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  1. But now on a more practical note: Anybody a good link to nice hero character miniatures? Harry
  2. And then I read the post by Bakblast. and then I thought, I should be so fast and read first. READ the forum. Sorry. My post was more or less redundant (though I believe me idea was somewhat simpler) Harry
  3. Just off the cuff. BL already has its Hero's, we just use them the wrong way! Put the warcouncil members on the battlefield. Make them part of a unit. e.g. A rogue with a light infantry unit etc. He is also the banner bearer, meaning the last one to die. The unit keeps it normal abilities but is boldened one step because of its Hero. The Hero uses his lore abilities as long as he is alive. When dead his lore abilities are lost! The only thing you now have to do is find some nice miniatures. Harry
  4. When a good game gets out there is always some excitement, smart companies "milk" that excimentent, by installing forums, press relases, and udtaes and expansions. And then let the game die, because new ones are ready for release. Games Workshop was a master at that until gamers caught up with them and decided not to follow the Pied Piper anymore. Yet I still even play HeroQuest from time to time and still do hang on to Batlemasters and expansions. So what I am trying to say is, that expansions are nice but Battlelore (with Call to Arms ) is a nice game already. I can play it over and over, make my own scenario's and even my own armies. If nobody brings out official expansions, it is their loss, because I simply will spend my money elsewhere. Undeads can be bought in a lot of places and I am not sure I really do need heroes ( unless I want my warcouncil on the Battlefield and vulnerable to attacks, which to me sounds interesting for the moment) Harry
  5. Good point there, Actually the Bible is constantly being updated, a least here in Holland , though I guess it is more something like "Houserules". Anyway that did not stop the Dutch secularisation. As for Harry Potter, I still have them and do re read them even if no new books are coming. Harry
  6. Geoff, I do agree with you that, with all the noise in the BattleLore forum, it would be wise and nice of FFG to work on their communication skills. Strange for a company that is so good in its customer service (thank you Thaadd for sending the banners [and the CtoA cards, without me even asking for them], so quick), to be so loth to respond to remarks in the forums. I mean it seems there are moderators aren't there?. On the other hand, I cannot remember when was the last update to Chess. Yet it seems the whole world and Harry Potter is still playing it. Meaning in the end it is the players who have to do it. Harry
  7. I don't quite get all this. The fun of playing BL is not dependend on whether or not FFG publishes more material. Once you got the game and you start playing, and painting, and adapting and designing new scenarios, and new cards, and trying new armies (Undead?) and that can keep you busy for ages and ages. What is more IMHO a game system that depends on expansions to stay alive is probably a flawed one (Heroscape?) It would be stupid of FFG not to keep the system alive (extremely so) but they are in no way the decisive factor concerning my enjoying the game. After all years after Games Workshop abandoned Warhammer Quest I stil play it on a regular basis. So, what keeps a game alive is the players, not the manufactorer. Harry
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