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  1. The rules don't explain what happens with hero tokens and ties with threat. Do both players unit or how does this work out?
  2. Maybe I missed it, but Eye of the Deep should make characters gain Deep One Subtype as it was discussed eariler in the forums when it was spoiled, as even Nate said it was pointless having the extra name of "Deep One" on the cards.
  3. cannon said: MightyAtom13 said: Y'Golonac allows a player to pay one and unexhaust a character. It says "Character must commit to the same story as Y'Golonac if able". Is it permissable to not commit Y'golonac to any story and still unexhaust a character and commit him to a story. My interpretation is that if Y'Golonac is not commited to a story, it is not possible to commit to the same story, so therefore the character can commit to whatever. That is correct. MightyAtom13 said: And, by extrapolation, would it be possible to pay 1 to unexhaust before commiting any characters, then commit to different stories since Y'Golonac was not commited when the action was taken? No. Y'Golonac being committed or not is irrelevant to the action. When you trigger Y'Golonac, you set up a beacon of sorts that forces the targetted character to go wherever he is going. If this is not possible because Y'go doesn't commit, then your character is free to go where it likes because the beacon essentially can't be fulfilled. But if you can fulfill it, you must. Other ludicrously evil things you can do with Y'Golonac include: 1. Readying characters while not in the story phase and then doing whatever you want because the commitment effects only last for a phase. 2. Targetting already ready characters and forcing them to commit with Y'Golonac. The secondary effect of committing to the same story does not have a "then" clause attached to it, which means it does not rely on the first sentence completing successfully in order to work. The readying fails, but the beacon still works. How is that correct, according to the "If able" clause you need to be able to do the entire action sucessfully or you cant do it at all. A question I do have with it is... Story Phase: *Actions may be taken (do nothing) * You avtice player commit characters to stories ( Y'Golonac goes up) *Actions may be taken (do nothing) *Opponent (non active player ) commits characters to stories to oppose yours. *Actions may be taken Now at the last action phase before stories are resolved, can you use Y'Golonac 's Action to bring up Ravenger of the Deep? I was Informed before that each player only gets one phase to commit but this Action seems to break those rules or am I wrong?
  4. Hi, I was thinking about getting into this game but I want to be able to read the stats on the character cards. I saw that this site http://phildeb.wordpress.com/ has some of them but I think they only have cards of the first set and not ones released later.. Does anyone know/ have stats of the other characters? OR if anyone has theese ones, they are what im very interested in but want to know what they do first: Ophiel, Fallen Angel Dinah, High Arbiter Alastor , High Saint Elienai, Kirsten, Nero, Lilian Virgil, Danielle Maris
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