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  1. Major Malfunction said: DoomOnYou72 said: He has received the pics. Paolo is actually pretty cool and helpful. On a related note is there anyone out there with some photoshop or gimp skills that would like to make cards for the Dust Models kits? Paolo was also intersted in those cards being made and said he would provide pics. I'll bite. I have Gimp. Is Paolo going to provide stats or we just going to wing it? Dammit guys! Now I have to pick up more overtime to afford Red Cossack, Nachtjager, and Recon Mickey! Bastar… (sorry, wrong forum).
  2. Very nice! I'd weather it up, but that's just because I prefer to think of my units as hard-core veterans of multiple campaigns. But hey, even hard-core types will take a brand new walker off the assembly line if given one, so to each their own.
  3. felkor said: I would play that the centre of the base has to be within the arc. Otherwise the arc ends up being less than 90 degrees, and as you mentioned, it doesn't work well if you're only moving a very small distance (the rule should still work even if you're only moving half an inch, and in that case, you'd have to go by the centre of the base.) Duh! Why didn't I think of that? Too many years recently plaing games where all measurement is from edge of base, not center. This is perfect, and how our dojo will play it from now on! Thanks for the eye-opener Felkor!
  4. I still like them. I'm in the minority of folks who play them, even handicapped as they are. But yeah, when compared to phasers, they need fixing. I like your idea WK. But here's another thought… Allies have rocket punches that hit on blanks. Why not lasers? But only vs infantry, and either no rerolls, or rerolls only hit on bullseyes.
  5. Warboss Krag said: Woo hoo! Captain Koshka, bless her curvy little body, is now the all-in-one Hero of the State! Yes indeed she is.
  6. ItsUncertainWho said: Drag0n said: Seems to me that Gorillaz+Markus can counter-measure for Hammers as they have same great speed and no problem with suppression, huh? Jump troops have a slight advantage, they can ignore 9" of height during a jump. The Apes only get to ignore 6" with climb. And Gorillas can be reacted to on the move. Close in, and Hammers can choose, attack you first, or just jump away. As others have said, just keep as much fire on them as possible, or use bait. I prefer giving them a target they can't resist, then tearing them up with a counter attack.
  7. I'll only say a few things on this issue. It is the only weapon in the game which has grenade in its title but doesn't have the grenade rule. Spray attacks used to ignore cover in the first rule-write (see the text on Nebelwerfer). Those two things combined lead me to believe the Grenatwerfer was supposed to have cover-ignoring capabilities. As far as it being a cheat, I don't recall in at least 30 games of using it, ever once having killed anything with its Artillery strike. Exchanging 2 actions for a 66.67% chance at my opponent losing 1 action doesn't strike me as cheating. Allies and SSU having some type if cover-ignoring weapon on 80% of their units (UGL's, Grenades, Molotov's, Flame & Sulfer weapons), and Allies Phasers ignoring Armor on the other hand… BTW, I play all 3 factions. And if the title of the weapon or the Spray rule hadn't left evidence if how it was before it got split into 3 rules (spray, burst, and grenade), I'd not even consider it an issue. But as it stands now, I'm **** curious what the intent was.
  8. For a first event, I'd probably go either 150 or 200 AP. 150 if you think multiple platoons and/or heroes might cause heartburn for the less experienced players. 200 if you think most players have 2 heroes and/or two command squads. If you get more than 8 players, which it sounds likely you will, it'll go at least 3 rounds, and probably 4. At 300 AP, it'll take a long time. As far as the fortifications and upgrades, I'd let folks play them who want to, but at 150-200 AP, most won't play many of them, and the ones they do are likely to be the more common ones, so that'll sort itself out at the lower point levels. To keep it fun and loosey-goosey, I'd probably buy a mixed bag of mini candy-bars and make some frivolous awards where you can toss a, "crunch" bar at someone who got a multi-wound model or entire unit one-shotted, a "snickers" bar at players laughing at their dice, a "100 grand" bar at a player who had a model or unit do all the heavy lifting for a game (my SSU mechanic was "money" last weekend in a game where he single-handedly took out a Pounder and a command squad), a "Milky Way" to a guy who rolls crap on the first roll of a Sustained Attack, but then milks the dice into a good roll on the reroll, or a laser attack that more than half the dice that hit, hit again, etc. I've done similar things in the past. It's cheap, easy to do, and I've gotten good response in the past. By the second round, players are coming up with other creative ways to obtain a candy of their choice, and lots of laughs ensue. As always, ymmv, but it works great in my dojo.
  9. Actually, the "argument" was 2 months dead until your "wall of text" necromancy. Please people, if it's over 30 days old, leave it alone or, if you must, start a new thread with your slant on the topic. Just be aware that if nobody has posted there for 30 days, the community either resolved the topic already, or became exasperated enough with it to let it lie in a state of, "agree to disagree" so we can discuss something of new relevance/interest.
  10. Seblys said: Great cards guys, is there any chance of the last few remaining SSU units being done though? Last I heard, he's waiting on pictures for them. @ KevinBakon - Did Paolo get back from cons and get you the pics on FB yet?
  11. felkor said: If suppression is received during a unit's activation, it does not affect that activation. This is correct, and becomes an even more important concept during a combo move/shoot action where your opponent shoots you as a reaction to your first action. You still get your second action even if their reactive shooting causes you to gain a suppression marker. Page 47, Suppression and Reactions Rule, second sentence reads… "If a unit is activated and becomes suppressed by a reaction from an enemy unit, it still completes its activation as normal. Units determine their number of actions at the beginning of the activation (after rolling to remove Suppression markers) and do not, therefore, lose an action if suppressed during their activation."
  12. Primarch said: Thanks Strombole, I thought so. Also got a reply from Zack (FFG) and he confirmed it is that way. Did Zach by chance happen to mention if they have to end their movement, "Completely Within" their initial Front Arc as illustrated in the the picture, or just, "within" which allows a much greater amount of flexibility? We've been playing completely within or as close as possible. (Obviosly, if you only move 1-2" you can't get the whole base completely within the initial front arc).
  13. Seblys said: But at the moment any hero who has the ability pilot (not aircraft) could jump in any of the walkers and take them for a spin? Also, does a hero that is piloting a mech count as one or two units for rolling for command points in the initative phase? Correct. As long as it's not, "Hero Specific" like Gran'Ma and Red Cossack. One unit.
  14. Here's what I'm using… BCW 4x6 Toploaders Certainly not the cheapest option, but the hard PVC, aside from being the most protective and durable option, is perfect for damage tracking in DT (using dry erase markers), and I have my DT cards back to back with my DW cards in the sleeve. It protects them very well. If you can get your community to order their sets together, it really cuts down on the cost.
  15. Major Malfunction said: Shadow4ce said: One would expect a company which sells terrain for the game they are promoting would have used said terrain. I'm flabbergasted the tables weren't full of the modular buildings on the Premium Playmats DW side up. In fairness, they did use the Zverograd buildings, just one big one per table. The playmats are a little on the smallish side, and two would not cover a 4x6 table. I would pay money for a Premium play mat that did. Yeah, I bought one so far. Plan on getting three more. Four of them are just under 4'x6' which is perfect for our FLGS tables which have 1.5" metal borders on their 8'x4' tables. They are 33"x22" which makes four of them 66"x44" - 6" shy of 6' by 4" shy of 4' - perfect for my needs.
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