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  1. I was very, very excited at your announcement of your partnership with Marvel and the Marvel champions LCG. What I would love to know, as an avid role player is, are there any plans for a Marvel Rpg from FFG and the other thing that would get me very excited would be confirming that you will be using the fantastic four in the Marvel champions LCG.
  2. Thanks Rational, it's how I read it as well but I wanted to make sure.
  3. In the suns of fortune book it states on page 93 under special abilities that Corellians begin the game with 1 rank in piloting (space) or 1 rank in piloting (planetary) because Corelluans are exceptional pilots and grow up handling swoops airspeeders and spacecraftfrom a young age, they may train piloting up to 3 ranks during character creation. Does that mean you can train both space and planetary up to 3 ranks or just the skill that you put the free 1 rank in at the start?
  4. Roughly about 4 years ago I brought a game called risk express, it's a dice game based on risk. I noticed age of war played similar and decided to compare them. Everything about this game is exactly the same as risk express, only the symbols have changed.
  5. I'm interested in the machines. I'm getting excited about the idea of basically, playing terminator. The aliens one is intriguing as well, a light hearted mars attacks game would be great.
  6. My suggestion seems a bit radical, seeing as I'm posting on an ffg forum but here goes: if the party wants to just play murder hobos with no consequences then buy a copy of paranoia, in my opinion it would sound like a perfect game for them. The other suggestion is that if you want the group to play a game without a lot of combat but if they try to indulge themselves in combat then you need a game where there are consequences to their lives, the game that does that job, in my opinion is shadowrun. Do some homework on these systems and see what you think is best for your group.
  7. In our edge of the empire game my Corellian pilot is named Tanisander Fellswoop. I know it's quite long winded but I think it sounds like he belongs in the star wars universe.
  8. jacksladd

    Android rpg?

    I agree deen. If anyone is listening at ffg please can you make this game a reality and make sure mine and deen's group help with play testing please.
  9. jacksladd

    Android rpg?

    I'm really surprised that ffg haven't already either announced or are considered an android rpg. If there's going to be one I would like to forward myself and my group as playtesters.
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