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  1. God, I hope RT gets a second edition. Would personally buy several copies of the Core, and every suppliment to go with it.
  2. HappyDaze said: My suggestion for the Astropath would be to grow up. Insurrection of this sort just proves that you are a renegade and should have been brought down even harder. Deal with being 'grounded' for awhile and earn back the trust of the RT rather than just assploding with hurt. Really, there's not much reason that he couldn't get you replaced by an NPC Astropath the next time he's back at Port Wander, so don't give him a reason to do it. Wow. Where as my reading would be, the OP's Rogue Trader is being a ****. I mean really, taking all of another characters stuff, and them not allowing them to take part in any sort of ground based adventures is beyond the pale. I would have strenuously objected OOC the second this was suggested, and walked out the instant it was implemented.
  3. Hold on a second. I just realized that all of the Wych's starting weapons are Exotic, and they only have MWT Universal. Can Wyches not actually use any of their starting weapons? The Kabalite Warrior has a similar problem in that they cannot buy any non-Splinter Weapons with their free acquisition and expect to use them.
  4. well the Dark Eldar did just get a massive revamp recently.Who knows what will happen to Craftworld Eldar when their next codex comes out.
  5. Hilariously, the recently released Dark Eldar character sheet is non compatible with the Wych career.
  6. After a look through of the book, I think I would have rather had a Dark Eldar supplement with an adventure in the back, instead of an Adventure with a Dark Eldar supplement in the back.
  7. So no Trueborn Wyches? Or is that just an omission?
  8. excellent. That wasn't up earlier when I checked.
  9. lerak said: The one jou have for basic characters is already missing things and to small. You really think they'll make one specialy for DE Well yes, they already did. Right there at the back of the Soul Reaver book. I'd like a pdf of it is all.
  10. You'd think that would be kind of an important thing to put online what with the release of Soul Reaver.
  11. The Administratum as a whole might not notice, but it would be pretty hard for the local Battlefleet not to spot a planetary/sector governor's personal warp fleet. When this does happen, it's because the planet/sector is very isolated or about to go rogue. Personally, I think you'd be better off making this sector an independent power, not a part of the Imperium but still culturally tied to it, thanks to Rogue Traders, outlaws and smugglers.
  12. Well, Navigators are going to share an upcoming splat-book with Astropaths next year. I'd imagine it will go into greater detail on the local Houses in and around the Calixis Sector.
  13. Got mine from World at Play Games over Ebay. Arrived today, slightly disappointed with the xeno-maker.
  14. Spook


    Lightbringer said: There's already a really good Hive Ganger game out there, by GW. It's set on Necromunda. I just can't remember its name… Yes, because a mini's skirmish game is the same thing as an RPG.
  15. Man what? Oh no the Koronus bestiary is going to have xenos, void monsters and daemons. How dare they give us what we want!?
  16. Spook


    The first supplement is always an adventure, I don't know why this is surprising. Rogue Trader had to wait almost a year to get their players guide.
  17. My solution is kamikaze servo-skull, outta freaking no where.
  18. I'm getting ready to run the House of Dust & Ash for my players, and I seem to be stumped for some extra events to take place aboard the skyship trip, on their way to the titular House. I'm planning that the trip should take at least the majority of the session, as well as a good chunk of another session. I want to amp up the tension and drama, but like I said, I just can't seem ot think of anything interesting to happen. So I thought I'd take it to the forums. Does anyone have interesting events to plague my players with?
  19. Spook

    Only War

    My big want, is of course rules for Commisars, Ratlings and Ogryns. I'd also imagine that this book will add vehicle rules ala Into the Storm and Rites of Battle.
  20. My own Rogue Trader game takes place in a custom setting. The Sandillion Gloom; which is fringeward of my custom Dark Heresy setting, the Selveria Sector. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to take a game of Rogue Trader into the civilized sections of the Calixis Sector or the wartorn salients of the Jerico Crusade, they don't quite capture the spirit and themes of Rogue Trader as well as an unexplored frontier region.
  21. I'd imagine that it is the actual Citadel of Skulls depicted on the cover along with a Valkyrie.
  22. Blood Thirster; just a quick rundown 192 wounds, 31 points of damage reduction, weapon skill of 99, Fear 4, undodgeable/unparryable All Out Attacks that deal 3d10+10 R Damage An that's not even including the rest of his talents, skills and traits. I doubt thinka band of mid-rank acolytes could even hur tthe damned thing. You're thinking a bit big for Dark Heresy. All the stuff you're describing would be Ascension level for ranks 9+.
  23. GeneralSturnn said: The idea behind him was he is who we were hunting, but I guess I could use a Cult leader, and this guy did have 4 Chaos Marine bodyguards, which you had 2 options when you got to him, you could either attempt a distraction(luring 2 of his 4 Bodyguards away if distraction was successful) or face him and his 4 bodyguards head on. my group is comprised of 1 Adepts, 1 Guardsman, 1 Techpriest and 2 Assassin's DotDG what's that? Okay I can appreciate the desire to include things like Chaos Marines in your game, but even a single Chaos Marine is going to be a huge challenge worthy of a campaign in and of itself. But I'm not sure I'd use them for something like a mid-level Dark Heresy game. I feel kind of (very) stupid for trying to tell someone what they should do in their game, but what I would do is use some sort of creepy cult leader as mentioned above, and have his body guards be I dunno big Chaos Mutants, or couple of lesser daemons, or combat servitors, or Ogryns. Sure they're not Chaos Marines, but they will still put the hurt on a band of Acolytes without devastating them outright like Astartes would. Oh and DotDG is Disciples of the Dark Gods, a book of heretical cults and antagonists. A very good book actually, with things like how to make daemon weapons, sorcery, and threats heretical, alien, and daemonic
  24. My recommendation would be to not have this guy be a Chaos Lord, but some sorta cult leader or the like. A Chaos Lord is not a proper antagonist for a band of mid-level Acolytes. Someone like one of the False Prophets of the Pilgrims of Hayte from DotDG would be a better fit, and still be a challenge..
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