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  1. Hi everyone, I'm obviously very late to the party here, but I only recently found Tannhauser and I love it. I've acquired all of the existing product and am having a blast with the game. I'd like to slowly add some of the great custom figures available online to my game, but I'd like to do it as professionally as possible. So then I need your help. What kind of materials should I be looking for to create the tokens and character boards? I'd like them to be as close to possible as the official materials. I have access to a good colour printer, so printing on regular paper or card stock is possible. But for the circular tokens and character cards...what to use? Is it pressed cardboard? Any tips or advice you might have would be really appreciated. Thanks!
  2. We played that you couldn't drop anything until you were at full load limit. The same goes for taking wounds. Once we hit 12 then characters started dropping their smaller treasures as they tried to escape!
  3. I'd like to see some deck builds with this too. After opening a box of Masks I was trying to figure out if this was something viable, even if just for fun. If someone has an actual working build please do post it up!
  4. Nice intro into the game. I hope you are able to continue with regular articles.
  5. It's a great game, costs a relatively small amount of money and it's fun. That sounds like a good game to me.
  6. I haven't tried the draft format, but I think it's a great idea. For the LCG games there are definitely some cards that are really killer. With such a limited pool and therefore a limited number of responses available to counter them...maybe making some limited to 1-per-deck would be good. However, over time those really powerful cards will likely become less so. I can't wait to see what the first cycle provides us with.
  7. Let's be accurate here... some people expect to get something out of investing in a game (beyond actually having a game to play). However, I think that for those people there are already games out there that can be played at a high tournament level where they can win prizes and maybe money. The LCG's model for organized play shouldn't follow that same strategy simply because it's a different kind of game. I've already paid my money to get the cards...why should I feel entitled to anything else simply for playing? That's ridiculous. All I want from an OP is a place to play games and maybe a framework for the organizer to make it fun and thematic. I play games to have fun. That's all anyone should play games for in my opinion, but I know that not everyone agrees with that.
  8. Hm...Hastur and Agency is not a mix I would have thought to try. I may have to give that a bit deeper thought. Thanks for all the comments folks!
  9. I was hoping for a short-story too, as I'm not a WHF player / fan other than for the game. The stuff in the Asylum packs is cool, so it's a shame that they're not doing the same for Invasion.
  10. I'm in Calgary too and really enjoy the game, but Great White is a little farther than I'm willing to go on a Monday night after work. It's the same reason I almost never get to play 40k miniatures on Monday nights at Chinook...I can't make it to the shop in time to actually play a game. I'm close to the core and usually play at Trilogy Gaming Club. I run the CoC league (runs every other Thursday), and the VS System league (which is moving to weekly on Friday evenings) in the New Year at Trilogy.
  11. I would put my vote on ©. If he has 5 cards...he can still draw because the condition is not met. He draws a card during his draw step, which then makes the condition true...requiring a discard. And the same thing for the second card.
  12. UPS didn't charge me too much, but I still haven't got my package. UPS f-ing sucks. I got the delivery notice, went online the next day to have it held at their shipping center, checked online again the day I went to pick it up...taking time off of work to do so...and it wasn't even AT the shipping center where it was supposed to be. It's still on the **** truck! As to to what I ordered...I think I got 4 or 5 boxes plus a few Mythos starters. I just wish I actually HAD it now. UPS is brutal.
  13. Hey all, It's been about 4 months since I started up our small Adventure League in my area, and have noticed that a lot of our players ended up using Hastur in their decks, myself included. I find that they just have the best utility in their cards when compared with the others. So, what is your favorite faction since the switch to the LCG format? I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on the subject. If you really want to go nuts, maybe even some suggestions for buidling a deck around your favorite faction. That could be pretty interesting with our limited LCG card pool.
  14. Thanks for the info on multi-attachments all. It's true that you can exhaust your character independantly of their attachments and vice versa.
  15. Yes definitely you're correct. From both a deck consistency and a competitive standpoint, it makes sense to maximize your chances of getting the best cards in your deck by including 3 copies of them. However, as I'm a fun-only type of card player, no matter what the game, I am unconcerned with having three copies of every card in the game, let alone in my deck. That's a fundamental choice that I've made as a player and collector of the game. That choice will differ from player to player, based on how they want to collect and play the game. If you're a member of a group that is highly competitive, you'll find yourself faced with a lot more people who've bought three of everything. If you don't keep up with them you may find yourself losing a lot, which can make the gaming experience less fun. I play with other casual gamers, so 1 of each product will be enough for my gaming enjoyment.
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