruin. durik got the sun standard in the 2nd encounter. his wolf-pet later defeated a monster. question: if a hero bearing the sun standard defeats a monster "with" his pet ant not "by himself", do the heroes` then get a counter as if the hero defeated that particular monster himself ??? it seems to me that it is necessary that the hero himself deals the "death blow" for getting a counter. any suggestions??? greetz cipheron.
  4. well, thx for all the infos. i really like the new items. as far as i can see right now without having the expansion on my table, there are some neat mechnicas depending on which class do you play. cool stuff. hope the scenarios are balanced. greetz!
  5. well, thx a lot! i hope lor will be available here in germany in the next couple of weeks :-). i am really looking forward to paint the new minis after i finished painting all monsters from all previous editions and expansions plus some biggies from the d&d adventure boardgames used as lieutnants in d2. one minor complaint is the fact, that the amount of stuff you get has dramatically decreased in comparison to expansions like rtl. may be this occured due to the fact that everything gets more expensive as time slips by... :-( greetz! have a nice weekend! :-)
  6. heyho, any hints on the new quests please!? Are they similar to the first campaign in terms of scale/rulez etc. ? any clues on the new shop items?? thanks a lot! greetz cipheron
  7. heyho, according to a picture from 1agames` website (link: http://1agamesworld.com/1a-games-at-gama-2013-report-from-day-1/), the new Stalingrad expansion for TOI will be a new campaign expansion. now this are really great news! i believe this will something like the 6th german army campaign or something like that. i alway hoped for a new campaign focusing on german forces. we will see…greetz from germany!
  8. hi, i strongly support this thread. toi really needs a new faq, since there are so many typos in the last expansion, some of its scenarios are almost unplayabale. but i doubt we will see or hear about something new soon… and a new "official" mission editor is greatly welcomed, by the way…
  9. hi, recently i noticed the same. it seems to me that the cards were misprinted, a typo imho. we use the act 2 card for act 1 and vice versa. greetz!
  10. hi, you get 3 ammo tokens and can distribute among your wepaons as you dare. for instance, you can "upload" a single weapon with 3 (more) tokens or divide them as you want between different weapons belonging to the cog. by the way: at start of each game, each cog has 2 weapons and bolo grenades. it`s not possible to distribute 3 tokens evenly between 2 weapons, for i believe... :-) greetings and happy new year
  11. kaufschtick said: AnglePark said: RAF1945 said: I wouldn't mind them making one for the Pacific Threater. I agree -- Pacific next, please! I don't want FFG to pull a Squad Leader (Avalon Hill) on us, and never finish the series with the Pacific expansion. It really sucked when Avalon Hill announced a Pacific expansion for SL, then dropped the series in favor of ASL before releasing that module. As long as it took to release FotB, I'd be suprised to see anything else released for ToI. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see a pacific expansion! I just think we're looking at th end o' the line for ToI products, IMHO. hm, i second that. no support, no additional scenarios made online available, no new faq... puh... toi is great as it is, too bad the scenario editor and the player-made scenarios were extinctioned. fotb was rather expensive and seemed to be a failure for me, moneywise. so i believe there will be no more stuff comin up, too. but i keep my fingers crossed for a pacific or an ardennes expansion (or another campaaign expansion...read the rules manual for normandy, back in 2008, "future" campaign expansions were promised...and now were we`re charging right into 2012) greetings from germany! (and watch out for the hobbit trailer released app. 6h from now, hehe...)
  12. hi, we played this scenario two times. the germans won the first one, the soviets the second one. it seemed both times quite ballanced and really engaging. honestly, this is "the scenario" i hoped for when i first came into toi during june 2007: a large intense battle between advancing german tank troops and the defending soviet army. thanks ffg, bill and co. :-). greetz from germany!!!
  13. Hite said: Sorry, the guide is all I can part with. I need the rest of the pieces. no "sorry" please... i was just kidding *g* greetz!!!
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