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  1. Ok, this is quite surprising. I liked the new system quite a bit and was never much a fan of the old one, so I was happy to see the changes, though I heard all the issues here in the forums and they were quite valid. It is no use now start saying that the November revisions will suck, even if you did like the old beta. Might be they will suck and maybe they will not. As for the decision per se, it would be bad IF FFG took it just when listening here. As we know, these forums are a good tool, but represent just a minor faction of the fans. However, the critics on the forums started from day 1 and it took this long for FFG to take a decision, namely they waited AFTER the major NA RPG conventions are done for. It is reasonable to assume they collected a lot of negative feedback on the new edition at the conventions and that, paired with the forum reaction, made them change their mind... which is a GOOD thing, you surely do not want to piss off your fans. So here is to remain optimist even when the changes do not seem to be to your liking
  2. From the core rulebook, page 35: "Though psykers dominate the bulk of this agency, there are others. Numerous unblessed humans act as warders and minders, all watching for any signs a psyker has become a deadly threat." Whatever else is said in canon, in this book, it seems Adeptus Astra are not all psykers. In addition, there might be psykers too weak to manifest any of the major disciplines, but still psykers, sort of minor psykers deemed too weak to be sacrificed to the Emperor but too valuable to just discard. Whatever the type, the background should either offer the Psyker advantage OR provide alternatives for non-psykers. Alternatives are the one listed above with Medicae instead of Psyniscience, or an exception made that these people can have psyniscience over rank 1 due to them being psykers, just not very powerful ones. Either way, some modification should be made on it to clarify the position.
  3. Well, this started as discussing the AAT background and somehow went on to discuss Sanctioned Vs Unsanctioned psykers. I kinda see why, but it did not solve the original problem: ie: what if you want to be AAT but NOT A Psyker? I totally agree with the general sentiment that AAT should NOT equal psyker. My solution: offer alternatives to the Psyker stuff. Psyniscience became Medicae OR Psyniscience as I assume non-psykers AAT are in charge of the psykers themselves and so are the first to take care of them if they get wounded/faint etc. The alternative to this is allow AAT to use Psyniscience even without being psykers as their sense are closely tuned to the Warp even without being so open to it. The psy-focus equipment become "Psy-focus OR Medikit" see above for the reasoning. As for the special talent, I am not really sure what an appropriate telent for a non-psyker AAT would be. Any suggestions? I would think something protecting them from psy-powers slightly would be appropriate, but they already have the talent for that. PS: AAT has been errataed that they start with Weapon Training (las) as well.
  4. I think comparing 2nd edition with 1st in regard of damage and Armor Penetration is quite weird as they are hardly compatible. So many things have changed that it is hard to make a straight comparison. EXAMPLE: A sniper rifle lost the extra damage from accurate, but its base damage is now 1d10+10, up from 1d10+3. Just because the extra damage from Accurate was so **** much does not mean that in old Dark Heresy it was the same bloody thing and a sniper shot to the head would not kill a baby. (Remember, in 1st edition rules Accuracy did NOT add any damage, it was errataed later). Long-las lost 1 point of penetration in exchange for +5 to damage and the Overcharge special ability. But let's go back to our basic laser pistol, shall we? It is true that 1st edition LasPistol had a whooping 1d10+2 damage, so having 90% change to wound a naked man. However, 2nd edition las pistol has a RoF of 1. Meaning you could use 2 or 3 AP to shoot 2 or 3 times. This do not help you much with wounds as the wounds from the same attack do NOT give the +5 each, so you will just inflict little damage 2 or 3 times, BUT: 1) now the target has 2 or 3 wounds, meaning the next time he get shot, he suffer +10 or +15 to his wounds results. Assuming he is Elite or higher, cause if he was a minion, he is dead. Killed by LasPistol, how is that for a flashlight now, eh? 2) rolling damage 2 or 3 times doubles or triples your chance of Righteous Fury, which downright kills anything less than a Master. Granted, the las pistol prolly will not wound, so that does not do much, but IF it does wound, now the Elite is dead. So, with the las pistol we went from Dark Heresy 1st edition, where killing a man with it was quite difficult and based entirely on luck to 2nd edition where killing a man with a las pistol is quite possible and much more dependant on your skills (need to hit the guy with 2 or 3 DoS). Of course we are speaking of the random bloke around the corner here. If he is not, then you might want to use something a tad heavier than the pewpew toy gun you have there, champion.... BOLT WEAPONS Again, straight comparison is difficult. On paper, they seems all slightly worse off. Beside maybe the heavy bolter that lost 3 points of AP and 1d10 to gain a +10, leaving it quite comparable. The Bolt pistol is the easiest, it is worse. It was reworked as a close quarter weapon, as it should be to be honest, but it has worse everything, besie being really good to use in a melee. Your vanilla bolter lost 2 points of AP, gained 1 damage and gained RoF of 1, making it much better at auto fire than before... as it should be. Much easier to hit a bloke twice or thrice with the new rules, so improving the lethality of the bolter, yay! Storm bolter did not exist in basic 1st Edition, so let's forget it. Heavy bolter lost 3 AP and 1d10 and gained a +10, leaving it about the same. The RoF is quite the same. Had a full auto of 10, now it has a RoF of 3. In both cases, using 1 AP, you would hit for about 3 bullets when lucky. The remaining 7 bullets from the full auto 10 were most likely wasted. Now, though, you have a choice. If you are a crack shot, you can use 2 or even 3 AP and lose less bullets than before with same results. The 1d10 + 10 is almost always better than 2d10 for damage and the Tearing quality makes sure you get a decent amount of Righteous Furies. MELTA: Yeah, massive loss in AP unless you are in short range, but what is this? +10 meters of range?? Close range of the melta gun is 15 meters VS the 20 meters of Dark Heresy 1st edition, is that really such a massive change to cry a river over?? Meltas have always been short range, anti armor weapons and so are here. Only change is that now you have the choice to use it as slightly longer range with not so high penetration abilities. I would say that 2d10+4 with AP 3 is still a massive hard hit for anyone. With a RoF of 1/2 you could even potentially shoot TWICE with it ARMOR Here is where the complaints have merit, in my eyes. The armour table is just very weird currently. It says somewhere that different armor might protect differently against different type of damage, which makes a lot of sense. I would see Flak for example very effective against lasers and not so much effective against Rending, but there is no sign of this anywhere. Enforcer armor has -20 availability Vs the -10 of Flak, lose 1 Armour point almost everywhere just for 1 more AB? With an AB of 5, the flak is good enough for most characters and only special individuals will ever need the Enforcer... (and even then, only starting from Rank 3) not to speak of the Mesh which is even worse. has availabilty -30 still protect LESS than flak, but oh wow... AB 8!! Or hey! go Carapce, at a masssive -40 availability you expect golden interior and massage-enabled shoulder pads, but no! you get 1 point more protection in the chest and 1 less AB from flak. for 30 points of availability I expected something more, to be honest Also what is the point of the Body Glove? Does it add its number to other armor? If not I do not see the point of it as it has same protection as a robe, but a difference in availability of 50. Its description seems to be missing so I expect it WILL add its defense in addition to whatever armor you are wearing... maybe with some limitation or have some other nifty special ability... or something!
  5. I agree with neuromonster. No obstacle, no need for rules, faster ship wins. If the player are on the slow ship, it is time to take out the "Scotty" of the group and have him supercharge the engine or something like that, increase speed, they escape, but the engine burn out and when they get out of the void they are in collision course with a ork space hulk without maneuvering thrusters. Aaaaaah good times.
  6. Blood Claws are not Space Wolves scouts. Space Wolves scouts, as mentioned above, are usually veterans, either Long Fangs or Grey Wolves that prefer to work alone and are made scouts. It is a small pet pevee of mine about scouts and space marines. It goes against everything we know of warfare in our time, where scouts regiments tend the be Elite or at least Veteran status because they get the hardest job there is, go behind enemy line when lightly armed to scout and sabotage. That is usually what Special Forces do but in Space marines.... they use their ROOKIES for that vital role. I suppose it is not so vital for them, and scouting in giant power armour is probably quite silly, but still... nothing in the warhammer 40k universe makes me believe scouting is any less vital than nowadays. Yes, they can do orbital scans but they seems to be anything but precise. Oh, and death to the Thousand Sons, Long live Leman Russ!
  7. Hello! First of all, Good luck on your first time GMing and it is so great you give it a try! Second, if I can make a suggestion, make those choices more important. Now, i read your follow up post in which you highlight how time is of the essence, but you never mentioned this in the first post, so making the choice a non-choice. Of course 1) followed up by 2) is the best way to go. You do not want to find yourself in a Chaos planet just because you were too prissy to lend an hand to the IG. BUT, if doing 1) might compromise your mission.... then THAT is a choice! Keep in mind at this point, from what you told, the KT has no idea if the inquisitor is even alive, so they do not have a clock ticking over their head so to speak, provide one to them. Maybe the Inquisitor has managed to keep a crypted untraceable communication open. The Alpha Legion has plenty of jammers around, though, so the KT might receive fragments of audio from time to time, clearly from the inquisitor, but no clear location, The fragments will grow more and more frantic as time passes and he turns to Chaos. Also he will become more and more urgent as the chaos forces get nearer and nearer to complete their objectives. I approve of the IG asking for assistance ALL the time like you outlined in your second post, make it also seems that the IG is always on the brink of defeat and that the KT help would be invaluable (if they are fighting Chaos forces and Chaos SM, it is probably also true). So that now they know the clock is ticking, they know the inquisitor is alive and they know their mission is urgent... but they also know the IG is in trouble. Make them met and 'befriend' some IG likable officers or commissars and the choice is now much harder. In shorts, make sure there are pros and cons for all choices you give and that they are at least somewhat evident to the players (it is not nice to give them choices, one with obvious pros and no cons and then have hidden cons spring on them later, of course you can have them work a bit for obtaining all info on the choice, not all has to be as it seems).
  8. Hey, that is an intriguing idea for a campaign or an adventure arc Start the game with the kill-team waking up with no clue what the hell happened.. and they are in a prison. Then they get informed that they will go through judgement for utterly failing their mission and condemning a whole world to die due to hostile xenos invasion. Then at the judgement, the Death watch captain can clearly seen they have been mind wiped and decide to give them a second chance and send them back to wherever it was that they were... and play it from there. So basically, the Kill Team would find clues of what happened before to them, could find discarded bolters clips with a particular mark that only their heavy specialist use, or myriads of other personal details, and let them rebuild the events that happened on the planet, culminating with the confrontation with the GKs. Of course they do not know they were GKs, but they might have left tracks, Power Armour tracks, scraps of metal... bolter shells with the inquisition symbol etc. It could make for a very interesting campaign or for a good variation mission from the usual.
  9. Why not use a single capital in team battles? make a Invasion equivalent of the popular "two-headed giant" format from Magic. As for allegiance symbols, you could count your capital as 2 symbols too. one for each race the allies use... or then just keep it as one symbol and the team has to choose which one it is going to be. The capital points could be doubled as well so that each areas requires double as much damage before it goes burning (but development still add +1 point, not +2, only the basic points are doubled)
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